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Offerings From The Mist

Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:40 pm

OOC: Please let Nat/Baelish post first. ^^ Foredated to July 10th. WC: 266

IC: The news of a newly formed pack had reached the Vale in good time. Although very little was known about the new neighbors to the north, it was a chance to forge relations and extend the hand of trade and good will on behalf of all the Mistwalkers. Today, Sedona travelled with Baelish, Zuri's mate, upon horseback towards the borders of the newly formed pack. If the rumors were right, the group was called something along the lines of Dell Center. "A strange name..." The cowgirl mused as she lead her horse at an easy walk through the trees glancing over at her company every now and then but mostly keeping an eye on her surroundings. This close to the borders they'd surely come across someone soon.

It became apparent after a while that they'd come up on the territory markers when an elk skull wrapped in tattered cloth and covered in ash markings greeted their approach like some grisly butler. The Whitesage woman brought her horse to a stop and looked to the male beside her. "Well this looks like it I reckon." She said and removed her cowboy hat, rubbing at the top of her head a moment. "Seem to be pretty uh...welcomin' fellows eh?" She chuckled and flicked her tail. "Hopefully some goods 'n things will appeal." They had come with the intentions of doing some trading with the newcomers. Sedona hoped their mission would be a success. "Would you like to do the honors?" She gave a gesture farther into the territory. They'd need an escort before they could go any father.

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Tue Jul 09, 2019 10:16 am

What more is there
for the man who has everything?

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A new pack meant new opportunities for trade, something that the D’Angelo male had always been happy to discover. Since he had returned to the Vale, he had had some troubles, but seemed to be coming back into the swing of things now. Still, the darkness in his soul, the brokenness, lingered; like smoke on the horizon, an ever present threat of the flames of destruction.

But the sun had risen that morning bright and warm, the world was alive in the summer time, and he and Sedona had set out on horseback to make contact with the Gang that had settled to the North. It would not be long a trip, as the rumors had stated the new clan had claimed the head of Moosehead lake, which was only a day’s trip away.

The Whitesage female was pleasant enough company; he did not know her well but she was a spirited woman and Baelish enjoyed listening to her talk, which she did often and with confidence. However, that confidence faltered when they finally came on the first real marker of the border; it was a skull hung on a dead tree, tattered cloth moving gently in the summer breeze.

Baelish looked at it curiously, and grinned at Sedona’s discomfort, I think it’s charming. He said. It was very reminiscent of what Inferni used to do, he wondered if there was any association there.

The D’Angelo nodded at her suggestion, and he raised his maw to the sky and howled. His voice was friendly enough, but he knew that sometimes calling from the borders like this could be a very bold statement; he hoped the owners of this land would not be insulted by their sudden appearance. Maybe seeing their horse’s laden with goods would cool their heads, if they were to arrive guns blazing.

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:10 pm

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

OOC: 250+ wc

A howl pierced the crisp morning air. Lyssa's ears turned quickly towards the border where the sound had come from. Whoever it was, they were announcing their arrival at the edge of the territory. It certainly was an efficient way of getting attention quickly; They must be in need of something. Lyssa turned her mare towards the canine and urged her onward.

They made their way quickly across the now familiar land. The daily excursions had been very helpful in familiarizing herself with the area. Three months had passed since she joined the Cartel, now the Ashen, and she finally felt like she was beginning to truly be a part of the pack. Being involved with the clean-up of Charmingtown had been a large part of it, as well as her frequent interactions with visitors. She felt like her contribution to the pack was steadily increasing, and that made her happy.

Two canines mounted on strong steeds stood nearby the territory marker. The female was a golden colour, with flowing copper hair, wearing a cowboy hat similar to her own. The other was a smokey coloured male, dressed in a clean, simple outfit. Along with it, he wore an all-too-sweet grin. Her eyes lingered on him for a second longer than she meant to.


