Re: Who is to blame for the way you made me?

[p. Kamari]

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Without word Krios took the bottle back into his grasp, pressing it to his belly as he looked up at Kamari. Her words stabilized him in his panicked state, the orders clear and concise enough that he only nodded along his acceptance of the commands. What else could he do? He had asked her for help and she agreed to it. Therefore, he would listen to her now that he had let loose his torrent of emotions so freely.

He wrinkled his nose at the stain on the ground. That meant digging and dealing with the dirt to get rid of the soaked red wine. And he had to get rid of the alcohol he had hidden. Had he any dignity left he would have likely flushed with heat, but there was no point denying that he had hidden a bottle or two around their home property. Kamari probably stumbled across them on her own time anyway.

Back to his level she went and Krios swayed slightly as his eyes adjusted to the change. But he did not tip over or anything, merely let himself refocus. He gave his wife a slow spreading smile at the challenge, though his heart was not all the way in it yet. That would be nice. There was no real bite to his words, but it could have easily been his sleepiness and shame that kept his cocky attitude at bay.

Thank you, Kamari.

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