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[m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:01 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Henchman: Till Van Ulrich
Can you feel it · lurking deep within · I can feel it, · striving to begin

He would heed the call of the Gods, for they had given him an opportunity in which he could not refuse. There was nothing left to distract him from his destiny, and he found himself invigorated with a new drive, something that would make him want to be better, something that made him think that there had been some faith in him after-all. When he had been approached and given a task, he found himself waking up the very next morning, getting his chores out of the way, and then getting his mare, Tal, ready for an evening hunt. Things, in such regard, had been easier for Till, for he did not need to provide for a family that was no longer his. He did not bring food to Helena anymore, for he knew she had more than enough "friends" to provide her with food. He had not tried to win back her affection, no, he was above all of that. He had moved on easily, and these days, he barely thought about her.

That was not to be said that his mind had not been preoccupied with the thoughts of other women, for that would have been a lie, in all regards. He was not obsessive with his visiting, or his messages, for there was little reason to chance it. He would not chance anything getting out, not even rumors. He kept his distance from her in the public eye, and when he saw her, he often headed off in another direction. She was a mere slave, there was no reason for him to grace her with a 'hello', in public, nor was he obligated to even acknowledge her existence. He felt bad about having to ignore her, but he knew that she knew that it was all for appearances. They could not risk anything.

He threw over the leather saddle onto Tal's back, secured the belt, and made sure he had extra snacks in his saddlebags, in case he was out for longer than intended. He sighed lightly, thinking about how much busier he had been without Nephele's extra hand about. When he thought of her, he often became sad, and even when he looked at Spartacus, he also felt the pang of sorrow in his heart, knowing that he had been the one to put her to rest. She was the last thing of Dullahan that he had left, and he went and killed her. It was terrible, but it was nice to have no one question him of her death. 'Just one less slave', he supposed that they thought. It was sad, that no one really seemed to know Nephele like he did. He knew where she had come from, and that she spoke many languages. She had told him lots of things in their time together, and her death had not come lightly for Till, just as Ankh's had still haunted him to this day.

The one thing he regretted was that it was Nephele's throat that was crushed beneath his pink padded hands.

Till mounted his mare and nudged her sides with his heels, beckoning her towards the Ruins. He needed to recruit help for this hunt, and the heart of Salsola was the best place to call for it. He was not ashamed to have his packmates help him, for they should heed the call of their Henchman. Till was a fair hunting leader, he would send his patrons home with their worth in the hunt.

Tal had come to an abrupt stop once she had found her hooves go from dirt to stone, and she whinnied as Till pulled back on her reigns, causing the mare to rear back on her back legs for a moment and turn back towards the forests when her front hooves hit the ground once more. Till lifted his maw to the sky and called for any, young and old, to accompany him on this evening's hunt.

"Speech". Thinking.

Present Day/Dusk | Word Count: 666
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Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Sat Sep 21, 2019 6:42 am

Gold and charcoal ears perked to the wind where the musical summon hung briefly before fading into the breeze. The voice was familiar and its intentions were clear from its tone. The silver Henchman was once more gathering reinforcements for a hunt. Having witnessed his prowess already and feeling a little rebellious against her mother’s dislike for the man Varda chose to answer the call with her own howled confirmation and then made for the Ruins with haste.

This time she came in her optime form, standing proud and statuesque with her body bare save for a pair of leather pants, a belt and a knife. Even though the colder seasons had already begun announcing their approach in many small yet noticeable ways, the giant’s daughter still suffered from the sultriness of the warmer hours and chose not to encumber herself with more elaborate attire.

She approached the rider and his mount jovially, aware of the mare’s calm temper. ”Good evening Henchman.” She said as she stopped at a respectful distance, a beaming smile offered and a playful twinkle dancing in her eyes. By now the warmth in her behaviour, so contrasting from her mother’s manners should be expected with little suspicion. She was certainly a touch more reserved than your average pompous Salsolan, but unlike her progenitor she slid from mask to mask with almost flawless ease. Perhaps the turmoil within her was such an ugly thing that she had learned to do this for self-preservation. There was no way of telling what would happen if yet another demon was released into the world.

