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Sun Sep 16, 2018 8:41 am

Word Count → ??? :: Private thread - those invited to bear witness to the Wedding Ceremony welcome (Krios, Kamari, O'Riley, Loki, Isabella, Delfina, Brocade). No posting order.
Raze has given permission for PP of Loki, in case she can't manage to pop in herself.

She had the sweet meadow cleansed with burning sage. The scent of it clung, earthy and soft, to the sturdy overgrown boughs of the orchard. A rigorous apple harvest had cleaned out the last of the late-season fruit some days prior, though here and there a hidden spoil lay rotting among the mulch, adding the candied and slightly sour odor to the comings and goings. Under her meticulous direction, the mute Mendicant and a fellow motley crew of servants tended the lane that laced between the old trees, raking the golden leaf-litter into a plush carpet that crunched gently underfoot.

They placed pale lard candles onto the lower reachable branches, here and there, like a little forlorn winkling of stars. Streaks of glossy wax dribbled down the bark like ghostly tears.

The final touch was the altar itself. They'd dug an old stump, the foot of an ancient Blackwoods pine that had long since been felled by storm or rot, out of the dark earth. It was a gnarled looking thing, but with appropriate tenderness the top had been polished flat, and the rings of the inner trunk laced toward its center like ripples in a deep pond.

Sunset drew near, bathing the orchard in a blissful golden glow.

Elphaba snapped her fingers to draw the attention of the last remaining attendees, and gave curt orders to head south. The Feasting Hall was undergoing a transformation all its own, guided by the deft hand of the frenchwoman Helena and the detailed ministrations of the Heiwa Matriarch.

It would have been Ondine's duty, in days gone by, to see to the Reception of her son. But the fates had not allowed her this singular privilege, and in the wake of the Seer's death, time marched on.

Loki came to meet her soon after. He wore the proper garb of his ministry, the decorative caplet reminiscent of Helsi leatherwork, old but renown. They made a striking pair beneath the rustling of the gilded trees, a silver Crone and a dark Queen. In spite of the mild weather, and not to be outdone, Elphaba wore a fine pale ermine cape. The fur tickled at her bare shoulders as she shifted her gaze to watch for the others' approach.

It was likely that Krios would be accompanied by the remainder of his family. She wondered if Kamari had chosen anyone to escort her to her duty; Letter had reached them that her mother was too unwell to make the pilgrimage down from Portland, and so the little Kaiser would be the only one of her bloodline represented here.

Perhaps, Elphaba thought, she had asked O'Riley or Brocade to do the honor; Both men seemed affectionate of the jackal girl, and it would be fitting for another noble to attend her procession. It was of no large matter. So long as both of the young betrothees brought an appropriate material for their Binding, everything would proceed as planned.

Patiently, speaking in hushed tones to the revered man at her side, the young Boss readied herself for what was to come.

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Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:34 pm

big wall of garbage words!

Their day had come and it had come recklessly in the days of sorrow as a means to bring the light back into their lives. The funeral had clearly rocked the upper echelons enough that they insisted on the wedding to come so quickly after a funeral for the lost Seer. Krios had been numb to the decision once it was made known to him, but he accepted the duty given him and he would bear down on the sadness within to give Kamari something of a good day.

He had no choices left but to keep his wife-to-be content. He could live with that choice for all that it was not one he had been given free reign to make himself.

His grandmother took his beloved mother's place in readying him for the day between helping Helena prepare the feast that would mark the packwide celebration. Delfina had her hands in that more so, anyway, for the aging Matriarch needed to focus on her eldest grandson. Delfina, too, had been delegated to dress his half-siblings for the event in proper attire and see that they understood the gravity of the ceremony.

His hair had been washed and combed through with scented oils of evergreen and a hint of something spicy like myrrh - a pricey gift even for a son of the Heiwa line. Where the old woman had squirreled away the preciously small amount of oil was a mystery, but she insisted it was the perfect time to use it. It made his scalp tingle, but the scent was decidedly masculine. His grandmother had asked her remaining daughter to deftly braid the man's hair back, adding more braids than usual and insisting on weaving in small sprigs of rosemary into the locks. His protests were silenced when she said it was remembrance, for his fallen mother.

