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Gunner could begin to understand the reasoning behind these clans the more Iomair explained them to him, and he found himself more interested than he usually would be. The idea of Gods being, perhaps not used, but called upon for a specific purpose, a specific reasoning—to explain the history of what was important to the people, rather than some grand, unknowable afterlife... This did appeal to him, if he gave it thought. Gunner tilted his head at the mention of his wife, thinking on it. I don't like many people, he admitted, with a lack of an unkind tone. For once.

More than that, though, the offer to join such a culture he wasn't native to surprised him. Gunner was used to tight-knit communities, small packs that didn't allow any but their kin inside. But still, bigger, better empires were not unheard of; there were all types in Paris. Like he had said: a melting pot. Really? Just like that? You must need new blood pretty desperately... Though I guess that's not surprising, after a war. He was still blunt about it—of course he was. But, the fight had gone out of him, and Iomair's civility rubbed off on him. Hmn...

A pause following the murmur, as he considered it from the important angles. He liked being alone. But he was pretty lost, and the promise of free food would be tempting to any loner. Alright. ...I can't promise you absolute loyalty, old man. And I'm not gonna kiss your rings. I have my own standards. But I'll work for you. Iomair could at the very least trust him to not embellish himself, to not give any word he couldn't keep. Maybe Gunner was only marginally better than a sellsword, but he was cheaper than one, so the way he saw it, the High King couldn't complain about that.

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