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What kind of idea are you?

Sat Jul 13, 2019 11:15 am

[WC: 241]

When he had seen the slave woman bent over the plants, he had asked her about the collection – because they seemed terribly specific to a trained eye. Corrine, to her credit, tried to honor the relative privacy of the young man she had tended to, but Grievous worked it from her soon enough. She did not tell him specifics, but he did not press her on the matter. Instead, Grievous dismissed her to other duties and took up the collecting himself.

He hoisted the basket in one hand and let the other hand free, following the little stream towards the tall-grass plains. Salsola had plenty of open land between its forests but most of this was marshy or too salty for many flowers to grow. For what he was after, more solid ground was needed.

Just beyond the apple orchard was one such field. Here, Grievous set down the woven basket. He stretched and stepped into the mass, thinking belatedly he would need to search his fur for ticks afterwards. Deer frequented the area and the summer had brought out the worst of the bugs already – and it was still early yet.

All the rain was good for the plants, at least. Grievous reached for one tall flowering daisy, turning it in his hand to better examine the stem. When he was satisfied by the prickly, pine-like look, he squatted and used a sharp blade to cut this free.

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:02 pm

Word Count → +300 :: OOC Here.

Corrine had done a wonderful job with helping the young boy to take care of the injuries on his hands. While he had no doubt that his Dad would have eventually helped him, or maybe even his Papa once he had seen the damage that had been laying hidden under the bandages, he felt it best to get treatment from someone outside of them. His Dad would no doubt continue to lecture him on the 'punishment' that this was and he didn't want to risk an argument between his Dad and Papa over him.

Guilt already ate at him enough, and he didn't want to cause anymore problems than he already seemed to have done.

Pink eyes focused on the path ahead of him, but Eden couldn't help but turn his eyes back down on his hands. All that pain had been a handful to take in, and the events that happened at the solstice were not something that was going to leave his head so easily.

Thank goodness for the distractions.

The boy found himself among the field of flowers. Making crowns and giving them to others had been one of his favorite things to do, and a sure sign of not only his more gentle nature, but to try and make friends as well. He didn't have much to offer anyone else otherwise. A smile had formed where there wasn't one as he moved through the field, eyes cast out over the many colors.

His eyes stopped when he saw that someone else was here as well. He was mostly white, but had some other gray colors. It reminded him a bit of his grandpa's colors, but different. He had more of a mane than hair, and there were braids that feel down by his ears. He had noticed the male was looking over one of the flowers, then used a knife to cut it. Head tilted to the side before he found himself padding closer, "You like flowers too?"

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Wed Jul 17, 2019 2:18 pm

[WC: 286]

Dark and made of narrow lines, it was his pink nose and off-colored eyes that gave Eden away as much as the bandages on his arms. Grievous had grown up alongside his father, and though Coax had drifted to dark places full of magic and strange men, there had been no animosity between the two (despite O'Riley's constant badgering on the matter). Corrine did not tell him exactly what had happened, but mentioned an “accident” and informed him that Coax already knew.

Things happened. After Scourge had been stabbed, Grievous had stopped being surprised about what could happen if people got careless.

When Grievous stood the young man was already close. He slid the knife into the basket before greeting him properly – bending his body a little to accommodate their height difference before brushing cheeks. Reinforcing traditions like this with the younger generation would ensure such things continued, and Grievous suspected that someone was always watching. It was best to assume this, at least.

I suppose so, he admitted as he straightened up, holding out the chamomile so Eden could examine it. This flower can be used in medicine, that's why I'm taking it. I remember you from the meals. You're Eden, aren't you? There was a girl too, he recalled, but with the pair now nearly adults it did not surprise him they were apart. He, after all, hadn't seen his own siblings for several seasons. I'm Grievous.

Do you know about flowers? You could help me. I need as many of these as we can find, he explained, and indicated the plant he had cut. There are a lot that look very similar, but this one is what I'm after. Have you seen it before?

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:07 am

Word Count → +300 :: OOC Here.

Eden had been a bit surprised when the pale man had bent down, brushing his cheeks. He couldn't recall anyone doing this with him before, at least aside from maybe his Dad and Papa to do it as a sign of affection. Was there something more to it than he knew about? He had attempted to follow suit along with the male, waiting until the gesture was over to question it, "What was that? Is that a common greeting?"

Returning his attention back to the flower that had been offered out to him, the man had explained that this was a flower that was used in medicine. He had to admit that when Corrine was taking care of his hands, he had grown a bit of an interest in the things she used to treat him, and he had always loved flowers since he was much younger than he was now. His eyes brightened to learn something new about these little things.

Taking a small detour from the topic, he had mentioned seeing the boy at the meal, asking if he was Eden. To this, the boy nodded, "Yes I am." He gave a pause when the male has spoken his name, "Oh, you were one of the ones that the Boss announced for a union right? Congratulations."