He wore a clean shirt, sun bleached and stiff, smelling of herbs if one stuck their nose into it. The vest he had worn for so long was also smooth, the breast pocket containing a few dried bundles of lavender and oak, their meaning whispered to him as Isabella pinned them into place, smoothing a wrinkle in his dark pants. Everything was older but in good condition, remnants of whatever was left of their old lives before the Pentiti was banished and Krios nearly tarnished the Heiwa name.

Ready, the four remaining members of the Heiwa family walked behind the adorned Krios, who seemed to have returned to a more lustrous state after the marked morning for his mother. He stood tall, well above his grandmother, and even appeared taller than his aunt though she was just as tall as he. He was ready for that day, despite his nerves, despite his broken heart. It was Kamari he was there for, even if she was no where near as interested in the occasion as he. Or at least, not in the same way.

Into his breast pocket he tucked the binding material into place, knowing it would be a pretty flourish to present it before them.

He approached the Crone and the Boss - his half-sister. He smiled at them before and took his place before them as his small family settled nearby, waiting for the bride to join them. It was going to be a mercifully small gathering of people, something he was beyond thankful for. He was even glad that his half-siblings came presentable, adults by age if not by rank.

All that was left was his bride, even if she was alone and without family. She was more than welcome to join his.

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Sun Sep 16, 2018 3:36 pm

Optime | Apple Orchard | NPCs: Stone, Agate, and Cedar (+1,244)

[SL] September Newspost

A lot of this is description of what Kamari is wearing or her horse’s decoration, sorry! >___< Cedar’s gear is much more simplified than their example pictures (the pictures are to give an idea of what they look since my wording may not do it justice xD). The cats are in the far background/should not be noticed.

While there were many within the Kingdom that were abuzz with the celebration and excitement that the event brought, Kamari was of the group that felt more solemn about the whole ordeal. It had been a long time coming, this day, and while she had adequately prepared herself for it in the months prior, she was alone when it had finally arrived. Once more, she was forced to take the next step in her life with her head held high and her inner feelings brushed aside.

Today was her wedding day, and none of her family would bear witness to it.

Her twin brother was lost to the wilds like a leaf on a blistery, autumn day. A few weeks prior, she had met with her father, only to be informed that her mother had fallen ill. Kamari had bid her parents stay in Portland until her mother got better. A letter from them had arrived later to confirm their absence, though, they wished their daughter well. She had told herself that she was fine with the decision—not wanting to risk her mother’s health over a mere ceremony—though, her heart had ached for them to be there with her now.

Kamari had washed, groomed, and dressed herself with meticulous hands, politely refusing the aide of her friend, Vesta, or Scorpius’ wife, Serene, both of whom had been a large presence in Kamari’s young life, asking that they merely enjoy the Reception instead. Her feline companions, Stone and Agate, had kept her company while she had adorned the feminine attire, offering their support and humor to help make things not seem so glum with the absence of her blood kin and Krios’ mother.

The clothing that had been chosen for the ceremony was unlike any that she had ever had. Tailored by Mirte, the Emissary wore a simple, but pretty, hooded, linen dress of dark, olive green hues. Lighter accents rimmed the opening of her sleeves as well as the hood and collar. The neck of the dress came down into a slight “V” at the center of her small chest. It had long, open, three-quarter sleeves that added distracting movement to her stride. The dress was of an uneven length, and split down the length of either thigh to adhere to Kamari’s want for something that allowed her the freedom to move as she pleased. The front half of the dress ended near the bottom of her shins. The tail, however, was longer and trailed lightly across the ground in her wake. The excess material and hood was an idea by Mirte, meant to follow Kamari’s preference for form-distorting clothing.

There were some things that the dog woman had insisted on though. Added was a simple, dark band of cloth wrapping around Kamari’s midsection to help give the attire some additional color, as well as to accentuate the Emissary’s often hidden, feminine figure. Brown, leather bracers were adorned around Kamari’s forearms, one of which, hid a still-healing set of scars that had been obtained a few weeks prior. Into the leather, a knot design had been pressed.

