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His claws sank into the loamy earth, his eyes like blue ice rather than bright sky, and Athras reminded her that his god was one of vengeance. Seeing his quiet fury, his breath sharp between sharper fangs, a malevolence in his gaze that gave her pause, Willow took him at his word. But while she was cautious, her ears swiveled forward and her deeper blues focused on his handsome, cold features, she wasn't afraid.

She gave a tiny shake of her head, but she couldn't form the words for some reason. As he straightened and placed his hand on hers, gentle and genuine, her other hand was motioning lightly at her side.

I was talking about the forest in you.

He didn't see. He was watching her lips, her eyes, and making a decision. He kissed her, fingers falling on the back of her neck, hair falling with a wash of his earthy scent.

Willow didn't kiss him back, but she shut her eyes.

"Owoww!" yowled someone from the sidelines, and Willow opened her eyes to stare, bemused, at Athras for a moment before her ears burned and she glanced back. Toklo stared at her, mouth half-gaping, then his curled tail wagged wildly and he began to make increasingly exaggerated and disbelieving faces at her.

Willow exhaled softly. "We ought t' get going," she murmured, gesturing at her scandalized friend, then looked shyly through her lashes at Athras. "Thank you for sharing some of your god with me." She freed herself from him gently, but paused to trace the back of his hand with a finger. "We'll come back sometime."

Then, with one last glance, she rose and walked back toward Toklo. When he tried to wink furiously at her, mouthing a name, she cuffed him (gently) upside his broad head and forced herself to walk straight-backed down the trail.

She felt like there was a fire in her belly, and within it the seeds of something new.

I took the time to breathe
Among the rootbuds and the weeds
But the peat moss and the leaves took turns with both my feet
New Caledonia
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