”It would be a pleasure to join you on another hunt.” She dipped her head solemnly and gave a look around to see if someone else would join them. She wouldn’t mind the presence of another, albeit the Massacre boy was still an exception. However if they were left to their own devices she was already devising a way to get to know the man better, an enigma in his own right, she wished to crack the Henchman’s puzzle, figure him out rather than seek out his destruction like her predecesor would have wanted.

Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:18 pm

Henchman: Till Van Ulrich
Can you feel it · lurking deep within · I can feel it, · striving to begin

The Gods had made themselves clear. They did not want anything else to stand in his way, no wife, or husband to hold him back. He needed no one but himself and his already established sons to help him get to the top. As he waited, he thought about what was to come, and what was to be. He had found solace to his woes in the servant woman, finding her to be the only creature to bring him hope and love, even if he had to work for it. He did not mind working for much of anything, but he needed her debt to be paid in full, should the Gods decide that they were to spend their lives together - though the Gods had been clear so far with their opinions of Till being in any sort of relationship, as they had taken Elody, Ankh, and now both Helena and Calla. He would not be surprised if the Gods were to take the lives of the two women, not because he willed it, but because of their association with the Bastard. They had survived for so long now, it was only curious that the Gods did not take them as they had Till's previous lovers.

He looked as the woman had come up to him, her body mostly bare except for a weapon and leather jeans. She smiled to him, and he smiled back to her, finding her to be a curious sort. Her eyes upon him seemed to have a hint of something there, whether it be defiance, or general deviousness, he could not readily say, nor did he know her intentions. She did seem to come to his call more often than not, and this made him wonder what was going on in that pretty little head of hers. He looked at her with a cocked head, with his ears having flicked back and then forward towards her. His tail flickered on the rump of his horse as well, a twitch, a tic, if you would. He let his lips pull back to show his yellowed teeth and the corners of his mouth lifted into a smile. When she had spoken of it being a pleasure to work with him once more, he nodded his head.

"It's my pleasure to host another hunt with such a beautiful woman." Till spoke to her, with his smile growing into something more mischievous. Till felt no shame in himself for being flirtatious, he had no reason to. Till was a single man, and he could do what he wanted now. "I think that we should just keep this hunt to just us, if you don't mind. I believe that we might be able to take down something special. " he told her, wondering if she would guess that he wanted to hunt something that was a bit...unconventional.

"I want to hunt a puma." he told her as he looked at her with his bright blue and lavender eyes. He nudged his heel into his horse's side, and motioned for Varda to follow. "I think I caught the scent of one crossing into Salsola this morning. I need someone to either distract it, or if I distract it, then I need you to take it down. Depends on which side you wanna be on, sweetheart." he winked to her as he called her a sweetheart, and his smile never faded from his maw.

"Speech". Thinking.

Present Day/Dusk | Word Count: 576
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Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:06 pm

Flirtatious tones were met with a widening smile. Boldness was a trait she could appreciate, and a man had to be bold to tease a woman who belonged to a family renowned for its efficiency at taking lives. She cocked one brow and placed a hand on her hip, accentuating the generous curves that genetics had bestowed upon her. It was a wordless approval, one that stated that she wasn’t afraid to play that game, however, the task they were about to tackle was one that didn’t allow for excessive distractions, so she didn’t encourage this advances any further – for the time being.

”Such an ambitious man.” The appreciation in her tone was genuine, doubtless that a man of his age had to possess great skill in order to survive so far with such challenging enterprises in mind. She looked pensive for a moment before he commanded his steed forward. Her long strides and enthusiastic air were as good a response as any verbal confirmation. She caught up with his light pace easily, and continued to walk beside him with one eye on the road ahead and another on his grey shape.

”Since you are already armed I will gladly be the distraction, as long as your arrows fly true I have nothing to worry about.” She spoke this almost as a taunt. Men were proud creatures, and if she was to trust another with her life she wasn’t beyond putting their pride on the line along with her own hide. Still, she remained light-hearted in her speech and promptly moved on to the planning of the hunt.

”If the cougar feels our presence before the right time it may try to escape, perhaps on my secui form I will be fast enough to keep up and force it up a tree. That should give you an easy shot. Although if it turns and attacks…” She paused and seemed to consider this with an air of gravity before her lips curled again into a smile. ”You better shoot it before I ruin the pelt.”

Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:28 pm

Henchman: Till Van Ulrich
Can you feel it · lurking deep within · I can feel it, · striving to begin

Till honestly thought nothing of her family line, other than of the elder mother whom he had hunted with before. He had also seen her at rituals, but suspected more so that the woman had been keeping an eye on someone rather than being truthfully a witch. He had little reason to believe that she had been a witch, for his interactions with her made it seem as if she was a more pragmatic individual over a believer in things such as witches and ghouls. Her daughter did not seem much different than the Matriarch of the small house of Blacksun, but Till had little more to go off of than his previous hunt with her.

"Such an ambitious man."

Her words brought the wide grin across his maw, and a chuckle passed his maw as he sat atop his horse proudly. He was an ambitious man, and he would not have been where he was if he had not been. In the end, his wives had done nothing to help him become who he was, other than giving him children. His ranks had been going further and further into nobility the longer that he had been away from them and because of this, he was proud of himself more so than anyone else. He cared not that he was a single man again, and instead he saw it as freedom to do with himself as he pleased without the chains of Law wrapped around his ankles. He did not have to do anything with his children, should he not want to, even though his heart told him that he did not want to be like his father before him, there was little he could do if they wanted nothing to do with him either.

"I cannot fathom what you speak of. Ambition? I believe it's more of honesty than anything." he told her, playing the game that she seemed so privy to play with him. His side gaze that he gave her was both intense and mischievous at the same time, letting her know that he knew exactly what he was doing.

She was more than happy to be the distraction, with the condition that his arrow rang true, and Till had more than enough confidence in his ability to shoot down a cat, even with their slightly unpredictable behavior. He chuckled lightly at her quip. They both knew very well that he was a sharpshooter, as he had spent a lot of time behind a bow, even more so than he had spent on the other side of a sword. He saw her tease, and thought it was quite a good jab to get a reaction out of him. "If your tooth and claw is as legendary as they say, I might just let you fight it off on your own." he teased back to her as another chuckle passed his maw, and he looked at her with the same look once again.

She spoke about leading it up a tree, so that it might be an easier shot, but her words turned ominous when she had said that he should make sure to end it before she ruined the pelt. She was right, he would need to shoot it before she ruined it's pelt, and he would make sure to do just that, he needed no warning of her ferocity. He needed no reminder of whom she was and the family she had come from.

"It would be a shame to see little claw marks go across your pretty little face, that's for sure. " he told her as he went on to sniff the air to find the dank smell of feline. If he remembered correctly, the one that he smelt was a male, and that meant that it was even more dangerous to mess with, but even that much more valuable for them to take down. "Maybe after we kill it, you can wear it's balls as a pretty little necklace." he teased her.

"Speech". Thinking.

Present Day/Dusk | Word Count: 668
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Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Mon Nov 11, 2019 5:35 pm

Their little teasing game appeared to gradually escalate as both found encouragement in each other’s receptiveness. This suited her well, finding this little rebellious behaviour largely gratifying in many little ways that outweighed the repercussions for such defiance against her progenitor’s wishes.

Her family was fabled for its unabating atheism, and more than once the gilded warrior had spoken her mind against the waste of time and resources that was the pursuing of magical knowledge. Whilst Varda wasn’t the exception to this belief, she was more open and receptive to the words of these magik inclined individuals. At least their tales made for engaging stories and neat tid-bits of history. If one paid enough attention a pattern between religions and systems of belief could be discerned, and the true power of belief would be disclosed.

So she didn’t readily disregard this witch man like her family would have wanted.

He was an interesting creature, exotic of looks and taste. He was the embodiment of Salsola’s flare, and somehow still remained at the outskirts of the very heart of their society. Had he been wronged? Or had he too suffered from a poisoning period of apathy? These questions circled around in her mind as she assessed him, though she didn’t voice them out. There would be a time to get to know him better, when they became more – intimate, perhaps.

She laughed at his jokes and puffed her chest proudly as he commented on her physical prowess. She may never reach the level of lethality proper of her family’s matriarch, but as a Blacksun she still prided herself in her more than average affinity for the art of war. Genetics were a large part of this blessing, but a strict upbringing had properly honed her into an efficient killer.

