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Vesper quirked a scarred brow when Dahlia admitted to not being fond of Nazario, but she didn't look entirely bothered, her expression still a little far-off in thought. Clover knew nothing about the dynamics of the Cartel since their departure, either; back then, they'd had people like Laurel and John to ground them, but it seemed like the ambitious youngsters who'd departed for the southern woods had needed to grow up. Conflict was a tried-and-true way to forge bonds even between strangers.

"Yeah, guess we'll see," Clover said. Though self-conscious and wary of strangers, she felt a little more at ease that there were at least no red flags from the Posse thus far. Turning her head, she began to lick a damp spot on her foreleg, though the drying process would likely take hours. Clover tended to carry the stink of wet dog around her for ages, especially in comparison to her coarse-furred companions.

Which made her think—

"Saw some dogs with them. The Posse I mean, or I think. Hard to tell since everyone is together anyway."

The roundness of her chestnut eyes gave away some of her uncertainty, her hope.

"Can't be all bad."

She resumed licking, mostly to avoid Vesper's faint smile.

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