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Blind to my emotions

Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:52 pm

OOC -Dated late March

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

Coping methods were different for everyone, Cedric assumed. Some liked to get fresh air, go for a run, express their feelings. But none of that worked for the Stryder. For a short while nothing seemed to help him get over the wrongs he'd put Cidro through, the lies that no doubt made the other feel worse for believing in a knight that couldn't protect him. But during training and by pushing himself to painful limits, Cedric had found some weight removed from taking a beating. Because of course the young man wasn't the kind to lash out in anger, to cause damage or pain. No amount of raw emotion could make Cedric get violent like that. But he'd come to notice that receiving pain helped calm the storm of emotions in his head, or at least make it easier for Cedric to ignore them.

He'd begun training blindfolded, the early starts of a project to one day help Cidro learn how to fight and defend himself. Cedric had started just trying to judge how to hit things without seeing them, but when various curious pack mates had found him, Cedric had asked them to help. Today it was his sister, Naya, who Cedric had asked to meet him in the training ring with her staff. The Stryder wanted to find out the point in which a strike would become noticeable when blind, and how much time he would have to block it once he'd discovered the incoming attack. In a less defined way, Cedric needed Naya to hit him over and over again until he understood how to detect her attacks.

Cedric stood in the centre of the ring, blindfold resting on his low-hanging brow as he gave his sister a nod once she'd joined him. "Ready?" He asked, before setting the blindfold over his eyes, "Don't hold back, if you hit with speed like you would in a real fight it will help me figure out how to find the attacks."

Re: Blind to my emotions

Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:36 am

OOC :: Words→ 359

Nayavota barely knew Cidro, but she knew how important he was to her brother. They had danced at the masquerade together, Cedric had risked life and limb defending him, and now he was training him to defend himself. Well, he would be, once Cidro recovered.

Naya had introduced herself at the wounded boy’s bedside, hands shaking as she offered him warm food and quiet company. The pale Cadet was a fighter, not a healer; she’d willed all of her care and concern into her voice, into the small touches Cidro had allowed, but had it been enough? Would anything be enough, after what he’d gone through?

As guilty as Nayavota felt, she wasn’t strong enough to defend the Court from their attackers. She couldn’t run in, staff swinging, to protect Casa’s allies. Instead… Instead, she prepared. Naya hunted for Casa’s medics, prayed for the Court’s fallen, and trained until she couldn’t stand. Next time… Next time she’d be ready. Next time, Nayavota would act like a knight.

When Cedric called her to the training ring, she answered. Naya wasn’t the first to train with him blindfolded—and she doubted she’d be the last—but she was still honored to help. Just because Cidro was blind, didn’t mean he couldn’t fight; he just had to learn how. If Cedric was going to teach him, he had to learn how, too.

Nayavota pulled her dust mask over her face as Cedric spoke, already visualizing her first attack. She snorted when he told her to give it her all; just because her brother was blindfolded, didn’t mean he couldn’t defend himself. And even if he couldn’t, Naya didn’t pull punches during spars.


The silver yearling waited a beat, eyes trained on Cedric’s upper body, before she lunged forward. Nayavota aimed a strike at his shoulder, spun her staff so the other end would hit his chest, and stepped back to prepare her next move.

She was a simple girl; when her brother asked her to hit him with a stick, she did.

Re: Blind to my emotions

Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:26 pm

OOC -Dated late March

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

Naya had always been a favourite sparring partner for Cedric. They had taken their First Blood together, Cedric winning only by a margin, and the experience had been a good one. His sister had her bright energy that even during training brought motivation and enjoyment to Cedric. It was shame he was now going against such enthusiasm in a very one-sided test. He was here for the beating but also for the training, Cedric wouldn't say this was just to satiate his guilt.

Cedric took himself into the darkness, lifting his ears forward to see if it was possible to map out Naya's moves with sound. The boy had noticed during time spent with Cidro that the smaller boy had an acute sense of hearing and smell, so comparatively speaking whatever Cedric discovered with his senses during these tests should be better for Cidro in the long run. His ear flicked as he heard the sand beneath them shift as Naya moved. He prepared himself for the strike, listening to the sound of her staff moving through the air to determine where it would land. His guess was the shoulder. And with a painful smack, Cedric was right. The sudden pain made him huff, but Cedric was immediately focused on judging her next move. But with her going full force, Naya left no time for guessing as the staff struck Cedric in the chest, winding him.

Once he sucked in a breath, Cedric nodded. "I could hear the staff move." He commented quickly, bending his knees a little to prepare himself, "Hit me just as hard."