They returned to the flowers, his pink eyes moving over the one that he had held out to Eden. He explained that he was gathering more that looked like this one. To his question, he gave a shake of his head, "I might have, but I don't remember. A lot of the flowers I pick are to make flower crowns. I can help you find more of them though! How will I be able to tell this one apart from the ones that look like it?" It seemed a fair question to ask since Grievous mentioned there were ones that looked exactly like this.

One other question had come to mind as he waited, "You said it is used for medicine right? What do you use this one for?"

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Thu Aug 08, 2019 9:20 pm

[WC: 315]

They were an odd family, from what Grievous knew of the Ulrich clan. Men who practiced magic and believed in bloody things like the Khalif were familiar enough to make Grievous uneasy. There was more coyote in Eden that now reflected shades of their former-enemy. He had long hair and a narrow face. In his looks, Eden was one of those muddled offspring of his parents parts all blended together. Grievous could certainly see Coax in Eden's face, and elsewhere, he saw the boy's grandfather. The dead woman was no longer of any importance, and so Grievous did not think of her at all.

He was paying attention to these things now that new responsibilities were thrust upon him. It's polite, Grievous informed the boy. You're Family now, aren't you? It shows respect.

While it seemed a simple enough thing to overlook, Grievous was surprised Eden so openly curious about something he considered common knowledge. How Coax had chosen to raise his children was none of Grievous' business, after all. The boy seemed friendly enough, and eager to learn – his interest in plants was more to Grievous' liking.

Here, look at the stem, the gray wolf pointed. See how it has those points? It looks a little like seaweed, or maybe a little like pine. You can also use your nose. Smell it. Have you ever been to the Orchards? The smell reminds me of apples, Grievous explained, rubbing at his nose to clear the pollen from it. I want the ones with the strongest smell and the biggest heads. Those will be the best.

Eden's experience with flowers seemed limited to their visual appeal. Grievous was curious to see how well he knew his material.

What do you use for your crowns? Are there any of those here? Or better yet, show me as we go, the wolf instructed, moving into the field.

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:51 pm

Word Count → +400 :: Feel free to just use any flower you want for this round. I'll be more specific next time around.

Eden couldn't help but feel a bit of heat move up along his cheeks. Grievous had told him that not only was it meant to be a polite greeting, but also a show of respect. He couldn't help but feel embarrassed that he wouldn't know this simple thing. Why hadn't his Dad taught him about this piece of information. Well, the good thing was that he knew it now, and he would be able to put it into practice in the future. He gave a nod to Grievous, "Yes I am. Thank you for sharing it with me."

Both of them returned on the subject of plants, something that seemed to hold both of their collective interests. The Ranger Apprentice had brought the flower closer, more so the stem than the petals along the top. He explained that the ones he was looking for jutted out a bit on the stems. He had no idea what 'seaweed' was, but the mention of pine caused the boy to turn his head around him. He had seen the way the needles moved out along the twigs on each tree, so it was interesting to see that flowers did this as well.

The boy couldn't help but pull his ears back a bit when asked if he had been to the Orchard when the thought of using his scent had come up. He gave a shake of his head as he leaned in to smell the flower that had been picked, "I don't think so. There are many places I haven't been. Dad always wanted me to stay close to home."

And in some ways he still wanted his son to.

Eden's slump was broken easily when Grievous prompted him with a bit of a challenge. He seemed curious of the flowers he used for his crowns, and wanted to see if he could point out any of the ones that the older male was looking for as they walked, "Oh. Sure. I usually just use the pretty flowers, ones with lost of color." The color always helped to bring out some accents against anyone's more neutral pelt colors.

The boy began to walk, stopping as he came to another white flower. He bent down, looking at the stem like Grievous had shown him, "This is one I use a lot, but it doesn't look like the one you are looking for."

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Sat Aug 10, 2019 1:00 am

[WC: 308]

Well, you're young, Grievous presumed. He seemed unwilling to speak further on the matter. His own youth had been punctuated by danger and impressed upon him the need for caution. If Coax had reason to fear for his children's safety, keeping them isolated was perhaps for the best.

No one in Salsola did anything without purpose, not really.

Eden talked about his love of color. This betrayed his age and inexperience to Grievous, but the older wolf found it charming. So often everyone seemed eager for violence and war, like he had been in his youth. Collecting flowers for something as basic (and in Grievous' view, unproductive) as temporary art was a folly of youth.

The plant Eden pointed out to Grievous was one the Ranger Apprentice was quite familiar with. Oh, I bet you find plenty of this, he explained with delight. My guess is that by the next full moon these will have grown their berries. They'll look pretty, but you probably shouldn't eat them. Some animals can, though I wouldn't feed it to my horses, Grievous added with great importance. But I've been told they can make good dye. People call it bunchberry – think you can see why? He indicated the cluster of flowers with his chin.

