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Bring Them Home

Wed Sep 12, 2018 2:16 pm

OOC: Heyooooo! ^^ Set around mid-morning, she's at the border along the St. Croix Highlands to the NW of The Ruined Vasts, nearer to the branch of the St. John's river. WC: 684

IC: The road had been long and arduous. But at last, the journey seemed at a close. Tired, a bit grubby and in need of a decent night's rest, Sedona had travelled far and wide in search of a pack to join. The soft thudding of hooves against earth slowing to silence marked the arrival of the cowgirl and her equine company at the border of the pack she'd learned days previously was known as Mistfell Vale. Taking a deep breath and removing her straw hat from her head, running a paw through her hair, the coywolf hybrid woman surveyed the territory out before her with an anticipatory, determined glimmer in her eyes. This land, she hoped she would soon be able to call her new home. From the chatter she picked up here d there off the locals, this pack was fairly new, but well established and seemed to suit her needs for a place to belong. She hoped that she could prove valuable and put her skills with ranching, hunting and general labor to good use while also making herself a name amidst the Vale. Dismounting from the Paint mare she rode and soothing the young foal, roped to her saddle, Sedona glanced skyward as a shadow passed over the mid-morning sun. Shielding her eyes, she spotted her Red-Tail hawk companion Qale soaring upon a thermal high above them. She'd call him back to her if everything went well. For now he could keep watch from above.

Making sure she was well back from the scent markers, Sedona, patted down her person, took a swig of cool water from her canteen (which she filled along the river nearby just minutes earlier), re-secured her red bandanna tied about her neck, and then grinned to her horse. "Well Hopi, this is it. Y'ready gal?" She spoke to the splotch patterned beast whom simply pawed the ground and whinnied anxiously in response, making the coydog woman chuckle. "Thought so." Placing her hat back upon her head, Sedona stepped up to a gnarled tree right along the scent line and placed her cream dipped paw against it before tipping her muzzle up and letting out a few barking howls, calling for the leaders of the packlands she now stood before. She hoped her summons wasn't too demanding. She was excited, but she knew better than to assume her time was any more important than that of an alphas. She knew that patience would be key. It didn't matter how long she had to wait. She'd come this far. A few more minutes to hours wouldn't hurt. In the meantime, she could calm her nerves. She wasn't normally one to get worked up, but it wasn't like you got to join a pack every day...

As her voice echoed away into the distance, the cowgirl set to work, untying the young foal from the mare in preparation to present him to the leader of the pack. She planned to offer the colt as a good faith gift to her potential home to show her dedication to hard work and the overall well being of the pack. She hoped that between the combination of her gift and herself, she'd gain entry into the Mists. "Alrighty Yavapai, yer gonna be my star, boy. Be on yer best behavior now." She told the little guy with a gentle stroke of his muzzle. The colt nibbled gently at her fingers before snorting, and moving closer towards his mother, who continued grazing idly while waiting. Since his birth, Sedona had been working non stop, even through their travels to train the young foal in basics of handling. He wasn't old enough to be ridden yet, but soon she would begin that breaking process as well. Sedona swished her tail amiably, holding onto the lead ropes of the two equines and once more turned her green and yellow gaze in towards the claimed lands, scanning the trees for any approaching figures. "Let this be the day I brought us home..." she thought, a small smile setting in place upon her features. "Home at last."
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Re: Bring Them Home

Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:27 am

Word Count → 200 :: ooc

Usually her patrols were uneventful. The Vale kept themselves to themselves and seldom did anyone venture near enough to the borders to peak Saga's interest. But the monotony of her daily routine was always bound to be broken up eventually and from afar a scent drifted over the misty plains. The Starkhelm diverted her course, skirting closer to the absolute edge that she usually would. She ran at speed and with ease, covering the ground with a hare-like pace that took her almost within sight of the great river that cleaved the Vale in two.

Soon, the sight of another, a loner, crept into view upon the horizon. Humanized and accompanied by a mare and foal, Saga came to a halt some distance away, reluctant to get too close to unfamiliar horses. A doggish bark filled the air as Saga greeted them, her tail flagging high, commanding respect. 'You're at the borders of Mistfell Vale. State your business.' It occurred to her that this was, more than likely, someone looking to be welcomed into the fold, but she treated the encounter as she would any other, with a level of command that instantly did away with folly.

Re: Bring Them Home

Fri Sep 14, 2018 6:32 pm

WC: 397

She didn't have to wait long before her summons was answered. She almost missed the other female at first, her dappled pelt blended well with the shifting light cast by the tree branches swaying in the gentle breeze, shafts of sunlight catching the grass below between the leaves and rolling mists. It was Hopi's perked ears and sudden snort of alert that drew Sedona's eyes to the direction of the figure swiftly approaching. The female's posture was dominant, commanding an air of respect. An alpha? The other seemed fairly young to Sedona but who was she to question? Immediately, Sedona removed her hat, folding back her ears and dipped her muzzle, bowing her head and lowered her tail posture where she stood. She continued holding firm to the two horses, one hand placed soothingly upon Yavapai, still aimed at keeping the young foal soothed. Hopi would be a little nervous, but was not likely to shy from the stranger's approach. Sedona still couldn't be one-hundred percent confident about the newest addition to her company however.