”On the contrary. I find that scars can be very becoming. They speak of a man or woman’s prowess.” And she tilted her chin to his quite heavily scarred face as if to prove her point. She had scars too, smaller ones, more easily concealed beneath her fur. You would have to look very closely and take your time to find them. Oh what a fun little pastime that would be.

”Behold I who wears a male’s jewels of virility like a necklace!” She did a small theatrical number, lifting her arms in a grand gesture while her posture became fully dominant. ”Wait! Who said that I enjoy feeling balls against my neck?! Show yourself you scoundrel! She demanded from an invisible audience, looking around with a marvellously portrayed face of annoyance. She then glanced at the silver male and winked, suddenly putting an end to her little performance.

”We should keep quiet from now on, or else we may give our dear cougar some dirty ideas.” And the salacious implication of such words was left hanging as she moved on, once more adopting the mindset of duty.

Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:31 am

OOC - Bleepbloop. WC: 652

You play me like I am made of strings

The wide grin of the Reaper had never faded. He liked the attention of the woman, as he did of most pretty women, and of men too. He felt as if he had not had a meaningful relationship in quite some time, for he had come to the realization that his relationships prior were of convenience, only kept for fear of breaking the Law, and having the Law punish him for dissolving such relationships. He could not say that he was entirely devoid of investment, rage, disappointment, and tragedy over the dissolution, but he was taking every day that passed in stride, and with every day that passed, he seemed to feel better about being on his own, and without having to worry about them, and going to her bed when she deemed it fit to have him around.

This girl though, no, this woman was still very much a mystery to Till, and Till was all the more curious to find out who she was and what made her tick. So far, she seemed a bit different from her serious, and much older mother, whom seemed to be so engrossed in the militaristic mindset that flirting with her might not have been as fun as the woman before him had been. Not only this, but he had a suspicion that the older woman would be less receptive to the flirtatious nature of the pale Reaper, because of his afflictions, or because of his marital status, even if his status would, in fact, bring her house ever so closer to becoming Nobility.

She had been quick to the tongue when he had brought up scars, and the way her acidic eyes traced his face would have made him blush, if he was younger and less experienced in the lingo of subtle flirtation. His tail did wag back and forth lightly as he looked to her though and the male laughed lightly. "I should not have expected anything less from you, to be fair." he told her as he let his mind wander to think about if she had scars that she did not show the world. As a warrior, if he could assume this of her, it was very unlikely for her to have come out of every scuffle unscathed. It's only fortunate for her that many things did not graze her flesh in the way that Dullahan's claws had against Till's pale cheek, or the way that the Thistle barbs had dug into his arms so long ago.

Her theatrics at his joke had made a hearty laugh come from him, and he even looked around to see who she might be calling a scoundrel, even though he knew she was talking to an invisible audience. Once his eyes landed back on her, he perked his ears to her and let a casual smile find it's place on his maw. "I've heard that consuming them increases your fertility, if you were trying to conceive at some point." he spoke, for the witch was just that, a witch, and even he had consumed the testicles of a creature long ago and now found himself with a large family.

She told him that they should be quiet from then on as they stalked along to get to their feline prey, and the mounted male thought lightly before he had suddenly stopped his horse, put his leg over and dismounted his horse with ease. He took the reigns of the horse and tied it to a low-hanging tree branch and he pulled his bow from his back. He looked to her and nodded lightly before they had gone their separate ways, the female going to confront the beast, to try to run it up a tree, while the Reaper looked for some higher ground to make sure that his arrow would fly true into their prey's pelt.

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Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Wed Dec 18, 2019 3:56 pm

Beyond the veil of duty that covered their enterprise Varda found herself truly enjoying the male’s company. She was more than able to hunt alone or with Queen’s dogs that weren’t really of her liking but with the Ulrich Patriarch she was actually having a good time. Her shields hadn’t weakened with time, but her will to hold them high had, perhaps the time had come to drop them. If her mother allowed herself to be busy with creatures outside their family then perhaps she should busy herself with others too.

Ah, there would be time to think about such things later. They were dealing with blood and danger now, her mind ought to remain focused.

His last remark however sent her mind reeling. Progeny. The thought was always kept purposefully away from her consciousness. It wasn’t that she had never thought about it or even considered it. After all, her mother’s ultimate goal was to make their own Clan grow and reproduction was the obvious way to do so. It had been suggested already and someday it would be demanded… but the spiced heiress didn’t feel ready yet. SO she smiled and tilted her head, but didn’t answer his suggestion for fear that the subject would sour her surprisingly good mood.

