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I go there I'll lose my way

Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:36 am

OOC :: Foredated to March 25th.
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It was cold beneath the towering evergreens. Falcon adjusted his shawl and leaned back against an old, rough pine; whoever stole his cloak better have been appreciating it. The thought would have made him angry a few days ago, but now… Well, the hybrid had bigger, more important things to worry about. Fluffy, white, Cottongrass-shaped things.

Birdsong floated through the thick canopy, and Falcon whistled along. A cardinal, a mockingbird, some sort of jay—all welcome distractions from his newest anxieties. He drifted from one call to another, but he couldn’t quite hit the right notes. Falcon supposed luperci just weren’t meant to talk to birds, at least not in their language. It was probably for the best; birdsong was a lot prettier when you didn’t know which chirps meant “food,” “danger,” and “sex.”

The Elkenfrey wondered how far he was from the border. It was easy to get lost in Noxweald—surrounded by identical, dimly-lit trees—and he wanted nothing more than to lose himself. Falcon breathed in cool, damp air and released it in a sigh. The forest reminded him of the Old Wood, but not in a bad way. There were no monsters in these woods, or at least no monsters anymore. Falcon shuddered at the thought—what a moon that had been.

A strong gust of wind blew through the canopy, startling a few of the birds and making Falcon smile. Noxweald… Noxweald was like the Old Wood because it felt like home, even more so than Winterwynd did. He slept in Winterwynd, worked in Winterwynd, and strengthened friendships in Winterwynd, but it wasn’t the Old Wood. It was home, but it wasn’t home. It wasn’t the place that—despite countless, haunting memories—Falcon wanted to get lost in.

Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Mon Mar 25, 2019 3:08 pm

James liked the woods, it was a different kind of quiet, somewhere you could just relax. Jesse was once again looking after the animals and he had wandered off to these woods to find something he could juggle. Sticks or rocks could work, though really anything that fit in his hands would work just as well. Soon enough he found some pine cones and decided those would be good enough. Picking up three that looked to be the same size he started tossing in the air and catching them in a circular motion. At first slowly, and then as he got used to the feeling of the cones in his hands he picked up the pace.

Round and round, he soon added extra motions into his actions, little tricks that could awe anyone watching. Of course, he didn't think anyone would be out in these woods, let alone watching him, so he just went through the motions as he tried to think of what he and his sister could do within the pack. Though it was true that they had wanted to travel, it was soon made clear to the twins that they might have to put that sort of thing off until the summer. There was just too much to consider that he had not realized, so, for now, they needed to get comfortable with living among the members of the Vale.

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Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:23 am

OOC :: Words→ 228

The wind shifted, carrying an unfamiliar scent to Falcon’s nose. Mistfell Vale was growing, and it wasn’t just from puppies. A few loners seeking shelter, a few Courtiers fleeing… Something. Falcon wasn’t the most well-connected Mistwalker, and the finer details of their plight hadn’t yet made it through the grapevine. He’d find out eventually, he supposed—he always did.

Something—no, someone—caught the Elkenfrey’s blue-green gaze. A tall, brown wolfdog stepped out from between the trees, dressed in leathers. Falcon cocked his head to the side and looked closer. Was he… Was he wearing a mask? Huh. Falcon hadn’t seen one of those in a while. Maybe he was one of the ex-Courtiers?

Before Falcon could stand up and introduce himself, the masked man crouched down and picked up a handful of… Pine cones? Then, to the hybrid’s surprise, he started juggling them. The wolfdog tossed and caught the pinecones faster than Falcon could follow them. His tricks were subtle, but well-practiced; a hobbyist, maybe? Regardless, he was exactly the kind of man Falcon was looking for.

The Elkenfrey whistled and pushed himself to his feet, alerting the brown-furred man to his presence. ”Nice tricks!” he said, trotting over to his new packmate, ”I don’t think we’ve met—my name is Falcon.”

Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Tue Mar 26, 2019 12:37 pm

”Nice tricks!” the words came after a whistle, surprising him from his task. The pinecones dropped as he stopped the motion of his hands. ”I don’t think we’ve met—my name is Falcon.” James blinked and smiled "Hallo...I am James!" he waved a little and then looked to the fallen pinecones. It had been good practice, and he hadn't tried anything new. Yet, Falcon had liked it; looking up he smiled a bit more shyly "Thank you." Normally if he was juggling it was to entertain Winter, or some young pups that they may come across in their travels.

It was an easy way to distract and have focus on the items he juggled. He was certainly happy to do the actions as a way to relax as well. Smiling a bit more easily he wondered if the other male perhaps had approached him for a reason. Surely he could have gone around if he had some task to take care of. "Was there something you needed of me?" he asked, in curiosity more than anything. It just didn't seem normal for others to just come up to him and talk...that was usually his role in such a situation.

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Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:53 pm

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Falcon frowned, not expecting the masked man to freeze and drop his pine cones. Oops—he hadn’t meant to do that. Thankfully, the wolfdog didn’t seem to mind. ”I used to know a James,” Falcon commented, recalling a merchant dog he’d met in Portland. That James had been a real piece of work, but his prices were fair and his father seemed to like him; not that that was always a good thing.

