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She watched the emotions flutter across his face. It was almost fascinating to watch but she kept her eyes glued to his features out of more practical reasons. She wanted to make sure that it was the right thing to say and that he was not lost beyond all hope to the thought his love would return to them. When it seemed that he had accepted her sincere words, she breathed a sigh of relief, trying to disguise it a little as anything else.

That is why we are here in the Petite Cour. And why you are here. Because we are a family, even without the grand Court around us. Maybe more so. She thought of Tora and his more familiar behavior without the difference in rank between them. She thought of Skoll, of Thyri, of everyone. They were not a pack, not at all, but they were definitely united in common ground. That was the whole point, even after the fall of the Court of Miracles. The Petite Cour was nothing on the same scale but it was closer in spirit.

Kalypso realized that she quite liked that. It felt more like home had.

She pat his hand again before slipped it out of his grasp, returning to the fish that was lying haphazardly in her lap. Now, do you think I should get more fish or would it be more preferable to eat red meat for a change? she asked, changing the subject and laughing somewhat. Kalypso could hunt but fishing had clearly been more her strength. Sort of came with the territory of being an islander.

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