The firey coyote took a breath to steady herself before taking another glance at the strangers. She needed to keep her head in the game. She quickly realized that their horses were loaded with goods. Traders. Relief flooded through her and she offered a broad smile. "Salute friends! What can I help you with today?"

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Re: Offerings From The Mist

Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:02 pm

WC: 449

This was Sedona's first real ambassadorial mission outside of Mistfell Vale. As a young woman she'd gone with her father and grandfather on trading routes back in the deserts of Arizona, but they never really traded with large packs like this one. The normally confident coyote woman was admittedly feeling her nerves as Baelish's howl lapsed away through the trees. She glanced again at the handsome male seeking some form of reassurance form his own relaxed posture, riding high and studly upon his horse. Zuri and he were such a perfect, beautiful match of two people. They both were attractive and intelligent and...regal; absolutely made for one another. Sedona gave him a small wag of her tail and a smile, her normally chatty self lost for words as they awaited an escort.

It didn't take all that long before the breeze brought with it the scent of a foreign equine and its rider. Sedona's eyebrows raised and she sat a little more proper in the saddle, yellow-green eyes searching for the greeter. Hopi, the mare beneath her flicked her ears forward, nose flaring to smell the approaching equine. "Easy girl..." Sedona soothed her mount whom was laden with saddle bags and rolls of trade goods ranging from pelts, to herbal medicines, some raw materials and more. The Vale wanted to make a good first impression to their new neighbors and wanted to show no ill will. Anything to help the Gang establish better in their new home and not take any threat by Mistfell was positive. A coyote woman of warm tones, adorned in a cowboy hat similar to her own came upon the two Mistwalkers at the border her eyes taking them in with a lingering set of yellow eyes that Sedona didn't miss. The other woman seemed to shake herself from a thought before addressing both Baelish and the Whitesage woman in an accent Sedona had never quite come across before. "Salute friends! What can I help you with today?"

Sedona returned the grin and bowed her head, sweeping her hat from her head in a friendly gesture to the other cowpolk. For some reason, seeing someone else so like herself brought her confidence rushing back. "Howdy miss." She began holding her horse steady from trying to stretch her head forward to sniff at the other unfamiliar mare. "My name is Sedona, and this is my companion Baelish. We're here representin' your southerly neighbors Mistfell Vale..." She paused, gesturing to Baelish, allowing him the chance to speak. She knew he had a knack for a silver tongue and after all this was Sedona's first mission of this kind. If he had nothing to say, she'd continue on...

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:19 pm

What more is there
for the man who has everything?

OOC: || +2

Baelish would have never believed how Sedona felt about him, not now at least. His pride had been, in the past, the shining jewel set upon his crown. But now that jewel had been plucked out, robbed of him; he felt the lesser man.

Looking regal and confident was like a cloak he donned, just like any other piece of clothing; a covering and nothing more. Luckily, it kept others from seeing the truth, the marred and unclean fur hidden below.

It did not take long for his call to be answered, and the sound of an approaching rider came to their eager ears. Geist stood tall and unflinching beneath him; the stallion could smell it was a mare approaching, and so remained calm. Had it been another stallion, the desert horse might have stomped and complained, but so long as Baelish remained steadfast atop him, he wouldn’t fight.

The rider appeared; it was a female coyote atop a paint mare. She was a cute little thing, her fur a medley of reds and golds; Baelish gave her a handsome smirk as she came up to them, her honey eyes lingering in his own for a moment longer than was proper.

Sedona swept her had off her head in a greeting to the woman, and Baelish added to it with a gentle nod of his head, We have come to learn more of you, and also if you would care to trade? His voice was smooth and his words well-rehearsed; there was a reason he had been mostly silent on their journey here. The Elkenfrey did not want to stumble over his own tongue on the first impression. Maybe, just maybe, he could get away with this again.

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Mon Jul 22, 2019 8:06 pm

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

OOC: 250+ wc

The two traders responded to Lyssa in kind, offering kind words and goods to trade. It seems that the two canines had come from the Mistfell Vale just South of their own pack. It would be good to make some connections with others who live nearby.

