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Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Mon May 27, 2019 2:57 pm

OOC: Backdated to April 17th. Bébinn is pronounced BAY-vin (coloring), Soifra is pronounced SHEE-frə (coloring)

A gentle smile crossed Keelan's face as she watched the kittens eat. She had been caring for the sisters for a few days now, feeding them plenty of meat and making sure they were warm enough. The female had been rather relieved to discover they were capable of eating meat in the first place, though she still ripped it into small chunks and dampened it before feeding them. The pair had already started to gain weight, their ribs no longer showed and their little tummies had started to round, though they weren't quite as fat as kittens their age should be yet.

As the kittens had gained weight and become more comfortable with the hybrid their personalities had started to emerge. The tabby was very rambunctious and wanted to play constantly, though she appeared to be mute, as Keelan had not heard her make a single noise since she first picked her up. The black kitten almost seemed to be her sisters complete opposite, she never stopped making noise and was rather calm for a kitten, preferring a good cuddle to play a lot of the time. After getting to know the pair over the last few days the female had decided to call the black Bébinn and the tabby Soifa, to fit their personalities. After all, Bébinn meant lovely, and the Soifa was often associated with the playfulness of elves.

Glancing around her room, the hybrid noted the many changes that had taken place. Her various half-finished projects were now packed away in her bags which hung from pegs in the wall, replaced by cat toys, such as feathers tied to strings and crude leather balls. Three bowls now sat next to the door, one large bowl filled with fresh water and two small bowls she fed the kittens out of. Even the pile of furs that served as her bed had changed, more furs had been added to serve as a nest for the pair. Keelan had also taken to leaving the door open but blocked off with a large log so the sisters could get some fresh air, but wouldn't wander off when she had to leave. Looking back over at the kittens showed that Bébinn was still eating in her usual slow and methodical way, while Soifa had already finished and gone right back to playing with one of the little balls scattered on the floor.
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Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:36 pm

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Nayavota smiled weakly as she descended the creaking, basement steps. The stairwell smelled as old and musty as ever, and a few cobwebs clung to the ceiling overhead. She was half-tempted to brush them down with her walking stick, but decided against it; the last thing she needed was to fall down the stairs.

The silver Cadet was still out of sorts from the pack meeting. Luca’s announcement hadn’t surprised her—no one could survive in the trail that long, at least not alone—but that didn’t make it hurt any less. Quinn was a good Cavalier and a good friend, even if she didn’t always exemplify knighthood.

They had no body to burn, but Naya mourned as if they had.

Limping into the basement, Nayavota took the right hallway in search of Theo. The iron-furred girl hadn’t known Quinn, but she had gone into the depths of Dragon Tail Trail to search for her—also, she was pretty and always knew what to say to make Naya feel better. Theo hadn’t been practicing in the training ring or tending to the gardens, so it made sense to check her room. Unfortunately, there was no response when she knocked on the old, wooden door and called Theo’s name.

Wherever her friend was, she wasn’t going to find her anytime soon.

Disappointed, Nayavota turned the corner and kept walking. She passed the armory without a second glance and set her sights on the stairwell; there was no reason to stand around the musty, old basement waiting for Theo. Before Naya reached it, however, something strange caught her eye. The door to Keelan’s room was propped open by a large log. Peering inside, the wolfdog’s blue eyes widened. Kittens!

”Keelan!” the pale Cadet greeted excitedly, waving at the speckled woman, ”How are you? Where did da kittens come from? Can I play wit’ dem?” Life had been so busy for the young Carpenter, she hadn’t had the time to visit Keelan for a while. Naya had run into her around the Fort plenty of times, but that hardly counted as visiting.

All Mother, they had a lot of catching up to do.

Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:38 am

A soft grin colored her face as the dark luperci watched Soifra play. She was such a typical kitten now that she was back on the road to a healthy life, full of energy and joy. Suddenly, the little tabby took a running leap at her sister, who had just finished her food and began to wander away from the bowl. A loud cry of surprise echoed through the air as she landed with a thud atop Bébinn. More cries followed, each more incessantly pleading for help than the last as Soifra began to chew on her ear as her sister struggled to escape out from under her. Chuckling to herself, Keelan reached out and picked up the tabby, giving the black kitten a quick rub behind her ears as she did so.

