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Optime | The Ruins (O’Riley’s home) | Backdated: May 22nd; early morning | NPC: Cedar (+461)

Takes place the morning after [M] this thread.

Inquisitor meeting!

Upon the return of the scouting party, it had been decided to call a meeting to order to go over the group’s report of their venture beyond the borders. The Emissary, the Striker, and the Paladin had returned to the Kingdom in late the previous night, and had been allowed a few hours of sleep in the wake their discovery not being something direly important or time sensitive. When the sun had stretched its rays across the early morning sky though, all that had been deemed “Inquisitor” by the Queen had been rallied to the O’Riley’s home. In the wake of barracks still being built, and with the Director’s home being preoccupied with the arrival of his wife-to-be, the barn belonging to O’Riley was still their safest option for meetings.

Kamari dismounted from her stallion, Cedar, as she and her husband came upon the High Inquisitor’s home. She plucked a few pieces of folded parchment and a writing tool from one of the horse’s saddlebags. They were blank, for now, though, after the meeting, the Shadow hoped to have more to add to her journaled notes back home regarding the finer details she had collected on the Sanctum’s curse. With any luck, what the trio had discovered on their outing would help them get another step closer into finding Crone Loki’s killer.

She left her horse to standby and made her way around the barn towards its entrance. Subtly, she checked the surrounding area for signs of a nosy individual or familiar that didn’t belong. Being that this was O’Riley’s home though, she doubted any would be bold enough to eavesdrop on the second-in-command. To consider too, his lynx probably ensured that no other eyes or ears came within distance to learn of what the Inquisitors would speak of.

Slipping inside the barn, Kamari’s cornflower blue eyes sought the other Inquisitors. Quartermaster Helena had not gone with the lower ranking of the Faction, Kamari not wanting to take the mother away from her newest brood or keep her away from the many weddings that had been dumped onto her lap since the Last Supper. The three that had gone would be reporting to their superior, the Director, Brocade, and to his superior, Erilaz O’Riley.

When she spied Idrieus, Kamari approached the blonde with a respectful nod, whispering as she searched her hands. “Did you bring the map?” Being that the Paladin held claim over the library and its vast amount of knowledge, it would have been easier for her to procure a map of the region that would help their fellow Inquisitors be able to better visualize the location of their gruesome finding.

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Cause I've still got a lot of fight left in me

Idrieus had been used to getting little rest whenever there was work involved. Grievous had probably been slightly worried about her when she came back late in the night from the scouting mission, though once it had been assured that she was unharmed, the relaxed nature of their home came back into the light. What a.. comforting feeling it was to find herself returning to her home and to his arms at night.

The one time they had done it before had been so nice, and now the two of them would be able to do it every night to come ahead of them.

The dog woman woke up earlier than her fiance, having made an agreement with the rest of the Shield that there would be a small meeting to discuss the findings of their scouting. Kamari had done well to organize everything, and all that was left now was for the remaining members to come to the meeting place.

Holding the meeting at the High Inquisitor's home was a smart move. If they wished to keep this on the down low, not wanting any more rumors to spread, then they could not risk Grievous or Morgana listening in on their conversations. Kamari and Krios' home could have worked out well for their purposes too, seeing as the Barracks were still in the middle of having the finalized parts of the construction being taken care of.

The Paladin stopped in one of the closer rooms to the door, stepping inside. The restoration had been well underway, but what she had come for was something that had managed to survive through the damage on its own. Many of the maps here were already luperci made, making them more durable than the old books of Artemisia's collection. One hand moved up, grasping a large map in her hand before she made her way out the front door.

Given that O'Riley's home was not far from her own, see saw no need to go through the hassle of gathering Dama to make the journey. Besides, it was still early enough that she might be able to arrive before some of the others.

Idrieus made her way into the barn, finding a spot to sit and rest while waiting for the others. Her head moved up as she spotted Kamari and Krios entering the space. Her head dipped to the both of them before her arms unfolded to reveal the thing that the Emissary had asked for, "Yes, I have. I'll lay it out once everyone is here and we set things up."

Her arms relaxed, refolding as she let her eyes focus again on the doorway, watching and waiting before it was time for them to begin.

+400 words.

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The Inquisitors gathered in O’Rileys barn – for though the Barracks was close to completion there were still some finishing touches to be completed. Brocade checked the work often, meeting quietly with the newly named Greygrief to check on their progress. Brocade had ridden to the man’s home and paused to tie Tonnerre off, giving the horse a gentle pat before disappearing into the barn.

Some of the other members of the Shield had gathered and he greeted them both by name and rank – extending a hand to shake or a cheek to kiss as he made to stand near to where the pair stood. Soon the other would arrive, and he felt that there was much to discuss. The Sanctum murders had been investigated thoroughly, though there had been nothing found where Lokis body had been found, and the borders had proven to be quiet in the time since.

Idrieus clutched a role of paper in her hands and Brocade tilted his head to peer at it before waiting for the others to appear.

Their report would give him something to think about for days to come.


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His home was kept tidy, mostly because the common area was separated from where O'Riley slept. He had shoved away anything out of place before they all arrived, and let each Inquisitor in until they had all settled in the gathering place O'Riley provided.

