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Rurik Ivanov
What do you do when your world comes falling down?

He heard Lev call out a warning to his fellow tracker, and he watched as the warning went ignored. |Fatal mistake old dog. I almost feel bad killing you..." They were just doing a job after all. They seemed more like mercenaries than camp regulars; they didn't carry the tell-tale scent of death and depravity that cluing to anyone who stayed in the camp more than a week. Although, letting them live could prove fatal as well, should word get back to the camp that Rurik was still alive as well. Odds are good that they were still looking for him, though not as hard any more. Lev was probably on his way, so he didn't have long to decide.

With an inward sigh, Rurik made up his mind. Taking careful aim for the old wolf's left side he loosed the arrow. It flew the short distance and lodged itself in Harik's side, causing the old one to let out a yelp of pain and surprise. As soon as he had let go of the arrow Rurik was unsheathing his sword and jumping from his hiding spot. Before the tracker could turn, Rurik sliced the haft of the arrow off, making the business end shaking painfully. Harik began to turn and swing against Rurik, but the russian male deftly ducked under him and stayed at his back. He quickly grabbed the bit of the arrow still protruding and twisted, feeling the head scrape bone. Harik let out another scream of pain and fell to a knee, just in time for his partner to come bursting through the brush. Rurik calmly put his sword to Harik's throat and tightened his grip on the arrow, using it to control the larger male, while using him as a living shield against his partner.

Lev opened his mouth to speak but Rurik cut him off. "Say anything and I'll cut his throat. You will only answer my questions, you will not ask any of your own. Your answers will decide on whether you leave this forest alive." Lev looked at a loss for words, but Harik wasn't. "Lev, don't let 'im scare yah. Little fucker was hiding in the trees like a cowa- ah!" Rurik cut him off with a twitch of thee arrow against his ribs. "I suggest you keep quiet old wolf. Now. I know your names, Lev and Harik. I also know you were hunting the small pup that came running through here a little while ago, presumably to take him back to camp black." If Lev was unsettled that Rurik already knew all this, he didn't show it. Harik didn't seem capable of showing an emotion but pain at the moment. "What I want to know is why. Why are you taking him back to Camp Black?"

Lev swallowed thickly and glanced at Harik, who either nodded in agreement or twitched in pain. Swallowing againm Lev spoke. "Business. Someone from Camp Black came to us, hired us to track the mutt down and take him back. Said he was a thief and was set to go on trial, but he'd escaped before he could. It's just a job."

That sounded like something the Camp would do, alright. They probably didn't really care if they got the kid back, which is why they only sent a couple of half-wit mercenaries after him and not a full hunting party like they had when he had escaped. However, it just being a job didn't warrant killing them, but they could easily be bought for information as well. Or tortured, which was more likely.

"A thief, you say? Funny, he didn't look like the thieving type. Then again, who does? Next question: what do you know about Camp Black?" At this question he felt the older one stiffen. Lev glanced at him again and he shook his head. "Sorry mister, we don't know anything about Camp Black besides that it does some trading every now and then." His answer made Rurik sigh. "These things usually go easier when the one being questioned tells the truth, you know." Before either could respond, Rurik twisted the arrow viciously back and forth, scraping across the old wolf's ribs multiple times. Apparently the pain was enough to make him vomit messily down his front and on the ground in front of him, making Lev wince and look back at Rurik with wide eyes. "Ok ok! Just stop hurting him! Look, we've only been there once or twice! And...and we only ever used the willing ones! And never , ever any of the pups! Besides it's not like we could say no to them, they'd take us too! We had to agree!" Rurik felt Harik sag a bit in defeat. So, they knew what Camp Black was, and were planning on taking Lugo back there despite that. They weren't leaving this forest alive after all.

Just as Rurik was tensing to kill Harik cleanly, the older male spun and stabbed at him with a small dagger, only missing by a hairs breadth thanks to Rurik's quick reflexes. Harik, now free of Rurik's grasp, made his way over to Lev quickly. Rurik cursed himself for not killing the older one when he'd had the chance and took a defense stance. "I guess we're done talking then, and I guess it's a bit late for introductions but you might as well know the name of the one that's going to kill you. Rurik Ivanov, at your service."

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Kill us? Ha! The older wolf barked out a laugh and instantly regretted it, gritting his teeth as he stumbled. Lev, however, was having no fun. With Harik mostly out of harms way behind him, he sneered,

Ivanov? Lev opened his maw in a snarl, Your name... it's on the list Camp Black gave us. It was not easy to forget. The list of Camp Black escapees was a very short one, and Rurik's name had been on there for a very long time. Anyone who had hunted for the prison knew Rurik Ivanov's name. Camp Black has a pretty bounty on you. You wouldn't mind... you know... coming with us?

The curiosity was all but genuine, as Lev had spent the distraction of his voice slipping a couple of throwing knives into his right hand. After all, I'd much rather take you in alive... we get more that way. But dead is fine by me!

The knives flew from his hands in a speedy fashion, aimed at Rurik's biggest target: his chest. They were more of a distraction, as Lev immediately lunged in for a gut blow with his hunting dagger, unsheathed by his other hand.

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