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We are beginning

Wed May 15, 2019 10:31 pm

The sun shone warmly above their heads. It beckoned the flowers to turn their faces towards the heavens, tempting even the most reclusive Luperci to bask in its glow. Sprawled amongst the spring blooms of casa’s gardens, a young couple cuddled close to partake in its warmth.

Cidro sat between Cedric’s thighs, his legs stretched out long to settle amongst the grasses. His back was against his knight’s broader chest, giving Cedric access to toy with the smaller man’s hair. As the knight worked, Cidro fiddled with the pile of wildflowers he’d gathered, letting them rest between his knees on the drooping fabric of his dress. The grey wool garment had been through a great deal, but it was one of the only things from home he’d managed to take with him. He hadn’t started wearing it again until recently. It felt nice to reclaim that part of himself again.


Cedric’s claw scraped across a particularly pleasant spot on Cidro’s scalp. The wolfdog couldn’t help but sag back against him with loose, sated limbs.

That feels really nice, quierdo.

He tipped his chin back to press a kiss to the Stryder’s neck, nuzzling there for a second before turning back to let him continue his work. Instead of going back to fiddle with his collection, he let his hand rest on Cedric’s thigh, drawing light circles there and letting himself enjoy this moment.

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Re: We are beginning

Sat May 18, 2019 3:32 pm

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Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

That weight of guilt that had been dragging Cedric unknowingly into a dark place had finally lifted. Although he didn't really grasp what had been happening to him, the boy was glad to see his troubles gone and a joy return. Smiles rarely lit up the Stryder's face but that didn't mean he didn't shine, especially now that he could spend time with Cidro without the fear of harming the other. They could touch again, and even with Cedric's trepidation when it came to showing affection, he nor Cidro had shied away from sharing as much contact as they could with the other.

Due to his hand and the other injuries he'd been carrying around for the last month, Cedric was order to rest more. He still took time to train; his left hand wasn't his dominant one and Cedric had a job to uphold for the pack, but the Stryder was ensuring he wasn't pushing himself beyond any limits. Besides, Cedric had a new duty to uphold as well. Twice he'd failed Cidro, at least in Cedric's opinion, and he wasn't going to let it happen again. Cidro had lost everything, his pack and his adopted mother, all to be in Casa with Cedric. Of course Cidro would make friends and connections, the cavaliers had an abundance of kind souls that would make ideal friends to the fragile young man, but Cedric was aware that he was at the centre of Cidro's life now. He planned to make himself worthy of his place there.

The pair were resting in the pre-Summer sun, Cedric's white fur helping to reflect the rays that his thick arctic fur despised, just taking time to enjoy each other's company before Cedric's duties called him elsewhere. Whilst they sat, Cedric indulged himself in one of his new favourite hobbits of twisting flowers into Cidro's hair. With a careful hand, Cedric would massage Cidro's head as he looked for a place for a new flower, before gently weaving the stem amongst the strands of silky hair, taking time to get his injured hand to work as it should.

"You look nice, Cidro." Cedric commented, his voice matching the serenity of the atmosphere. A simple compliment, but one Cedric liked to repeat as often as he could just so Cidro was aware how much he was still admired. "Are you settling in alright here?" The Stryder asked, hoping for a reassurement that Cidro was starting to feel comfortable here.

Re: We are beginning

Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:45 pm

Cedric’s compliment made Cidro grow warm and tingly, its heat rivalling the sun above. When the courtier first arrived, he worried Cedric would no longer find him attractive. Maybe it was foolish for a blind man to get so caught up on appearances, but it was reassuring to know his knight still found him as beautiful as the day they met. Instead of answering directly, he simply nestled back closer, squeezing Cedric’s thigh in silent gratitude.

When Cedric addressed him directly, he paused a moment to reflect. Was he settling in alright? He was certainly far better off than he was when he arrived sobbing and bloody, but he wasn’t exactly the most social of cavaliers either. Ever since the loss of the Court, his friends, his family… it’d been hard to connect. It wasn’t that the cavaliers hadn’t been kind— in fact, they’d been endlessly considerate. No, Cidro was just afraid. Afraid to trust. Afraid he’d get hurt again.

I… I think so, he replied. His voice was less confident than before, but not quite troubled. I don’t have many friends yet, but people have been nice. Your cousin, Aldora… she’s been teaching me to sing.

He paused a moment again to consider his next words wisely. It wouldn’t do to ruin such a serene mood, but they did promise no more secrets, right?

I suppose I’m just really worried about my family. Back in the Court… I used to live with Palo and Halcón.

He sighed.