Re: Blind to my emotions

Sat Apr 06, 2019 6:59 pm

OOC :: Words→ 200

”When? Soon enough to block it?” Nayavota asked, her curiosity getting in the way of their training. She could see Cedric’s ears twitching, the slight brace before she struck with her staff, but that didn’t mean he had enough time to defend himself. Nayavota’s staff was solid, and she’d hit herself enough to know the strikes would bruise—if Cedric could stop them, he would be.

The pale Cadet let her brother answer before she started circling again. He looked more prepared, but she wasn’t sure he was; it would take a few more hits before either of them were comfortable.

With that thought, Nayavota swung at Cedric’s other shoulder. The strike landed with a thud, quickly followed by another hit to the chest as she side-stepped around him. Then, Naya hooked the back end of her staff behind Cedric’s knee and tried to knock him off balance. Regardless of the outcome, the silver girl ended her assault with a wide swing at her brother’s side—which she stopped, mere inches from his fur, before stepping back.

Maybe she was being a little mean, but messing with her brother was fun.

Re: Blind to my emotions

Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:57 am

OOC -Dated late March

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

Cedric could take a lot more punishment before he was done, but the flares of pain did mock him with threats of aches and bruises later. The hurt was good, Cedric needed it. Each spike of pain felt like a bit of the Stryder's head was cleared, and his heart not as heavy as before. But beyond his own need to lift his guilt, Cedric felt like he was learning something here. He could hear the strikes as they moved through the air and he knew where Naya was standing as she moved in the sands. But Cedric was a well-trained fighter, he understanding on positioning and movements in battle would be hard to teach onto Cidro, he just hoped with slow practice the smaller boy would understand the cues just like Cedric did.

Then there was just the timing of the block. Cedric would have to get hit a few more times before he knew exactly how long he had to block. "Maybe." Cedric simply replied to Naya, hopefully satisfying her curiosity. His ears moved on an axis, spinning around as they followed Naya in her circle. She wouldn't give him a warning when she attacked again, Cedric knew his sister well enough and knew how professional she could be. He heard her move suddenly closer, and then the sound of air being pushed around near his less bruised side. Cedric focused on the sound, counted how long before the impact. One second and then a thud, as the staff smacked against his other shoulder. Cedric winced slightly but nodded to himself, hearing Naya's staff move again and predicting it's trajectory. The Stryder lowered his arm over his chest, feeling the harsh impact of the staff against his blocking forearm before he pushed it away.

But it didn't end with that success, Naya continued the assault and smacked the staff against Cedric's leg, causing him to stumble. He didn't quite fall, but the fight to remain balanced left him unfocused. He heard another strike come towards him, and prepared to stand and take it, waiting for the sharp pain, only to feel the staff stop inches from his fur. The boy let out a huff.

Re: Blind to my emotions

Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:22 am

OOC :: Words→ 255

“Maybe” was good enough for her.

Nayavota was on a roll. Her first hit slammed into Cedric’s shoulder, the second hit collided with his arm as he pushed it away, and the third hit nearly knocked him to the ground. Naya hoped her fourth, exaggerated “strike” would catch him off guard, sending him scrambling to block it, but it didn’t. Cedric braced himself for impact, but didn’t move to block her feint.


The pale Cadet raised an eyebrow and frowned; that was weird. She stepped back, spinning her staff between her hands, and began to circle Cedric again. Something felt... Off. Nayavota stared intently at her brother. Could he see her? Naya’s toothy grin and exaggerated swing would have given her away, but… Well, it didn’t look like his blindfold had moved. And Cedric wasn’t fixing it, either.

Nayavota needed more information. Something was off—there was no reason for Cedric to cheat, much less take all her hits if he was. If he couldn’t see her, and wasn’t messing with her, what was it? After a moment’s consideration, the silver girl wound back her staff for maximum whoosh, swung it in a wide arc toward Cedric’s left side, and stopped again. Her brother had plenty of time to block it; if he did, Naya would move on. If he didn’t, she’d need to find out why.

Hitting her brother wasn't fun if he couldn't, or wouldn't, defend himself.

Re: Blind to my emotions

Sat May 04, 2019 5:15 pm

OOC -Dated late March

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

The moment Cedric braced for impact only to be tricked by the feint was the moment he felt the air shift. With his vision gone, Cedric's other senses took charge, and he could feel Naya's new hesitation. Cedric swallowed, keeping still as if focusing on his hearing, when in fact he was wondering in his head how much his sister was understanding. Cedric felt like he shouldn't need to feel guilty for this. He was learning from the experience, it wasn't all just for the sake of getting hurt and using Naya as a means of inflicting pain, but Cedric couldn't fight the rising dread that Naya might be realising something.