Grabbing a crude little leather ball, she rolled it across the floor to distract her from Bébinn as she set her down. Low, throaty laughter filled the room as she watched the kitten trip over her own feet and nearly crash face first into the ground as she ran after it. A sharp, sudden pain broke her from her joy with a hiss as little claws dig into her thigh. Bébinn always wanted to be in her lap, but getting there sometimes hurt! The female quickly grabbed her and carefully pulling her little claws out of her worn buckskin pants, hoping to prevent any more tears. Holding her in front of her face, she exclaimed, “Careful sweetheart, your claws are sharp!” Pressing a quick kiss to her nose, she set the little thing down in her lap.

The sound of her name shook her from petting the kitten softly, her large hands dwarfing her. Nayavota was hovering excitedly in the doorway, asking where she had gotten the kittens and if she could play with them. “Of course, come on in!” Moving Bébinn to the floor, she stood quickly and shifted the log to the side, gesturing the younger Cadet in. The hybrid didn't want to make a big deal of it, but she wasn't certain she would be able to step over it as easily as Keelan could.

It had been a long time since they had the chance to really talk, despite occasionally running into each other in the Fort. Maybe this would give them the chance to catch up, though she hated to start off on a sad topic. “It's a kinda long and sad story, but I found them after their mother was killed and decided to care for them.”
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Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:45 am

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Keelan looked up from the kitten in her arms when Nayavota called her name, blue-gray eyes darting to the open doorway. The older woman invited her in, placed the fluffy, gray kitten on the floor, and jumped to her feet. Before Naya could step over the log in her way—a makeshift barricade to keep the kittens in, she assumed—Keelan pushed it out of her way. ”Tank you,” she said, limping into the hybrid’s room with a toothy grin.

The silver Cadet dropped to the floor as quickly as she entered, her walking stick resting in her lap. She didn’t want to tower over the rambunctious kittens in Keelan’s room; she wanted to play with them at their level, even if it meant getting chewed on by tiny needle teeth. Naya reached out to the bouncing tabby, their ball rolling to a stop across the room. ”C’mere kitty,” she murmured, tapping her claws against the floor enticingly.

Keelan’s voice drew her attention upward. Nayavota’s ears folded back against her head briefly; that was sad. ”Dat’s how I got my geese,” she said, "Sort of. Uriah killed their mom while we were hunting and we found da babies after. I felt really bad, so I made Uri help me catch dem and take dem home.” Naya still wondered if Tochina’s broken wing was because of their accidental roughness, but she didn’t think it mattered; it kept him close to camp, and staying close to camp kept him safe.

”What are deir names?” Nayavota asked, tapping her nails against the floor again.

Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Mon Jun 17, 2019 5:31 pm

Grinning softly, Keelan settled back down onto the ground across from Naya as she finished speaking. Soifra had abandoned her ball, turning her attention instead to trying to catch and chew on her slim white fingers. Resting her chin on her knee as she listened to the younger female talk about finding her goose after its mother was killed during a hunt. A sad sigh escaped her as the hybrid opened her mouth to respond. Before a single word could leave her mouth a loud whining cry interrupted her. Bébinn had wandered back to her side and now begged for attention. Mumbling "sorry," towards her friend, she reached down and picked up the kitten, shifting to set her back into her lap as she did so.

Gently stroking the now content kitten, she turned her attention back to Nayavota. "Now where was I..." Frowning for a moment, she exclaimed, "Ah, yes! Their mother was accidentally killed by some idiot who decided to leave a snare unattended in the middle of nowhere." Carefully keeping her anger under control, the dark luperci continued with only a slight tightening of her expression, "I found them starving a few days after her death and decided to take responsibility for them." Some lingering anger still coloring her dark features, she turned her attention back to the little kitten in her lap, softly running her fingers through her long, thick fur.

The shorter female's next question shook her from her sad musings. Refocusing on happier things, she nodded to her lap and said, "This sweet girl is Bébinn, and that little trouble maker," gesturing to the tabby with her free hand, "is her sister Siofra."
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Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:49 pm

OOC :: Words→ 260

As Nayavota finished speaking, the small, gray kitten cried for attention at Keelan’s side. The older woman, interrupted by the walking ball of fluff, apologized before picking the kitten up again. ”It’s okay,” Naya said, already distracted by the tabby that was trying to eat her fingers. Kittens were more important than old, sad memories.