Well, the big wolfdog said when he had finally had enough of waiting. I'm glad we're all able to meet under improved circumstances. He did not need to look at Kamari or Krios when he said this. Delfina's execution had already passed, and naming her betrayal was unnecessary. Those affected would remember – O'Riley had scars on his hand now that had not been present before.

Still, he soon enough turned to Kamari, who had been the one to approach him about the meeting. They were, despite all sharing the title Inquisitor, largely autonomous creatures.

He made a gesture for her to begin and leaned back in his padded chair. It was a tall-backed thing, with an animal pelt hanging over the top. Most of the furniture in his home had been made to accommodate larger bodies, including the low table between them.

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Krios was quiet behind his wife, arriving at the barn atop his grandmother's horse. He settled the mare next to Cedar and followed Kamari into the structure. They were gathering together, their small collective of Inquisitors. The air was somewhat less grim than it was before but the tension was hard to ignore as it emanated off of the Striker. Kamari nodded at the Paladin and the man gave her one, too. It was almost as though he were following her, mimicking Kamari.

Truthfully, he was lost in thought over the situation. He had his doubts about the murder, but he could not help but filter through all the thoughts. He had to examine every single thought that crossed his mind over it. He was no tactician but he was the scout, the one who went ahead to see what there was to see.

Still, he settled down in the background, watching his wife be drawn to the center of attention. She was the one that would speak, explain herself. She was the spy, after all. She was trained to let the lies flow like silver out of her mouth, honeyed words that slew with precision.

Krios watched his wife, unable to avert his gaze even as his lips tightened in a line.

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PP of Silas approved by Salena

Word reached her slowly, in the early morning light she was awoken by Silas, knocking hesitantly upon her door. Late into the night Helena had been kept awake, the small boy Rufus suffering from a terrible cough that wracked his little body something fierce. The Quartermaster was still abed when the Mendicant came for her, an unusual thing indeed.

Still, she blinked bleary sleep from her eyes, and gathered about her the threads of courtly civility that none could find fault with. The servant man tasked with watching over the little lives. It did speak volumes that Helena would leave them within his paws, believing him capable of caring for them, he was among the few.

The High Inquisitor's house was quite the distance, and Helena was last to arrive. There were the traditional cheek kisses and greetings and the things that usually accompanied such a high ranked gathering.

The Inquisitors were mostly members of the Shield Faction, with herself being the outlier, this meant that a lot of the business they discussed was things unfamiliar to her, and thusly she had no real knowledge about the reason for this gathering.

"Apologies, one of zhe children is sick." She gave, by way of explanation, and settled into place her attention flickering dually between O'Riley, Kamari and Idrieus.

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With everyone gathered, O’Riley was the first to speak up and address the gathered Inquisitors as a group. He passed the floor over to Kamari with a gesture, and with a glance and a small nod, she silently requested that Idrieus spread the map out across the provided table between them all. “As we are all painfully aware,” she began, “Crone Loki’s killer still remains at large. It’s been nearly five months since his murder near our own borders, and we have turned up nothing.” It was all information they already knew, but, it helped set up the rest of the Emissary’s presentation.

“I have gone through my notes and of those we have interviewed, and I believe many of us are in agreement that the Crone’s killer was likely an Outsider. While there are two obvious choices for suspects—” Inferni, the Wolves of Boreas. “—I wanted to eliminate the possibility of there being a third party at work in the area.” She allowed a brief pausing before she continued, “During the Second Boreas War, the Boreas Wolves managed to take us by surprise and had rooted themselves deeply into the area, under our noses, before we ever found their camp.”

Kamari looked down at the map spread before them. With a claw hovering centimeters above it—she didn’t want to risk damaging the valuable tool—she indicated a rough path from the Ruins to the Black River Reserve. “Early yesterday, the Paladin, Striker, and I left on a scouting mission north and northwest of the Kingdom.” Her cornflower blue eyes flicked to Idrieus. “The Paladin is the only one of us that fought on the front lines of the final assault on the Boreas camp. She agreed to take me to where this camp was so that I could get an idea of how the sizable group had gone unnoticed by Salsola and Inferni for as long as they had.”

She tapped the map about roughly where they had found the site. “It was deeply hidden by thick forest, and there were many waterways and marshes to help loose one’s scent around the area. By taking advantage of these and taking paths through the Halcyon Mountains, they were likely able to mask where they were truly coming from after each attack or sighting.”

The Emissary’s hand shifted to the southwest of the camp, tapping between the Mount Oromocto and Grand Lake. “When we were finished there, I asked that we scout the region in search of any clues of another mass of Luperci that might be hiding in the area. The Striker led us through the more likely spots, both similar and dissimilar to Boreas’ old camp. It was around here though,” she tapped the spot again. “That we found an abandoned cabin.”

Her eyes lifted to O’Riley, Brocade, and Helena. “Inside, we found the remains of yet another murder scene; male Luperci, coyote bloodlines, likely tortured before being burned alive while strapped to a couch. The scene had the looks of personal revenge, and there is a good likelihood that the victim was a Loner.”

Kamari let her eyes fall back to the map. “There are a few details that made the discovery feel different than the Crone’s, however, there are many similarities that make it hard to simply ignore it. It’s only a few hours’ ride from the Kingdom, and while it may not be the work of the same individual, it may be that whoever killed the Crone is working in a group, not unlike Boreas.” She concluded her report, opening the floor for one of her mission-companions to add on or for one of the others to ask questions or suggest things.

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