Do you like roses? Those have nice color to them. There are some places further out of the forest where more types of flowers grow, if you'd ever want to explore. Since you're old enough now, Grievous went on, letting Eden finish with the plant before they began to move on. You could travel where you wished. It can be dangerous beyond our borders, of course, especially if you travel alone. Learning how to take care of yourself before that would be prudent.

Grievous let his eyes fall to Eden's bandaged hands. Especially if you get hurt.

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Fri Aug 23, 2019 11:20 pm

Word Count → +300 :: OOC Here.

Eden couldn't entirely help himself when it came to talking about the colors he liked to put into his flower crowns. They were always something that he appreciated, and helped to given accents to furs. That wasn't to say there wasn't already color in their wide range of appearances, but so many in the kingdom had similar shades, and vibrate colors helped their look so much, much like in a way his own pink eyes stood out from his darker pelt.

Gaze focused down on the flower that he had pointed out to Grievous, prompting the male to speak about this ones properties. He said that by the next full moon, all of them would have berries. That word made him think back to the strawberries that Victoire had offered to him when they were talking together. Were they like those ones?

Well, the pale man had been quick to answer his silent question, stating that they should not be eaten. Instead, it was something that could be used for dye. That was something else that Victoire had mentioned to him, about the juice from the strawberries dying his bandages red. What a fun day that had been.

He had nodded to Grievous' comment, "Yeah I do see why. The berries that grow from these, are they like strawberries? Victoire shared some with me a couple days ago. They were very good."

There was another plant he had mentioned, a rose. He had never seen those ones, but the male claimed there were many outside the borders, along with other kinds of flowers. But this didn't come without warning of course. He had to be careful, learn to be able to protect himself... so that he wouldn't get hurt...

Pink eyes drifted down to his hands, ears pulling down. He shook his head, "This.. this was my own fault.. I pulled a live rabbit Dad tossed into a fire out.. It burned my hands badly.." And that had been his fault, at least mostly according to his own Dad.

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Fri Sep 13, 2019 10:37 pm

[WC: 316]

The big wolf shook his head.

No, he said. They don't taste very good, I'm afraid. You should look for blueberries, those are the best, Grievous went on. Hard to miss them, but someone without sense might run into trouble if they got mixed up with nightshade berries. Those grow on vines though, he went on, shaking his head a little when he realized he was talking too much.

By then, though, they had moved on to more important matters.

What Eden described sounded peculiar, but rituals often required more than simple praise and worship. His mother's gods had been hungry, cannibalistic, and fire-loving. Grievous understood why the people who had killed Loki had chosen to use fire, and he understood why others sought to sacrifice in this manner.

Is that so? You need to be careful about burns, the gray wolf reminded the young man. They don't always heal properly. What if you couldn't use your hands again? Do you think that's what your father wants for you?

Coaxoch, certainly, understood that living with a disability had stalled his rise to comfortable independence. In many ways, Grievous could understand why the blonde chose to live out of sight and away from the large shadow cast by the eldest Ulrich patriarch.

Though his voice and face remained stern, Grievous had not come to shame Eden and tried very hard not to overstep his role – though chastising a younger packmate over a stupid incident was something he, as a healer, could not let go.

You and I are going to make some things out of these plants we collect. I want you to let me examine your hands when we do that, especially if they were badly hurt. We can have our family going around sick and injured, he added, and from his tone made it clear he saw little room for denial on Eden's behalf.

Re: What kind of idea are you?

Mon Sep 16, 2019 10:46 pm

Word Count → +300 :: OOC Here.

Grievous was quick to correct the young male that he should not eat any of the berries that were on the plant he had picked out. Instead, the pale man had offered him an alternative, something that was called 'blueberries.' It definitely seemed like something that would fall in line with strawberries, at least just based on the name.

Pink gaze seemed to brighten up at this though, "Are there some blueberries that are growing now? I know Victoire told me that there were not many strawberries growing, or something like that. I would love to see what they look like." Who knew that plants could be so much more than just pretty things that he would use to turn into flower crowns for himself and the others in Salsola that he came across.

Ears soon pinned back down against his head, having changed the topic of conversation back to the hands that had been wrapped by Corrine. He had left out a lot of the details about what happened that night, leading it to seem like Eden had been the one at fault for what had happened. While it was a stupid thing for him to do.. not all of it had been his fault.

Still, he didn't want to seem like he was looking for pity or making a scene. He could expand more on what happened when they were examining his hands closely.

Grievous had requested to take a look at the damage, but explained that the two of them were going to make something with the plants that were gathered, something for his hands no doubt.

A soft smile formed along the boy's face, giving a nod, "Ok.. Umm, what other plants are we going to need then? I want to know more about them before we make this stuff." He paused for a moment before turning his head back up to the pale man, "Where do you want to go to look at my hands? I don't know if Dad would be ok with us going home."

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