Of jewelry, she had adorned the simple, chorded necklace that her parents had presented her to wear at her first Last Supper, a small token that gave her comfort to feel its weight against her chest in her family’s noticeable absence. The necklace had a wooden and resin ring looped through it. The fiery color had been a representation of her part in the destruction of the Clan from the plains, one of her earliest accomplishments in her loyalty to the Kingdom.

The only solace Kamari had in the foreign attire was the knife she had managed to somewhat hide strapped against her thigh. Though she had no plans to use it on anyone at the event, the Shadow would not be found weaponless, not even on her wedding day. Unfortunately, with how the dress was cut, the bottom half of the sheath could be seen, though, the dark color of it against her fur and with the movement of her dress made the weapon easily missed if one was not looking.

Kamari forwent any oils or herbs to add to her scent, wanting to remain as neutral and forgettable in smell as her role to the Kingdom entailed her to. With her preparations complete, she had departed outside where O’Riley waited to escort her to the ceremony grounds. Without any kin of her own to present her to her betrothed’s family, Kamari had shyly requested that the Erilaz do so in their stead. He was her closest confidant within the Kingdom, and an individual that had played a large role in her rise to Emissary. He had helped mold and guide her into what she was today, and it seemed only right to have him at her side.

She pulled up the hood of her dress to hide her face, and the two departed for the Orchard with her feline companions tucked away into her mount’s saddlebags. The Sapienza rode there atop her stallion in order to not dirty her formal attire.

Cedar was also sparsely decorated for the occasion. Kamari felt the need to look as presentable as she could afford in respect to the highborn family that she was to be married into that day, and her horse was her first and, really, only mark of wealth that she had to her name. The decorations were largely simple and were not eye-catching though, as such was the way that the Shadow had most things in her life. A thick, leather browband had been attached to Cedar’s bridle, designed with tanned, leaf-like, leather cutouts held in place by metal fastenings. A large, singular metal piece sat at the top center with a knot design similar to her bracers pounded into the thin material. A breastcollar made of thick, dark leather that was lined with fisher fur was worn at his chest. Two metal circles—not unlike that of the one found on Cedar’s browband—were nestled at its centerpiece, and a simplified, floral-like design had been pressed into the leather.

At their arrival to the chosen location, she got off of her steed with the help of O’Riley, and upon letting her cats free to find a place to watch the ceremony, Kamari allowed herself a quick glance around the ceremony grounds. The Boss had certainly outdone herself. The scene was pretty and lively with golden colors of the newly-changing leaves. The smell of sage reached her nostrils, wafting with the orchard’s natural scent, burning candles, and those that had gathered there before her arrival with the Erilaz.

Kamari felt her heart beat a bit faster in her chest in her anxiousness, no longer able to ignore what it was that she would be doing that day now that she was here. She took a steadying breath before she gathered her binding material, a piece of leather chord that she had made herself. Looking to O’Riley, she adjusted her hood to ensure that it remained in place before giving him a nod to show that she was ready.

From beneath her hood and with her binding material held firmly in hand, the Shadow allowed her cornflower blue eyes to search over those gathered there before they rested upon her betrothed.

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Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:36 pm

Smugly and secretly delighted that Kamari had chosen him as her escort, O'Riley had avoided helping with what he was certain was a project Elphaba would enjoy dictating. Caring about how things looked and how they came together was not always something he could put forth effort into. Of course, he understood the importance of this ceremony. The pack needed to forget about the deaths the month before. They needed to overlook the wound torn open by such a catastrophic event, and feasting and merriment would help in such matters.

It was very calculated, moving ahead as they were now.

Kamari was a private person, and so O'Riley had respected that and lingered outside her home while she prepared. He had amused himself as best he could, but was eager to be on his way when she finally emerged – and true to form, her garment was a nearly practical thing.

