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POSTED: Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:11 pm

Percival's bushy brows lifted. "You're a blacksmith?" he asked, surprise evident in the tone of his voice despite the man's earlier mention of such virtues. Without conscious effort, he thought of Ilse and exhaled gently as grief tugged at the bottom of his heart. Youth and borrowed time had made it impossible for the young Parhelion to know his ox's former handler as intimately as the rest of his old pack had, but he thought that he knew her well enough. Well enough, anyway, to think that she would have liked this earthen god named Dúr.

A smile that he did not realize he was producing was affixed to his bearded maw when he looked at the High King again. "But you are workin' hard, ain't you?" he argued carefully. "Maybe not with metal and earth, but you're trying to rebuild your pack. Maybe... Maybe that's enough for him." He paused a beat, then added, "For now." Because, lenient as some gods were, they always seemed to have a limit.

"You do?" He asked, quietly incredulous. Never in his life as a loner had he ever been invited to feast with anyone outside of his family unit. And, despite how loudly his brain screamed at him to be careful, to exercise caution, to trust no one, Percival heard himself respond agreeably. "I think I'd like that." What was he saying? "And I'd love t' hear 'bout your wife's gods, too."

As Iomair took the coin between his fingers and chuckled a warm and low sound, Percival felt his tail wag lazily behind him and then, slow and still as death, ease to a stop once more. "I don't think so," he said through a bitter and forceful breath, shaking his head. As far as Percy was concerned, if he was any luck at all then his pack would never have fallen. "But I think somethin' of yours is." Whether it was the coin or the god, there was something about this man that the young Shoalman felt drawn to.

He found that he didn't particularly want to leave, but he knew that the both of them had their lives yet to carry on. "Well," he began cheerlessly. "Pim an' me should probably get goin' again. But it was good to meet you, High King Iomair. If you really mean what you said, I'd love t' share a meal with you an' your wife." He gave tail a wag. "'Till then, I guess. Luck be with you."

And, with a final sunny look at Iomair, Percival Parhelion lead his trusty ox away from the High King and his lucky golden coin.

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At the boys exclamation Iomair grinned through his bushy whiskers, ”Yes. It’s a skill that’s been passed down in my family from father to son for as long as I can remember.” Iomair flexed his hands as if he pined for the feeling of the hammer and the clanging of metal against metal. His eyes flashed with surprise, ”I suppose you’re right. He must see. He must recognize. It was not something that he had thought of before – but Dúr must have been quietly watching the work that went into building this strange new empire.

He was building afterall.

When Percival made to take his leave the King waved at him, clapping a strong hand to the boys shoulder before he mounted his ox. ”Remember. The base of Mount Oromocto – I know that I will return tonight to tell my wife about the young man who helped me find my token.” He chuckled and stroked the oxens velvety ear before they began to trot off.

”Until we meet again Percival Parhelion.”



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