The pale Cadet’s ears folded back at Keelan’s story, even as she ran her fingers along the floor for the tabby kitten to chase. She was a lot quieter than her sister, but seemed twice as rambunctious. ”I’m sorry. Dat’s really sad,” Naya said, twisting her hand out of the kitten’s grasp and scratching gently along her fluffy back. ”Dey probably wouldn’t care dat dey caught a cat, but what if it was anudder loner instead? I don’t get luperci like dat.” It was stupid, reckless, and wasteful; a snare was useless once you lost track of it.

Keelan introduced the dark gray kitten as Bébinn and the playful tabby as Soifra, petting the former as she spoke. ”Dose are pretty names—do dey mean anyting?” Nayavota asked, rolling Soifra onto her back and offering her hand to the “little trouble maker.” Tiny kitten teeth and claws wrapped around Naya’s fingertips, harmless despite the pinpricks of pain and discomfort.

Nayavota twisted her hand around again, this time scooping Soifra up in her palm and placing the tiger-striped kitten in her lap. She smiled at the thought; Soifra was like a tiny, baby Ovidiu.

Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:50 pm

Smiling down at the small kitten purring contentedly in her lap, she tenderly ran her fingers through the her long dark fur until the ends began to curl over her fingers. Bébinn really was just the sweetest creature. She loved cuddling and always wanted attention, instead of being a rough and tumble adventurous sort like her sister.

Naya's apology shook her from her happy kitten thoughts into a sadder mood. Keelan nodded in agreement as she mentioned that whoever left the snare behind likely wouldn't have cared about the cat even if they had found it, but that another loner could have just as easily gotten caught up in it. "I know right!" With a sad sigh, she continued, "I just don't understand how someone could not go back and pick up their snares before leaving an area! Can you imagine if a pup got caught in it instead?"

Moving her large hand up to rub the dark kitten's ears, the female turned her mind to happier thoughts when the younger luperci asked if the pairs names meant anything. "Yes, they do. The names come from a language called Gaelic that a lot of my family can speak, though I only know a word or two. Soifra means sprite, which is a mischievous little creature from our culture that constantly makes trouble and causes chaos, which I think fits her very well." To prove her point, she gestured to the little tabby rolling around on her back. "In fact, the only part of the myth that doesn't fit her is that sprites are usually green," the female exclaimed with a chuckle.

Looking back down at Bébinn, the hybrid continued. "Her name also fits her rather well I think, it means fair, or pretty, lady. She's gorgeous, can be rather reserved, and loves to groom herself like a little lady."

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Re: Fun Times In The Neighborhood

Sat Aug 10, 2019 8:09 pm

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Nayavota nodded and frowned. She didn’t know which was worse; a luperci that didn’t care if they left snares lying around or one that forgot about them entirely. Both could result in a forest littered with old, abandoned traps, and it made Naya wonder how many could be hiding in the Dampwoods.

She’d found a rusty, metal trap next to a dead pine once, but it had already snapped shut a long time ago. There had been no sign of its victim—if it had even had one—but it only took a season or two to obscure such things. Hopefully, that one had just… Broken. Or been triggered by a falling branch or something.

The pale Cadet smiled at Keelan’s explanation. ”Dat’s really cool,” she said, tail wagging as she watched the kittens. Cultural names—and the culture that created them—mattered a lot to Naya’s family, too. ”Maybe Soifra would turn green if she rolled around in da grass enough,” she suggested, wiggling her fingers over the tabby’s face, ”or if Darius dyed her.” She laughed at the thought; what would Casa think of a bright green cat?

Then, Nayavota turned her attention to Bébinn. ”She reminds me of my brudder’s cat, Jissop. I don’t know how she stays so clean. Honrin could brush her coat out every single day, and it still wouldn’t make any sense; if a Wolfe-Denahlii went somewhere Jissop could follow, her brother especially, she’d be hot on their heels. Kind of like Tochina, but a cat.
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