"My name is Lyssa, and welcome to the border of the Ashen's territory." She glanced over at the skull marker that stood nearby. "Not my choice of decorations, but it seems to be part of the tradition around here. Sorry, if it doesn't seem too friendly." She gave a shrug.

Lyssa's eyes fell once again on the two steeds loaded with an arrangement of items: Food, utensils, weapons, clothing. Her eyes sparkled at the thought of some new beautiful garments. It seemed like these folks might have something more sophisticated then what she could usually get her hands on. Hopefully, she might have something of value that they might want in return.

Eager to have a look at their wares, Lyssa continued; "Now, I was just out for a ride, so I'm not carrying any goods on me, but I'd be quite interested in a trade for something new to wear. If you don't mind, we could take a walk into town so I can get some things, and maybe find a few more coyotes who may want to trade. On the way, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have."

Lyssa gave a smile as she headed back to mount Belle. "If you don't mind that is. The only thing I have on me at the moment is the hat on my head, and the shirt on my back."

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:56 pm

OOC: Awful post, sorry. XP WC: 258 +10 use co-rank in a thread

IC: Lyssa was the golden woman's name. Sedona's smiled brightened as she learned it. The woman apologized for the border marker of "The Ashen" and the Hawkesond's yellow-green eyes fell upon the effigy once again, realizing now that it really wasn't as bad as she'd first regarded it. Especially with such a warm welcome from the bubbly coyote. "That's quite alright. Everyone's got their own tastes I suppose." She chuckled good naturedly and then patted the packs attached to the saddles upon her mare as Baelish mentioned trade.

Sedona was glad to hear that the new pack and particularly their host was eager to partake. She seemed especially interested in a new outfit. That was Baelish's area of expertise, but Sedona was sure her wares would be well wanted as well. "If you don't mind, we could take a walk into town so I can get some things, and maybe find a few more coyotes who may want to trade. On the way, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have." The Gamekeeper wagged her tail and readjusted her grip on the reins as Hopi shifted her weight beneath her ready to keep moving. Looking to Baelish to make sure he was ready she nodded to their guide. "Lead the way." The Whitesage woman waited for Lyssa to mount up and signal for them to join her across the border before clucking her tongue for Hopi to move onward and take up position behind the other paint mare as they went deeper into the pack's territory.

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:23 am

What more is there
for the man who has everything?

OOC: Sorry about the wait ladies; PP and environment ok'd by Ruby || +3

Well, this was all very amicable, and for that Baelish was glad. Too often had he found himself at the edge of someone’s territory where he had been met with bristled fur and barred teeth. Even after the assurance of good trade, there could still linger and air of hostility; thankfully, that was not the case here, unless this pretty little golden girl was a fantastic liar.

Lyssa, as she named herself, offered an apology for the effigy at the border; Baelish gave a small shrug of nonchalance. The little cowgirl then went on to show her interest in trade, but that she did not have any items with her. Much to his surprise, she then offered to escort them inside the territory to where her goods were.

The Elkenfrey turned to look at Sedona just as she asked the coyote to lead the way. Hopefully he was right about Lyssa and that she was as transparent as a wisp instead of a masterful villain meant to slit their throats once she got them close enough to her friends. Baelish frowned at his own thoughts; they had been dark as of late, he tried to push them to the side.

The trio moved a decent pace into the Ashen’s territory; umber eyes watched the tree-lines and around berms for any sign of an ambush, but Lyssa’s countenance remained cordial, so he forced himself to relax.

They eventually arrived at a tent, which Lyssa entered to gather some of her material for trade; from what he could tell it was mostly pelts and furs, but in decent condition, so it might be worth trading for. The sun-kissed lady then took them to a more town-like setting were there were more Luperci about. Of course his and Sedona’s arrival piqued the Ashen’s interest, and soon, a handful gathered around to see what was going on and Baelish dismounted and began to untie his trade items for them to look at.