"Easy now." She said in hushed tones to the equines as she was joined at the border by the other female. The Whitesage hybrid nodded softly in acknowledgement of the words she was greeted with. "You're at the borders of Mistfell Vale. State your business." Sedona was not put off by the abruptness. She knew that anyone she was likely to come across at a pack border weren't going to be all warm and fuzzy, especially when dealing with someone whose intentions were completely unknown at the edge of their territory. It was only logical to stay on high alert. And besides, Sedona was someone who actually liked keeping things dutiful and uncomplicated. She could respect that quality in another. "Aye. G'day miss. My name is Sedona Whitesage." She responded with a clear but unassuming voice, her western drawl apparent . Before they could get down to further 'business' she needed to find out if the Vale was even open to newcomers. "I have travelled far an' heard many a good and intriguing word of Mistfell Vale from a few locals. If you'll have me and my companions here, I can offer a variety of skills I hope will be of good use to y'all." She concluded then fell quiet, lowering her gaze to the ground respectfully, allowing the other to respond.
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Re: Bring Them Home

Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:10 am

Word Count → 000 :: ooc

Saga was glad to see this stranger gladly followed the right protocol for greeting her. It seemed to Saga (though she could have been entirely wrong) that while both Calia and Felix wielded the power that entitled them to see those lower than them bend at the knee, they seldom exercised it. The Starkhelm, however, young and proud, was prone to displays of seniority, though never without reason or in extreme. The D'Angelo inclined her head in response, happy enough to proceed now she was certain that Sedona would not prove herself to be a difficult member from the off.

She was glad too that her abruptness didn't seem off-putting to the horsewoman, for, on the off chance that this cheery thing was placed in her house, it was something she would have to grow accustomed to. In any case, Saga was about to start this process, as her reply to Sedona's words were simply, 'What skills?'

Abrupt, yes. But there was no sense in prolonging the circumstance of joining if someone was well suited.

Re: Bring Them Home

Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:04 am

WC: 372

It was a swift response that came. "What skills?" While Sedona was not bothered by keeping things simple and business-like, she had at least been expecting to get the other female's name at very least. Deciding not to dwell on it and that the time would come for such pleasantries later however, the cowgirl nodded and proceeded to answer the younger luperci's question without hesitation. "Well, my strengths lie in animal care, buildin' and repair, woodworkin', leathers 'n hides, tradin' and I of course can hunt and willin'ly offer my life to the defense of these lands." She paused to tap a finger to the blade sheathed at her hip and jerked her head to the saddle upon Hopi's back where her archery equipment hung. Growing up on a cattle ranch had it's advantages. You learned a lot of hands-on skills. Gesturing then to Yavapai who was simply watching the conversation with mild interest, she proceeded. "I am also prepared to offer this youngin' as a gesture of good will if that's acceptable. I can train 'im an' get him ride ready or make him into a cart puller, whatever y'might need..." She smiled softly, hope in her eyes. "I am always open to learn new skills as well. I'm a hard worker, dedicated to my tasks. I will not let you down." She assured the dappled female before her, giving a slight wag of her tail.

Suddenly from up above a soft screech brought the cowgirl's attention to her hawk's presence once more as he came to a landing in a tree nearby. She had nearly forgotten him in her excitement about joining the pack. With a start, Sedona added to the end of her reply "Oh, I'm also working on my falconry as well." She chuckled slightly nervously and gestured to the bird of prey. She hoped that bringing along three companions and asking to house them all plus herself, wasn't asking too much. "My companions are very important to me... I've raised them all to be on their best behavior. I assure ya that I will take full responsibility for 'em. They shouldn't give ya any trouble. The Whitesage woman once again quieted, shifting her weight on her paws.
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Re: Bring Them Home

Mon Sep 17, 2018 3:10 pm


Those who could care for animals were always welcome. While the Vale had only a modest collection of horses, they had many other examples of livestock that needed caring for. Off of the top of her head, she only really knew of Calia who paid daily attention to her little herd of goats. Construction was what peaked her interest truly, for she didn't entirely trust Brom not to impale himself on something sharp in his attempts to patch up the barns and various buildings across the Vale.

'Both of those skills will make you a welcome addition. We have few horses, but plenty of sheep, largely feral.' Granted Saga didn't know what animals Sedona was experienced with, but she figured they were all more or less the same... 'I'll introduce you to Brom at some point, he's made a start on renovating some of the buildings.'

