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Her disbelief was telling, too telling really. Andrew seemed to have forgotten his place here in Salsola, if he was to think that his life within Inferni would not shadow him every step up the ladder he took. Till's tail flicked back and forth pensively, and his ears twitched lightly as he smiled widely to her and his bright eyes of cosmic colors looked at her. She asked him if Andrew fought Salsola, and he nodded slowly at this, and then when she seemed to dig her brain for some sort of information, she spoke of the name of their enemy. Till's eyes contracted, his large pupils turning into small pinpricks in almost an instant, and his skin making his fur stand on edge as he thought of it. "Yessssss." he hissed lowly to her, but he made no effort to move, no motion that he would strike her, or that he was angry with her. He only looked at her with the gaze of a predator. It was a long, lingering stare, one that might be uncomfortable to those who might not have known him. The male still wore a smile though, wide and tight-lipped. He did not reveal much in his words of his dislike of Andrew, and would only tell the girl the truth of what she needed to know. After all, she would need this ammunition if she was ever going to serve Salsola well.

His fingers absently pet his son's sleeping head as he finally looked away from her to look at Guts, whom had taken to staring at the two wolves, trying to pick up as much information as he could. This was his job, to keep an eye on interactions, but not for anyone but Till. He would only give that information he gathered to the male whom raised him.

The girl did not seem confident that she would be freed, but this was okay, the seeds were planted now, and Till knew that they would grow with the right conditions. He would not push her much more on the matter, but treat her with kindness when he saw her, for that's what she deserved, even as a servant to the Kingdom they both lived within. "You'll see, one day, Alejandra. As long as you are faithful to our crown, and you serve well, maybe one day you will be the one giving orders to them." he mentioned with a softened gaze as he looked at her once more and his smile seemed less tight-lipped and somewhat natural on his scarred face.

She got comfortable, and she let something slip. Till's ears twitched lightly and he chuckled lightly at her. "Narcissa is something, this is for certain. She was the daughter of my late...friend.. Ankh D'Aabt...He never really spoke much of his daughter. Her ambition is intriguing enough, it was curious that Ankh forced her to be with Andrew. One could only wonder his intentions. " he spoke, as he looked at her with a soft smile. Till knew more than he let on though, he knew that Ankh's intention was to spite the girl, and it was quite the move before his untimely death. However, it still pained Till to think of the Death Angel, for Till truly did care deeply for the male, and Till did not feel right without him. Till still bore the pain of the deaths of his loved ones, and with each new lover he outlived, his heart grew colder.

Not even Helena's Hellfire would end this chilling Winter within him.

"Remember, there are eyes, and ears everywhere within Salsola." he told her, as he motioned towards his familiar. "Birds, and felines are companions to many of us, but they can and are used for other purposes. There, too, is a fox, owned by the Queen. You must be sure that you are in total privacy if you are to speak freely, my dear." he warned her, not in an unfriendly way, but more of a concerned veteran talking to a newcomer. He wanted to make sure that her tongue did not slip, for she could lose it if she was in the wrong audience, or if a companion reported back to it's master. "You are safe here with me, but, be more careful. In these lands, you could lose your pretty little tongue for the words you speak." he reassured her that she was okay within his presence here, but she might need to watch her tongue in the future.

"Keep an eye out for a black cat though, large, green eyes. Allspice was Ankh's familiar, though he might hang around Lady Greygrief now. He's a sneaky little bastard. " he told her, to specifically be aware of if she was being followed by him, for while he knew that Allspice and Ankh were close, he did not know if the cat's love for the Hell's Angel would be transferred to his daughter, and if the cat served her as he did the man before her.

"Am I keeping you from your duties? I do not want Lord and Lady Greygrief to be cross with you on my account." he asked, changing the subject and tilting his head lightly to her.

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Till's smile held a certain aura to it; it was wide, yet somehow maybe... hollow? Or hiding something? Aly wasn't very apt at reading emotions, but after she breathed the pack's name, the man seemed to stiffen — and for an instant he became much more menacing and dangerous than his polite disposition seemed capable of. His beautifully feral eyes held her suddenly fearful ones, but the servant did not move an inch under his perverse gaze, even as a cold shiver ran down her spine.

Had she... misread him...?

But the anxiety and discomfort was over in an instant, those dark blue and lavender eyes wandering to the cat, and Aly felt her shoulders slump in relief; she hadn't realized she had held her breath under his animalistic glare. The gravity of it all, even though she wanted to know more, had sufficiently unnerved her — had he meant for that? Her bright eyes returned to the dirt again sheepishly, but when he spoke again he was once again the kind stranger from before; his toothy grin lost its malice, replaced by softness and gentleness that brought her eyes back to him once more. She noticed more this time the odd coloration to his irises, the rings of blue and violet; she noticed his odd graying hair, the white roots peaking out; she noticed the scars at his arms, the brand at his neck.

Even though he had shown her something to be feared, she still found him interesting.

Fortunately he did not show this side again at her faux pas, and Aly bit her lip. Maybe Narcissa was so bitter and intense all the time because she was in a forced marriage? Or, at least, that was what she had garnered from Till's answer. Whatever the case, she gave a small bob of her head anyway, deciding not to venture further into that rabbit hole lest she let other undesirable opinions or biases slip through.

And that seemed wise, for Till offered her more gentle warnings, but still reassuring her that she was safe with him, of course. Aly was not good at many things, but being quiet and doing as she was told was a skill in itself that she had honed; silence would serve her well as a slave, so she would have to make do with only conversing somewhat freely with Luperci such as Till or Odalis.

Salsola had grown uncomfortably regular in her life, but Alejandra knew she was not at all out of the woods yet.

Her head tilted slightly, and her dark hand brushed away a lock of snowy hair hanging between her eyes. "Oh, I... I haven't seen one yet, but I... definitely will... be... vigilant..." The words were stilted, still cautious from his change in demeanor earlier. She felt a bit daft, even, for the choice in vernacular because it was far beyond the kind of word she'd usually voice; perhaps she didn't appear too stupid or unsure, but again it felt a shrinking possibility.

Blue eyes widened slightly then as he reminded her of her masters. She gripped her skirt tightly, moving to take a step away from the gray man a bit apprehensively. Of course she didn't want to return to the cabin — but if she was out too late, punishment would be swift, stern as the Greygriefs were. "I — I probably should be going," she admitted, casting an apologetic look to Till before giving him a small, sad smile. "It... was really nice to meet you, Mr. Till." Another step, and she added, "I... hope we meet again soon."

With that, and with any semblance of approval on Till's part to dismiss her, she hurriedly padded to Andrew's cramped cabin, not at all eager to peel herself away from the pleasant man and certainly not excited to see what tasks he had waiting for her back home.

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