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"He is kind, for a man who has seen so much strife," Elphaba allowed after a pendulous moment. Her posture relaxed imperceptibly, though none of the lurid fixation softened from her stare.

She was unaccustomed, largely, to the old ways of women - heads bowed together as though in piety, a torrent of whispers to flow between pursed lips. Her own sister had held no such seed of guile in her chest, and made room only for war and pretty Salcedo swords. Elphaba had never had a female confidant. She looked in Morgana's expression but could not understand all that she found.

Still, there was - and had always been - a yearning in her, for closeness.

She leaned forward to meet the red woman's conspiring energy.

"I think he is lonely. Lonely men look for comfort in places they shouldn't." It surprised her even now to feel the way hurt blossomed somewhere responsively in her stomach. Among other things, Elphaba did not recognize the irony of this empathy. Disquieted, she frowned at her cousin.

"You are a Lawful woman, aren't you, Morgana?" Reaching out, she toyed with a lock of the other's red hair, captivated for a moment by the way it curled coyly around her finger. "You understand your duty to the Crown, and to Familia." The ache in her stomach seemed punctuated by the words, a small part of her wishing she could stuff them back in behind her teeth, "I am glad you have come home. It is good to have you closer to me, where you belong; Where I can rely on you to do your part."

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There was an impossible distance between them. Elphaba had been crafted and chosen for her position. She was a Queen after the Queen before her, though younger and wilder, shaped by betrayal and magics left from a great catastrophe and all that came after. Strange things happened in this place, and Salsola was near the nexus from which all this peculiarity spread. All the witches and spellcrafters who found themselves drawn here were like moths to a flame. Did Elphaba understand that deeper calling? She must, Morgana had reasoned.

They were both descendants of the first King. The world-serpent's venom was in their blood.

It is my wish to do all I can, she reassured the younger woman. I consider my duty a personal pleasure. Morgana emphasized words with her inflection and her smiling eyes. She made no comment on the way the Queen touched her hair. It felt like a test. Had Elphaba known a man yet? She was a narrow and sharp creature, with a flat stomach and thin hips. Her position elevated her to places where few could reach.

Something in her words warned Morgana against presuming too much.

The servant-girl's return scattered the tension like dust in the sunlight, and soon the moment had passed. They ate and drank and spoke of lesser things, and neither brought up Brocade Valentine further.

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