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Had Athras been a generous man, he might have joined Tamlin in his laughter; it was often the choice of the socially gracious to use it to smooth over any accidental trespasses, to make light of things that might have offended. Unfortunately, though Athras likely knew such things, he was often in the habit of choosing not to employ them. He sat stony faced, unwilling to give any quarter. Unease still prickled the fur along Tamlin’s back, and the sensation didn’t dissipate when the blue-gray man spoke. Like puzzle pieces falling together, he thought he had a glimpse of why Fennore and Athras had significant friction between them; it was a first for him, as he’d not often been in position to rouse discontent in the Half-Shadow. He wondered if Katoa had ever seen such a side of him.

Nevertheless, he was not the sort of man to be inspired to disobedience, and so when Athras requested he sit, he did make motion to do so—until a nearby commotion reared its head. A sharp snort, and then the harsh sounds of a horse upset. Tamlin’s head snapped to look in the direction it had come from, and he heard the pealing whinny of Lirael once more. It was likely she had just seen an animal and become frightened, but there were also predators who might be desperate enough to heckle and harass a horse… or Luperci willing to try and steal one. He cast an apologetic look to Athras as his body already made way to investigate. “Another time, Lord Eryn,” he stated, the words punctual in concern, without the normal affability to Anor man employed.

There was no need for explanation—Athras was a horseman himself, and knew how valuable a resource they were to the new Caledonians. And Lirael was far too precious to him to ever be risked.

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