After unfurling a blanket onto the ground, he began to place his wares. They consisted of dried and smoked fish, a couple male and female outfits, candles, pork fat soap, jewelry (both human and Luperci made), and utensils for cooking and eating.

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:35 pm

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

OOC: 500+ wc

The golden coyote mounted Belle and lead her companions across the territory. After a short travel, they arrived at her tent. "Just a moment," she said to them before popping into the tent. Time to get out some goods. She grabbed her bag which she knew contained some furs. As she exited the tent, she took a peek in the bag: Mostly rabbit furs and pelts, but at the bottom she knew she had a deer pelt in excellent condition. She hoped these goods would be of interest to her well-dressed companions.

Quickly she was back on her mare, and lead them towards Charmingtown. Everyone was working hard to make it usable, so she knew there would be others around. Their pack was still new, so everyone was in need of something. Cautious eyes watched as Lyssa brought the two strangers towards the hub. "My two friends Sedona and Baelish have come from the Mistfell Vale to trade!" she announced, "Go spread the word! They have lots of goods of value." And soon enough Charmingtown was filled with excited chatter and the two traders laid out wares.

Lyssa was more interested in the goods the male had to offer since she had spied some clothing earlier. She watched as he placed his items carefully out on his blanket. Fish, candles, silverware, soap... all useful items, but the golden coyote only had eyes for the wearable goods. Her eyes sparkled with excitement as she watched him lay out different articles of clothing and pieces of jewellery. She had never seen such pieces of finery in her life. Colourful clothes of various shapes, sizes, and textured laid before her. The jewellery shone in the sun as the light reflected off the silver, gold, and jewelled toned items. Beautiful.

But her eye caught on two different pieces of female clothing, both of which were very beautiful feminine dresses. The first dress was iris blue, made of a soft cotton material. It looked like it had no shoulder straps, and had a little string around the waist that gave it a cute shape. The second was a full lengthen stripped red and white dress. Similar to the other, it seemed not to have any shoulder straps, but it also had ruffles across the chest area. The bottom was much different; Instead of it being thigh length, the second dress went on forever, accompanied by a slit up the side. She imagined that her left leg would become visible as she walked, which Lyssa imagined would be much sexier than her normal look. Excitement tingled through her hands as she imagined how they might look on her.

Lyssa looked up to see Baelish watching her expectantly. "How much?" she whispered, with as much poise as she could muster.

Re: Offerings From The Mist

Thu Aug 22, 2019 6:26 pm

OOC: Feel free to PP Sedona/Hopi a little in the background if need be in your next posts. :) P.s. I'm trying hard not to PP too much through Zsorthia's DCG knowledge LOL! WC: +3

They paused only briefly at a small tent for the golden hued woman to grab her few items to trade and then were on their way. As Lyssa brought them into the central trade hub of the Ashen, Sedona couldn't help but look around at the state of the place. It appeared to be bustling with life and various states of activity. She was quite impressed with how much work seemed to have been put into it since as far as she'd known, this pack was still in its infant stages. Smiling kindly and dipping her head, tipping her hat at the locals that stood and gathered, she did her best to be respectful. "My two friends Sedona and Baelish have come from the Mistfell Vale to trade! Go spread the word! They have lots of goods of value." Their guide called out and brought further attention to the two Mistwalkers.

At this announcement, Sedona followed Baelish's lead in dismounting her horse in the square and whispered a soft command to the mare to stay near her, before beginning to unpack her own wares on a colorful native blanket. What she carried were of value as well, but of perhaps a different sort than what the amber coyote woman was looking for. She had with her a couple bone knives, a spear, some more dried foods, a bolt of cloth, a fur cloak and a few small jars of herbs and medicinal ointments. Sure enough she gained Lyssa's momentary attention but swiftly the woman was off to Baelish's wares. Sedona didn't mind as others soon came to see what she had to offer and kept her well occupied.
It seemed her weapons and her medicinal products were of most interest and she began working with those few whom were offering the fairest trade...
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