The Courthouse just feels a little lonely sometimes, especially since I’m not really close with my pack mates, and I was living in the Medico bay for so long before that…

He drifted off, his hand stilling on Cedric’s thigh. He shook his head and smiled lightly, turning up to make sure Cedric would see.

But I’m getting better, I promise. He fumbled for Cedric’s hand, kissing the back of it in reassurance. These things take time, you know?

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Re: We are beginning

Mon Jul 01, 2019 2:59 pm

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Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

Cedric cared much for knowing how Cidro was doing. He wanted to know everything, all of the issues plaguing his love so that he could try his best to help sort them out. It was as the pair had agreed to, they would keep their feelings open, keep their hearts on their sleeves so that together they could fix any issues. Cedric felt better himself, just knowing what troubled Cidro, and finally understanding how he could help. Cedric was interested to hear that Cidro wasn't making many friends. The Stryder had always seen Cidro as the type to just attract friends, with his kind nature. But Cedric couldn't judge, he himself didn't have friends, he simply had lots of family.

He could understand the worry. Cedric putting himself in Cidro's position, he would be dying at every moment he didn't know where his family was or how they were doing. Cedric would go himself to seek the surviving Court, but he also knew the importance of making something here for Cidro. Leaving him now, even to search, wasn't an option.

"I am doing better as well." Cedric reassured, stroking one hand over the back of Cidro's. "I haven't been injured, in fact I am doing more than just training. I like to find flowers for you in the gardens and I found some weeds and dead plants. I've been looking after the gardens, it makes me feel helpful."

The young warrior was silent as he thought of Cidro's honesty and loneliness, his hand stilled in Cidro's hair, before with a single blink Cedric came to a conclusion. "I'm moving from my father's house. I've claimed one of the empty ones, you can stay there with me." The man suggested, as if the solution was simple.

Re: We are beginning

Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:30 pm

Cidro hummed contentedly as Cedric held his hand and spoke, liking the idea of him working to give life to something new in the garden. It seemed fitting. He hoped it would alleviate his worries of uselessness following the fall of the court. They could both really use a break after all they’d been through.

I’m so glad to hear that, quierdo. Maybe I should join you sometime, hm?

When his hand stilled, Cidro squeezed his knight’s thigh in silent question, wordlessly checking in to see if all was well. He never could of predicted what Cedric said next.

You… wh—

He swivelled around in Cedric’s lap, straddling his thighs so they were snout to snout. He needed to make sure he didn’t hear something wrong.

You want me to move in with you? Just the two of us?

He looked so flustered and bewildered, like someone would come wake him from this dream at any moment. How could Cedric be so blunt about these things? Did he really mean what he said? Could they… share a house? What would the rest of the pack say? He wasn’t even a First Cadet yet… he hoped they wouldn’t think he was trying to coast to the top off of Cedric’s achievements. But a house together… a bed. How wonderful would it be to wake from a nightmare and have Cedric right there to kiss it away? He didn’t know if he should be flustered or break into tears.

Do you really mean it? You wouldn’t find me… a hassle around the house?

He knew Cedric would never see it that way, but it was foolish to deny that being with Cidro 24/7 had it’s baggage. Waking Cedric at early hours with nightmares, needing help getting around the house and doing certain chores… was Cedric really okay with all that? Could they be happy? Together?


Re: We are beginning

Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:35 pm

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Through this magnifying glass, I see a thousand finger prints on the surfaces of who I am.

Cedric had never been the type to care about the simple things like the house he was living in. In fact growing up, the Stryder hadn't focused on any thoughts beyond the ones that helped him train to become stronger. And yet now, with his thoughts mostly involving Cidro in one way or another, he wanted nothing more than to imagine a home with the smaller man in it. Cedric thought about how he would arrange things so that Cidro had ease of access, how many flowers they could fill it with so that there were plenty of smells to ease Cidro's mind. All of the Stryder's thoughts on his home revolved around how to make it the most comfortable place for Cidro, so it seemed natural that when Cedric got a house, he'd need Cidro to be there too.

It seemed obvious, natural. So when Cidro took the suggestion with such shock, turning in his position on Cedric's lap to face him and question the suggestion, Cedric frowned.

"Of course I mean it. I want to make the house perfect for you, so if you weren't in it, that plan would be pointless." Cedric announced, his tone sounding as confused as the man felt. Despite the confusion, Cedric chuckled a little as Cidro called himself a hassle. "And you would not be the issue. I am more of the hassle, just ask Nora." Indeed, the Stryder was certainly an early bird when it came to getting up in the morning, especially on days when he was given jobs to do or guard patrols to take. Nora was probably relieved that Cedric was finally leaving her alone to sleep, rather than being woken up all the time.

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