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Make me Your Strength

Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:43 pm

He left Casa in the early morning, he packed nothing but the dagger that his mother had given him and a long staff that he'd been training with along side his brother. It wasn't enough though. They trained, but he wasn't improving enough, he wasn't learning enough, he didn't know enough to satisfy the thirst for power that was growing within the young man. His mother was powerful, like Jace, only still in her prime. She could teach him, she wouldn't look down her nose at him when he approached her for a lesson. And so the boy left, without saying a word, and made his way through the woods surrounding his "pack". He headed in the direction that he knew the moonstone lakes to be, where he had learned the rest of his family, along with a couple strays from the remnants of Anathema, had taken up camp.

He scented the border of that camp before long.

It was a bit like the scent of Anathema, but without the salty, musty overtone of the sea air looming. He didn't stop at that border and call out, however, in his mind the scent markers were as important as those of any full fledged pack, but these were his people. They were bound by blood, after all. He walked inside, and greeted those he passed. His little sister, Seira, was the first to spot him, and the wolf thought it was cute how her purple eyes shot open, and she scampered up to him, though the Greyfire found himself reminded of Nayavota when she spoke. Uriah gave her a tight squeeze before releasing her, and the girl scampered off to find their mother, yelling a small chorus of "Mama, Mama!" as she pulled Uri by the hand deeper into the camp.

It was a group of tents, more or less, with a fire in the middle of it, and the scent of fresh water from the lakes mingling with that of smoke in the air. He scented the small white furred woman and heard her barking out some kind of orders before he saw her, and just as Uri reached their mother, he saw a pale furred coyote running off, before he called out to his mother. "Hey mom... I have something to ask you."

Re: Make me Your Strength

Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:22 am

"Again." The petite mentor instructed, watching her student as she practiced different forms with the Naginata. Repetition was key in this stage in her training. The silver vixen that Nyx's father had left her to raise was a weak little thing, and yet she wanted to fight, because she felt guilt for not being string enough to stay and fight when the white wolf had died protecting them. Nyx already knew what this felt like, she knew all too well. And that was precisely the reason that the seasoned warrior was so determined to help the silvery coyote mix.

"But why do I have to keep doing the same thing?" The girl complained to her mentor, which earned her a stern look from hard amethysts.

"R-Repetition builds muscle memory a-a-and strength. Y-You're too weak." The ice furred female told her, not pulling any punches with her honestly and her training style. After all, this was her first true student, back when Wrath and Greed were young, Nyx had helped to train them up, but she was not their mentor, as she herself was still perfecting the basics. "N-Now do it again." She instructed coolly, and watched as the silver coy-mix that was her half sister and her student repeated the same motions again, her form wavering noticeably as she reached the point of muscle failure after a long mornings hard work. "Alright, good, y-you're free to go." The snow pelted head offered with a smile as she watched the silver girl race off into the distance.

Eyes flicked to the side as she sensed the approach of others, and the familiar sight of her daughter appeared from behind some trees, trailed by the none-too-familiar sight of one of her older sons. "U-Uri?" The warrior asked, surprise clear on her petite features. "What is it?"

Re: Make me Your Strength

Tue Aug 21, 2018 3:53 pm

The silver furred Greyfire boy walked up to his mother slowly and looked down at her with an air of cold respect as she turned to him in surprise and asked what it was that he wanted to ask her. He saw the conditions that they were living in, a small territory, not enough numbers among them to be considered a respectable or even a real pack by those surrounding them, living in tents and camps, it was true that perhaps his parents had offered the twins a shot at a "better life", so that they wouldn't have to put up with these hardships, but Uriah still wished that they hadn't. Casa was not a place befitting of his personality or his name. Uriah was not a Knight, he wasn't noble, he didn't care about honor and glory, all he wanted was to be a warrior of a caliber comparable to that of his rather infamous mother.

Uriah could remember the first time he'd heard a stranger outside any pack speak of a small white furred woman besting them and their friends, and the pride he'd felt at the skill his mother possessed. Undoubtedly, she had begun her training when she was younger than Uriah is now, but there was no time like the present to work on catching up to that legacy. "I... Want you to train me... Mother." He spoke at last. The boy's mother had had a feral upbringing, yet she had easily been molded into the more humanized environment of Anathema. For Uriah, it was the opposite. Raised in a humanized pack, he was feral at heart, he wished to fight, to protect the ones he considered his "pack", and to be free from the constraints of an upright society.

"I wan't to be able to protect Bes, no matter what..." He continued, looking her in the eyes, though he was the first to look away, not wanting to disrespect the more experienced and higher ranked between the two. He could still see when she smiled, however, and his shoulders relaxed a bit when she did.

Re: Make me Your Strength

Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:28 pm

The snow furred leader had not been a born leader, but a built one. One born of fire and blood and hardships that not everyone would face, or even be able to overcome should they have to.

She was a creature of metal, tempered steel that had hardened up over years of self sacrifice and hard training, through tears, bile, and blood lost, she became who she was then, and the young seemed to look up to her as a sort of example to live up to. A role model. And the warrior wasn't sure how that made her feel. In the back of her mind, behind her shiny amethyst eyes, there was always something lurking, always a thought lingering, that she was not good enough, that she would amount to nothing, that those who depended upon her would be driven to ruin should they attempt to follow in her paw steps.

It was almost a look of guilt that clouded her normally crystalline eyes when she heard the request of her son. Another young canine looking up to her as an idol, wanting to follow in her footsteps. She was almost afraid; but she smiled, after he continued on to give his reason, a desire to be able to protect his twin brother, and the female knew how important the boy's were to each other, how the two of them were completely inseparable. "A-alright... Then c-come with me. W-we'll start your t-training at dawn."

Re: Make me Your Strength

Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:50 pm

He grinned a wolfish smile when she agreed to train him after a long and tense silence, and she returned her sweet and charming smile to her oldest Greyfire boy. She told him then that his training would start the following morning, and he didn't argue. The boy was familiar with her routine, she woke before dawn every day, went for a long run, and trained hard with combat upon returning. After that, she'd eat a large meal by the fire and she'd sleep, for a few hours before patrolling again in the middle of the night. He'd seen her around, heard tales of this routine, anecdotes, but the boy had never actually followed her through the motions.

So she was done for the evening. She lead him back to the tent that she shared with his dad and siblings, half wondering why he didn't see Inca or May anywhere, or even scent any trace of them around the camp like he smelled his fathers scent despite the lack of his physical presence at the time. He dropped his weapons inside the tent, trading them for feral claws and fangs in the lupus form that he adopted. They were going hunting, the lack of defenses meant that these people couldn't really afford to be stockpiling meat like they had back in Anathema.

He followed her off into the underbrush, his blue and yellow eyes trained for a moment on the tan tip of her white tail, a mark that she had passed down to both twins, as well as the tips of their ears and a bit on their brows. For the first time in a while, despite the absence of his twin brother being here with him, Uri felt like he was home, and he could breathe easy. Back in the fort, his brother was the only home he possessed, the only comfort, the only familiar thing. Here, the place felt warm and familiar despite the fact that Uriah had never been there, and he knew everyone from before the war. Yes, it certainly did feel like home.

But he couldn't leave his brother there alone.
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