He dismounted and she took the chance to remove her trousers and the tools she carried, a display made out of her disrobing. She left her belonging with his horse and shifted down to her large Halfling form, her long and powerful limbs soon carrying her after the puma’s fresh trail.

As she stalked after their nearby prey she remained aware of his position even as the distance grew between them. Ahead the scent of feline intensified, and Varda’s already measured steps became more tentative as her scents focused on finding the cougar before it found her. She did not see it perched in the trees and the underbrush was thick enough to conceal his presence but then she sensed it, movement ahead.

Her lips parted and forth came a rumbling growl, a challenge. Rustling and then silence, then her threat was answered by an equally intimidating hiss. The large cat wasn’t happy about the interruption and it was too confident in its size and strength to simply run away. Those dull green eyes peeked at her from between the branches, sizing her up, assessing the situation. The large cat was in a bad position for Till to shoot it, so much vegetation must be blocking the way for a clean shot and it was clear that the territorial male wouldn’t run. Varda had to lure him out somehow.

She lunged forward and stopped, snarling and stomping her front paws on the floor. The cat hissed and slashed at the air, darting forward but not yet leaving its refuge. Varda snapped at him again, almost entering the range of his claws before jumping back, and this time the cougar came after her.

Re: [m] For the fallen must arise, a phoenix from the fire

Wed Jan 01, 2020 10:40 pm

OOC — oh hi i am here. | [683]
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Maybe he had underestimated the Blacksun clan, maybe they were someone he should have put the time forth to make allies with, but something within his gut told him that with as maybe times as he had seen Kaeli, had her hunt in rituals with him that no matter what he did that she would not pledge herself to his house and come to him in his time of need. This was fine, the Henchman knew that his House was considered "tainted" by the majority of the other Salsolans. While he did not like to be called "cursed", "estranged", he knew it was better to have others fear his House than to be considered weak as some seemed to think of the Ulrich Patriarch.

They did not realize the strength that had come with fear. They did not realize the strength that came with being hated and still continuing to live a rich life. Even those who had given him sons could not tear down his House, only make them stronger. He thought to make this woman his ally, here, and he hoped that by hunting with her on this day, she could learn to see the true strength that the Bastard Born Ulrich Patriarch held deep within his breast.

As they got serious with their hunt, so did silence fall between them. She shifted down into her secui form, but he did not wait for her shift. Instead, he quickly went off, knowing that she would be able to find the beast herself. He searched for a higher vantage point, and as he finally had come closer to the musky scent of the male feline, he knew that he would likely have to climb a tree to get a better vantage point for a longer distance, should the cougar chase instead of go for a simple ambush as they were susceptible to do.

Once he knew he was close enough away to see the transactions between the two creatures, but far enough away to not disturb the feline's current position, he got into his position. He pulled the bow over his head and let it rest on his back as he took his claws and grabbed at the tree bark. He hoisted himself up and he scaled the tree with little problem, and once he got into a spot where he was comfortable, he arranged himself accordingly, and pulled his longbow out again, and notching an arrow.

He heard her before he saw her, and once she had gotten within view, Till pulled back the taut string and prepared himself to give a clean shot at the cat. He waited for her to draw it out, and the scene it caused had the Patriarch smiling in entertainment. The girl was smart enough not to get within it's swiping range, and she made a lot of noise and vicious threats to get a reaction out of it. It refused to come from it's cover at first, but as soon the girl gave the beast a bit less distance between them, it was clear that the cat was confident enough to take on the halfling.

The very second that it had gotten it's head from the brush, the arrow had been released into the air. It hit the cat in the neck, but the forward momentum on the cat made it continue forward before skidding to a halt and attempting to turn and run back to it's safety. This turn took too long, and by the time the cat tried to flee, there was already another arrow lodging itself in it's spine, high on it's neck. He fought the arrows, clawing at the thick wooden arrows, but it was so distracted by the arrows and bleeding out from it's neck that it seemingly had forgotten about the halfling wolf.

Till smiled from his perch, and he readied a third arrow, just in case the girl did not take the initiative to take the feline by it's throat and put it out of it's misery.

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