The same could be said for O'Riley, whose leather kilt and sleeveless tabard were notable for their quality as opposed to color (both were a sooty black, even darker than his markings). They were pieces his mother had made, and small detail work was found here and there, cleverly placed to work around places where eyes might be drawn. Being a man who had little care for jewelry, the old wooden necklace was the only piece he wore.

Their journey to the orchard was quiet, and the smell of sweet smoke and others greeted them. O'Riley helped Kamari to the ground and helped see her horse tethered nearby.

O'Riley held his arm out for Kamari, and when Elphaba gave him a small, subtle signal, led the young woman forward.

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Tue Sep 18, 2018 1:07 pm

The new mother sat perched along the edge of a window-sill, her eyes half lidded as she rested her head against her paws. Brocade stood facing a long-cracked mirror, his scarred hands adjusting the ropes he had twisted to lay against his shoulders. He was encapsulated in shiny leather that sat against a newly spun tunic of a rich and tempered green. He wore no scarf and left the tunic unbuttoned so that the crest of his silvery fur peaked through.

Symre had brushed and twisted his hair at his request – and fine braids ran along the sides of his face before being folded into the neat club that lay at the nape of his neck. He brushed the leather and assessed himself with a sharp golden eye – his ears twitching as Adelia mewled at him.

”You look fine.” Her eyes sparkled mischievously, ”Good even.”

He growled softly, twitching his tail behind him as the stairs creaked to announce the presence of his niece. Adelia leapt down with a chirrup to rub against the girl’s dark legs before disappearing into the room upstairs. Brocade could hear the kittens crying for their mother and heard the french-cat speaking to them in hushed tones. They had only been a part of this world for a few weeks – and Brocade had not brought himself to visit them, nor ask Adelia who the father was.

Symre let out a low whistle, ”Oncle you look-“ She stepped toward him and adjusted the set of his collar by standing on her tippy-toes, ”You look distinguished. Very ‘Director.” She grinned eagerly, ”Have fun at the wedding. You will have to tell me everything after.”

Brocade cocked a thick brow, "I will see you at the reception."

With that the girl shooed him out the door.

He took his time wandering through the Ruins toward the Orchard, his expression stoic and thoughtful. He considered his time in the Thistle Kingdom and all that he had accomplished. It made him subtly jealous of Krios and the woman that he had found, for despite Brocades subtle power there was no one for him to share it with.

The soldier thought of love and war as he picked his way through the drooping apple trees, the golden leaves glimmering brightly beneath the cloud covered sky. There were candles hidden amongst the trees and they winked at him like tiny flaming stars.

When he came upon the delegation he allowed his expression to soften. He crossed his arms and stood straight-backed alongside the crone his face turned out towards the blanket of leaves that Kamari would walk upon to meet her new husband. He murmured something encouraging to Krios and squeezed his arm gently before standing alongside him as a silent guardian.

Brocade had spent weeks silently contemplating what the wedding meant to him – how his entire life was filled with regiments and the steel loyalty of a soldier. He committed himself to Symre, committed himself to Adelia and her new litter of children - committed himself to the betterment of The Kingdom.

The wedding was a celebration, a distraction. But it was bringing Salsola together in a way that Brocade had not seen since they had won the war.

He glanced at Elphaba and made a sound quietly in his throat – but he was forced to look back out at the twitching leaves as O’Riley lead Kamari to her betrothed.


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Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:36 am

Word Count → ??? :: ---

The Heiwa clan were the first to arrive. The suffering borne aloft by Krios and his grandmother were still palpable in the golden light of the setting sun. Privately, Elphaba thought that the young man looked more handsome than ever he had before, with the weight of responsibility settling firmly across his shoulders and the ache of loss still keenly livid in his serious expression.

Better this than the man-boy who had played at sparring words with her, the churlish jester who enjoyed making a fool of himself and spoke with confidence enough for ten grown men. She suspected that that Krios had died along with his mother.

It was a sad thing, but they all grew up into Duty eventually.

She knew it would make him a better man than their father had been; And in this way he would serve her, as she deserved to be served.