Despite the dread, Cedric was still stuck in the belief that taking pain was the best way to alleviate his guilt. His sister came towards him with another strike, this one wide and obvious even without vision. It would strike a mean blow on Cedric's side, which the Stryder aimed to let happen. The boy did move to defend, only blocking an inch too high from the oncoming staff, and was willing to take the consequence. But it was another feint, as the staff came to a stop, and Cedric huffed again. "Clever tricks." He mumbled, not aware of Naya's intentions.

Re: Blind to my emotions

Sat May 04, 2019 6:34 pm

OOC :: Words→ 248

Nayavota watched as Cedric raised his arm, blocking just above where the staff would have hit him. Interesting. She stepped back again and frowned, her eyes narrowing. The Cadet’s “clever tricks” hadn’t brought her any closer to an explanation, but at least they’d confirmed her suspicions. Why wasn’t Cedric taking this seriously? If he wanted to take a few hits for endurance purposes, why not just say so? Nayavota was no stranger to that kind of training, and neither was Cedric.

Whatever the point of this exercise was, her brother wasn’t being honest about it.

Nayavota huffed, limped over to Cedric’s side, and moved to pull his blindfold up onto his forehead. Frustrated, pale blue eyes met her brother’s gold ones. ”What was dat?” she asked, gesturing to the arm he’d half-heartedly “blocked” with. ”I know you could have stopped dat, Cedric, so why didn’t you?” Naya leaned on her staff and stared at him, her expression softening as she waited for an answer. What was going on?

”I can’t help you if you’re not honest with me,” Nayavota said, reaching out to touch her brother’s shoulder, ”and I’m not going to beat da snot out of you until you tell me da trut'.” There was a teasing lilt to her voice; she wasn’t angry, she was just confused. And maybe a little frustrated.

Okay, a lot frustrated, but Cedric already knew that.

Re: Blind to my emotions

Sat May 18, 2019 2:38 pm

OOC -Dated late March

Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

Cedric had hoped he could continue this exercise the whole way through without Naya catching on, or maybe keep her suspicions postponed until Cedric felt like he'd 'learnt' enough. But with the air stretching out thin between them as Cedric made his poor attempt to block the strike, he could tell his sister was thinking and that his time was most likely up. The boy flinched as his blindfold was pushed up, the sudden exposure to light making him blink rapidly and try to focus on Naya as she spoke. Her blue eyes burned with frustration, making the usually confident male look down to the sands to avoid her gaze.

Her voice seemed to soften as a hand landed gently on Cedric's shoulder. It was enough encouragement to get the boy talking. He felt wrong using his sister for his own dire and dangerous need to feel pain, but he needed to clear up that guilty feeling before it joined with the rest that piled up in the centre of Cedric's gut. "I didn't block it because I wanted it to hit me." He admitted.

With the truth out, Cedric held himself a little higher, an illusion to how low the boy really felt, with feelings he didn't understand. "I need to learn how to fight like this so I can teach Cidro. But I also need to feel pain, it's the only thing that helps."

Re: Blind to my emotions

Sat May 18, 2019 10:58 pm

OOC :: Words→ 225

Cedric’s admission didn’t surprise Nayavota; she’d already figured that out on her own. He was a skilled knight, even when blindfolded, and she knew he could block her hits. His reasoning, however… His reasoning caught the pale girl off guard. Cedric was trying to teach Cidro how to fight by… Getting beaten up himself? That didn’t make sense to Naya—no matter how she tried to rationalize it—and it took her a moment to find her words.

”I… What? I’m sorry, I don’t… I don’t understand,” Nayavota said, stumbling over herself as she tried to make sense of it all. ”What do you mean it’s da only ting dat helps?” She frowned and squeezed her brother’s shoulder. Naya enjoyed the burn she felt after serious training, but she’d never gone into a spar trying to get hurt. Why was Cedric?

Whatever the answer was, Nayavota doubted she’d like it.

Before her brother could answer her, she padded toward the edge of the training ring and gestured for him to follow. This was going to be a longer, more complicated conversation than Naya thought—they might as well have it in the shade. ”Break time,” she said, flashing Cedric a small, toothy smile, ”we can keep training after you explain—for real dis time.”

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