”You’re welcome,” the hybrid said, smiling back. He crouched down to pick up one of the pinecones, tossed it from one hand to the other, and hummed thoughtfully. Maybe he could learn how to juggle, too; it couldn't hurt to try.

The Elkenfrey chuckled at James’ question. ”You’ve caught me. I’m looking to put on a show for the pack next moon, and I’d love some help.” Falcon threw the pinecone into the air and caught it again. ”I’m a storyteller, and as much as I love a good tale,” he said, taking a step back, ”some luperci prefer action. He tossed the pinecone back to James, a wide smile gracing his dark lips.

Falcon really hoped he was as good at catch as he was juggling.

Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:53 pm

James listened and caught the cone as it was tossed to him. A show...a show?! "Really??!!" he brightened up completely and wagged his tail in excitement. "I would love to help! Oh, my sister can do tricks with her sword if that's useful and I can more than juggle!!" he was talented in many ways, but he supposed just juggling would be entertaining enough and tried to lower his excitement a bit. It was hard since he did want to travel and show off to the other entertain others was his joy. Though, he knew some saw it as a foolish thing to want to do, but what else was he good at really?

Grinning he spun and tossed the cone in the air "Oh, I'm too excited!! This is going to be grand!" he caught the cone again and spun to face Falcon. "What space do we have to work with? Is it going to be the whole pack viewing or just a few members? Will there be enough room for let's say...a few flips?" he asked as ideas flooded his mind. Of course, Falcon was in charge and he kept that in mind, but he was just so happy that his natural excitement was taking over.

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Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:40 pm

OOC :: Words→ 219

James’ reaction was explosive. He spoke at a rapid-fire pace, already brimming with excitement at Falcon’s idea, and the hybrid chuckled at his enthusiasm. James’ train of thought seemed to bounce from sword tricks, to “more than juggling,” to questions about the show itself. It was a lot to take in, and Falcon took a moment to respond.

”The more the merrier,” he began, grinning at his companion, ”Everyone likes something different, and I think your sisters’ sword tricks would be a big hit.” Her talents intrigued Falcon, and he wondered if she was as excitable as James was. That may have been… Counterintuitive to safe swordplay, but he tried not to judge books by others’ covers.

The Elkenfrey paused for a moment, considering James’ questions. He crouched down, picked up the remaining pinecones, and hummed thoughtfully. ”Honestly, I figured we’d commandeer Old Brassard Church for the night—that way, we’d have enough room for everyone.” The green-eyed hybrid stood and tossed the pinecones back to James.

”We could roast meat over the fireplace and spill out into the street, if need be,” Falcon said, tail wagging leisurely. ”You know, if someone wanted to do flips.” Now, was James the acrobat, or was it his sister? Both? He couldn’t wait to find out.

Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:51 pm

James nodded and felt a little bad for blurting out so many things at once. It still seemed that Falcon could keep track though, as he answered all the questions. Jesse could do sword tricks...if he could convince her into joining. He was sure he could though, and plus it would be a great way for her to meet others of the pack since she was normally not the type to go make friends on her own. His thoughts were broken as Falcon tossed him the other pinecones and he did his best to catch them, fumbling with one in his excited state, but still managing to keep it in his hold. The wolf hybrid did not really know the church, but he was sure it was big enough, and Falcon did also mention that they might use the street as well.

"Wonderful!" he said, and his tail wagged when it was mentioned that he may be able to show off some of his acrobatic skills. The male wolf dog knew he was not perfect at doing flips and the like, but it was still fun to do and others who saw them seemed happy by the actions. That was all the excitable male really needed...people who loved to watch and the feeling of happiness he gained from performing. It was a win-win even if some disliked him showing Jesse sometimes mentioned. His sisters' thoughts aside he simply could not wait to be part of Falcons show and was more than happy to help with it.

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Re: I go there I'll lose my way

Mon Apr 29, 2019 2:37 am

OOC :: Words→ 240

James caught the first pinecone with ease, but almost dropped the second one in his haste. Falcon snorted and gave the masked man a thumbs up. ”Nice catch,” he said, half-tempted to find more pinecones to toss his way. James could handle a few more, couldn’t he? What was the difference between three pinecones and say, five or six? Eight? Ten?

A lot, probably, but it was fun to think about.

”Do you have a juggling kit?” the Elkenfrey asked, plucking a small pinecone off of a low-hanging branch. He tossed it between his hands for a moment, peered inside the half-closed cone, and hummed thoughtfully. ”I don’t know if anyone in Mistfell Vale could make you one, but I have a friend who could.” The only problem would be getting the kit in time, assuming James wanted one and Naya was interested in the project.

Casa di Cavalieri was an entire bay away, and unless someone showed up on the big, fancy ship they owned, Falcon would have to make the trek himself. He didn’t want to brave the Fundy crossing alone, but maybe Cotton could come with him; he’d met Naya before, but he’d never seen the pack that made her… Well, her. At least, not that Falcon was aware of. Maybe he had—Cotton was full of surprises.

Falcon smiled to himself; he couldn’t wait to discover them.

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