Even the little children, Ondine's youngest brood, stood quietly and with disciplined order behind their grandmother. Elphaba wondered if it was within the old woman's power to raise them, or if the responsibility should fall to Krios and his aunt.

The Director came next, and she was hard pressed not to let her eyes linger appreciatively on him. In all finery, Brocade cut quite the figure. The tailoring of his fine clothing was simple but elegant, not so gaudy or cheap as one might expect of an ex-traveler from Toronto. The young queen's appreciative gaze indulged in roving him slowly, but sensing Loki's attentiveness, quickly flicked away.

It was just so - For on came O'Riley, and behind him, the mounted bride.

Her cousin's self-satisfied air hardly belittled Kamari's uncharacteristic loveliness. With no mother nor mother-in-Law present to guide her, the young jackal had nonetheless washed up nicely. Her choice of clothing was entirely appropriate, true in form to the severity of the occasion but also suitable for the kingdom's master Spy. The flash of a garter at her thigh led Elphaba's lips to a devilish grin, which she deftly hid behind the hand she raised to cover her mouth in apparent surprise.

O'Riley helped the young woman to dismount. His closeness - and his apparent pleasure at being given the honor - made the Boss glad for the occasion. She'd enough to dissect without having to worry over him.

With a flick of her fingers, Elphaba drew Krios in to stand at her side. The Erilaz escorted the young bride to stand opposite, where the Crone waited; Near enough for the couple to hold hands. A golden delegation of leaves marched at their heels, crunching crisply underfoot. The late-afternoon light spilled over Kamari's hood, casting most of her face into shadow.

Then the procession was still, and the Queen drew herself up to a higher stature. "Kin of my kin; Today we meet to officiate a most harmonious union. To the benefit of the Kingdom, and to the benefit of all, we witness before us the betrothed, now ready to heed the responsibility set before them." Her tone was warm, welcome, and certain of its purpose - She was more confidant now in her decision than she had ever been.

Doubt was as an unwelcome stranger to her. This was fate.

"Krios Revlis née Heiwa - you are the prodigy of two noble houses, and the heir of one. Your family has prospered beneath the Law for many generations. Today you add your name to the list of those who serve with dignity; And in return, you welcome that most wonderful of bonds, a wife, into your great Familia." Heavy lashes fluttered over eyes of deep sanguine, which moved fluidly to the small jackal, "Kamari Kaiser - you were the daughter of no house, but your value and ambition raised you from your lowborn status to high acclaim. Today you solidify your position as an Elite; And in return, you gain that most reliable of servants, a husband."

She gestured beseechingly at silver-haired Loki, who stood attentive to the process. "Have you both brought the manner of your Bindings? Give them over now to the Crone, that they may be woven and blessed."

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Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:53 pm

tldr last two paragraphs lol

He did not know what to expect when Kamari appeared. He had no idea what she wore, what she looked like, what she smelled like. Somehow, he was not surprised and pleased that she both looked as she usually did, and her scent was unchanged. He ought to have been stoic, controlled. Elphaba was nearby and her eyes were sharp upon him. Yet, he could not help his grin at the sight of his future wife. Only moments separated before and after. If it was happily ever, he could not say.

Krios felt the Boss's overly proud glances at him, knowing that she thought him properly cowed by the day. But it was a day to her ego, too, the grandeur displayed for her to flaunt rather than purely an honor for the soon-to-be-wed couple. Krios knew that Kamari would have preferred a quieter ordeal, likely one that ought to end with the ceremony. It was blissfully small and a collective of their closest allies and Krios's family. He could feel the sad pride in his grandmother's gaze on the side of his face, and the condescension rolling off his aunt's. His siblings were bored. He would have been, too, in their place.

His sharp eyes never left his intended's face as she approached, feeling that familiar sensation in his chest, with the bubbles mysteriously popping in his belly. He refused to face the facts and chose to consider it nerves. Nerves of performing up to Elphaba's expectations, so that she might leave them both alone.

His gaze refused to shift as they stood beside one another and his smile lingered. Elphaba's words echoed in his ear, her words propoganda for no one but herself. They were all under her conditioning, so what was the point of even more pretty prose? Bask he thought simply, doing his best to push his half-sister out of his thoughts. She was merely the officiant.

