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MV has come to trade!

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Lyssa announced their arrival and purpose, and Baelish watched as suspicion changed to curiosity. A small crowd gathered as he began to set out his items, some even bent down to pick up an item to inspect it. Lyssa herself seemed especially intrigued by the dresses, and was quick to ask his price on them.

Baelish cocked a brow, but then picked up both dresses so that they could be displayed fully, their cuts ruffling in the slight breeze, Beautiful, aren’t they? He began, his tongue silvering right then and there, Very nicely made and styled to fit the Luperci woman; you’ve got a good eye, Lyssa. He said winking at her.

Then, placing the clothing back down on the ground, he took a moment to look contemplative, scratching at his chin slightly, Well, I think I might be able to part with them for five cleaned pelts. He knew he was getting a crap deal there, but he figured it be best to go easy on these folk to start. No point making enemies yet; reel them in with a good deal and then start to raise the prices when they had gotten comfortable.

He looked back up at Lyssa and smiled, What do you think? Or, did you have a different payment in mind? He tried his best not to make this sound inappropriate; he was a married man after all.

He took a moment to glance at the others who had gathered; a few had fetched items for trade, but so far he didn’t see anything that interested him too greatly. He sighed internally, trade used to bring him such joy, now he just felt as if he were going through the motions.

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Four pelts for two beautiful dresses? The deal seemed to be going in her favor, but she wasn't about to complain. Without hesitation, Lyssa handed over the pelts for her new possessions. The soft material flowed wonderfully in her hands; It was even softer than she could have imagined. Her eyes sparkled as she debated which one she would wear to the wedding. Maybe she would go visit Twelve later and ask for her opinion.

After her trade Lyssa stayed nearby to watch the others interact with the two members of the Mistfell Vale. Light chatter filled the area as canines exchanged various goods. It brought a much-needed excitement to the pack; Sometimes Lyssa felt as if they tended to be too self-reliant, and with it came little interaction beyond their little bubble. Lyssa gained a lot of excitement from spending her time with others, and she was looking forward to continuing to meet new people. Before Sedona and Baelish headed out, she invited them to come and visit again soon before wishing them safe travels back home. She looked forward to the time where she could see them again.

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