Lime eyes lingered on the foal. It would be a beneficial gift if Sedona did indeed train him to do something useful. Otherwise, it would just mean another mouth to feel, but the Starkhelm gave her the benefit of the doubt.

'I'll take you to the Ravenking, failing that, the Nightstag. They will be the ones who make the decision.' And with that, the yearling turned away towards Winterwynd, turning back only to silent usher the newcomer one with the words, 'Saga D'Angelo, Starkhelm.'

Re: Bring Them Home

Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:39 pm

WC: 403

Upon concluding her speech, Sedona didn't realize it at first that she'd actually held her breath in anticipation of the other female's answer. She'd put herself all out there and all she could do was hope for the best outcome. If it wasn't good enough for the Vale, then perhaps the Vale wasn't the home she sought after all?

Before the thought could truly be finished however, the younger woman's reply came. "Both of those skills will make you a welcome addition. We have few horses, but plenty of sheep, largely feral." Sedona's tail began to wag a bit, a smile forming upon her maw. "That's excellent! I can get the flock tamed up better for ya for sure. They'll be much simpler than cattle or horses." Even more good news came after with the promise to be introduced to another pack member whom had building skills. "'I'll introduce you to Brom at some point, he's made a start on renovating some of the buildings." "Fantastic. I look forward to it." She then dipped her head as her border greeter referred to whom she could only assume were the true alphas of the Vale.

"'I'll take you to the Ravenking, failing that, the Nightstag. They will be the ones who make the decision." Sedona ticked the brim of her cowboy hat. "Aye. I shall follow behind ya. I am honored for the chance to present my skills, and Yavapai, to your alphas." She replied as the younger woman turned and began to lead her deeper into the mists. Tail swaying with nervous excitement that the Whitesage female was not all that accustomed to (last time she felt this giddy was when she was about to rope her first filly -whom happened to be Hopi- from a wild Mustang herd), she gently tugged the reins of the two equines and gave a soft whistle to call her bird of prey back to his perch upon the horn of the saddle placed upon Hopi's back. Qale flew down and landed with a soft call. Making she she had all her belongings she hurried to catch up with her guide, just barely hearing the woman's introduction. At last. "Saga D'Angelo, Starkhelm." She stated simply. Sedona chuckled softly and grinned. "Pleasure t' meet ya Saga. I thank ya for yer time and the escort." She said kindly, falling in line behind the other, her heart lifting with joy.
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Re: Bring Them Home

Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:42 pm

He heard Saga's gentle call from near Winterwynd, and smiled inwardly. He set down his things, ushering out the door to heed her call; she was growing so rapidly, so much, and he had initially grappled with the idea that she should not take the title of Starkhelm in the first place. Was it too heavy for someone her age? But Saga seemed like the person who would find something heavy to bear regardless of who others saw her as - who was always carrying something, who always would be.

Her promotion gave her more joy than it did burden, he thought as he jogged towards the call.

He arrived quickly to find the young Starkhelm with another female - she was obviously mixed in her heritage, with wolf, coyote, and dog mixed evenly to form a brightly colored individual. She had with her a horse (they didn't have too many of those in the Vale right now). Two, rather - a young foal stood close to the two, and he wondered briefly if they were related in some way. He gazed curiously upon the stranger for a little too long before switching his gaze to Saga.

"Hello, Saga," he said brightly. "And stranger," he said, cocking his head to the other. "Saga, who could this be?" He guessed from her howl that she had spoken to the stranger, gauged her abilities, and in the coming minutes Felix found he was right.

He nodded as Saga gave a brief description of who the stranger claimed to be, nodding and interjecting 'ah's when appropriate. His gaze switched from the loner - Sedona - to the hawk in the tree, which he had glanced over at first. He gave an appreciative hum.

"I see," he said, clasping his hands together. "Thank you, Saga!" he chirped. He gave the animals another look - they seemed healthy, well-taken-care of. The horses were calm, simply watching the predators with little signs of nerves; signs of good training, he thought. "Yes, I think this will be good," he said, almost to himself.

"Sedona," he said, "Sedona, Sedona Whitesage! I am Felix, the Ravenking - I think your skills could be very useful here," he said, thinking of Calia's skills. Would she be glad to have another farmhand around? "Welcome to the Vale."

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Re: Bring Them Home

Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:42 pm

Welcome to Mistfell Vale!

Congratulations on joining Mistfell Vale - the coolest pack in 'Souls! ;) This pack is perfect for a soul looking for a relaxed, free, and fun place to stay - so welcome to the family! Some things you might want to check out in this unique pack are:

If you don't know where to start posting, you can check out the thread requests forum or the open threads! You can also create or join an all welcome thread for some IC fun. Why not also start plotting with other members and begin a fun plot or activity that people can enjoy and experiment with?

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