From the pocket of his vest he pulled the cloth. It was thin, nearly sheer. His grandmother had provided it, her voice growing soft and nearly hoarse when she had offered it to him. From her wife's last work for his mother, Lillith's step-daughter. Krios stroked it with his thumb, finally having pulled his gaze from Kamari. He raised it toward Loki.

From Lillith, from my mother, to continue the cycle of our family, he announced proudly, hearing the subtle sad sigh from his grandmother behind him.

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Sun Oct 07, 2018 2:51 pm


Sorry for the delay, guys! @___@

She sensed movement from O’Riley, and her gaze shifted, accepting his offered arm and allow him to lead her down the blanket of brightly-colored leaves that had been spread across the ground. The Emissary felt nervous, exposed, as she became the center of attention of those gathered. She was dressed up, was out of her comfort zone, her element, and was about to commit to a publicly-made promise. Thankfully, the ceremony had had an exclusive invite list, but, even still, for someone who preferred remaining in the shadows, the feeling made her uneasy, even if she knew everyone present there that evening.

Kamari took quiet, calming breaths as O’Riley led her to the stump where the Boss, the Crone, the Director, and her husband-to-be all gathered. In that moment, she was thankful for her hood, which hid any fleeting breaks in her neutral mask that she had forced herself to don. When they came to arrive before the stump, she softly thanked the Erilaz, and offered a polite and respectful nod to Elphaba and Loki, a small smile to Brocade, before her cornflower blue gaze shifted to Krios himself.

Up close, she could see that he had cleaned up nicely for the occasion of their wedding. He smelled heavily of plant oils; evergreen and rosemary being the strongest that Kamari could pick out. It reminded her of the forest with a hint of the herbs his mother used to use. He wore an outfit she had never seen on him before, and, had the young Kaiser been more open to considering such things, she might have thought him handsome. The attire fitted him nicely, fell over his archery-hardened muscles pleasingly. It made him look more like a man than he ever had.

With everyone in place, Elphaba began the service, speaking loudly and garnering the attention of all that were present there. Kamari listened as the Boss spoke, her breaths quiet and her eyes focused solely on her betrothed, not wanting any of those gathered to think she had any reservations about their soon-to-be union to one another. When Loki was called forth, Elphaba requested for the materials they had brought for the physical representation of their union.

Krios procured his first, a piece of cloth fitting of both his station and his heritage. Once it was accepted by Loki, Kamari offered her own; a strip of leather. It was much more peasant-like in comparison, and she couldn’t help but to think of how fitting each were to the two of them. “A product of a trade that has served my family well, and, one that will serve my new one too,” she said, not knowing what else to add in the wake of her betrothed’s heirloom. The binding material lacked any rich history behind it, however, its symbol meant that she had something to offer to their mateship. It was a promise and show of material goods that were often well-sought after in trade by all walks of life. A a promise of wealth to be had. A promise that she would not bring dishonor to the Heiwa or Revlis name with their union to the lowborn house of the Kaisers.

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Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:29 pm

He stepped back.

This ceremony was something new, made elaborate by Elphaba's hands, and he was glad to be among the first to see it. Little by little they were reshaping the world to suit their own needs. Ritual had purpose, and so did the binding of unlikely people – at its core, everything was about power and control.

By forcing loyalty, a leader ensured those who might think to rise against them might never find reason or footing to do so. Elphaba's half-brother was one such person. Whatever he had said to her in private had made him a person of interest to her. Like every single individual caught in such a trap, their options were limited. Krios was lucky to be alive, O'Riley thought.

If he was someone who didn't matter, he might have ended up like Etoile.

His violet eyes watched as Elphaba wove pretty words and facilitated the ceremony, and turned to the couple. They were children of families long intertwined, the way his own was, and merely closed these circuits with their union. As they presented their own offerings, his attention turned to the cords. How different, he thought, and how curious.

A small smile turned up the corners of his mouth when Kamari's simple band was presented.

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