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James thought a moment and then nodded "That fox one sounds perfect to me...Winter may enjoy interacting with her own kind after all." The tall male looked down to his companion and smiled "Perhaps...if you don't mind she can play with your fox?" Green orbs went to Dalia and he wondered if maybe he had overstepped in asking. It was just that he normally didn't see many other canines that had a fox as a companion as he did. That and he knew that if foxes were nearby that Winter would eventually go to them to find a mate and likely have kits.

A pain went through him at the thought. Winter had been at his side constantly since he had rescued her, and to not have her around would be...well, sad. Perhaps a bit lonely even. Still, that would be in her nature and he would need to accept it when the time came and he was just glad that the breeding season had passed for the fox. At least for this year. Shaking his head to rid him of the thoughts he rubbed the back of his head "If that's too much I apologize"

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Dalia just shrugged and said,"I don’t mind, though Red is a shy girl so it may take a bit for her to get used to Winter." Dalia smiled at James and looked down at Red, who nervously hid behind Dalia’s legs. Dalia bent down and lifted her pet up off the ground before she placed Red down in front of her, so that she could meet Winter officially now. Red still seemed as nervous as ever though, and even trembled a little bit not sure what was going to happen next.

Dalia then looked back up at James and said,"I hope I don’t come off as... insensitive towards Malfoy. He wasn’t very social when I met him, and he’s gotten better at talking to people lately. But when someone who considers you his one and only friend asks you what love feels like, I kind of feel obligated to help them.... well.... embrace it. I think that’s the right way to phrase it.” Dalia crossed her arms and looked down at her feet after she said this, and her ears dropped down flat on her head as her expression almost turned to one of shame. "I hope that I don’t appear to be too much of a jerk in his eyes," She added as she returned her gaze to James.

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