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He tried not to think about all those who had been lost to the violence of war. It was a difficult thing to mull over, and sometimes he felt like he worried it in his hands – forgetting the power that Dúr had always instilled within him. The war had made him question a great many things – and now, as the seasons began to change he felt himself warm to the concept of something new.

Twelve grunted at him, the skin around where her ears should have been twitching as he spoke.

”Are you alone out here?” His brows rose with question, and he hummed softly as she spoke about death. ”You don’t think that you deserve better?” For a moment he thought of Indis, of all the ways that he had let her and his son down over the years. He thought of Athras, of Vodeva – and all he could think was that all of them deserved better.

”I will not suffer. Not again.” His eyes briefly rolled over her scars, ”And neither should you.”

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all is rusted now and falling apart

He seemingly dismissed her wisdom, as men of his caliber often did. What possible knowledge could be gleaned from a lowly slave, a woman slave at that? Twelve knew better, she knew how the world worked; her God had abandoned her before she, or any of them, had been born; she doubted it was any different for this man’s deities.

He asked if she was alone, and she remained silent. The conversation had turned in a way she did not agree with. He asked why she didn’t think like him, think that they deserved better. Twelve scowled; what a fool this Iomair was; a foolish man with foolish ideas, ideas that would cause him more suffering than they would save him. With time, he would come to see that; based on what he said, he had already seen enough, but yet he clung to the notion that the world could be better.

He then claimed he would not suffer again, and neither should she, and wicked grin emerged on her lips, You’re an idiot. she said, But you don’t need me to tell you that. You’ll learn soon enough, Golden Boy. She waved a hand at him, You’re living in a fantasy world. You’re setting yourself up for bitter disappointment and I will have no part of it.

Twelve turned then a made a quick exit, not wishing to speak to him any longer and not caring to give him a proper farewell. The whole encounter had disturbed her, and Twelve would rather put it behind her than draw out the torture of it. Deep inside, she hoped that he was right, but this sentiment was quickly removed which a snort and a venomous spit into the ground.

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