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i'll follow you until the daylight

Fri Sep 13, 2019 3:00 pm

Word Count → 000 :: set sometime after the 13th

Both he and Caspar had pledged to give their mother a wide berth following the arrival of their new brother. It hadn't been an actual request the Ursarchon had made, but given the exhaustion and, presumably, the trauma of the whole event, the boys had made the decision amongst themselves to vacate the house. After some searching, and squabbling, they'd decided to hole up in a den somewhere between Posey's own den and their mother's home. They'd dragged their meagre belongings with them and stole some furs away from the Old Church to make their small "bachelor pad" a little more homely.

Daniel had also snagged a meat leg bone for himself, dragging it along behind his stone face brother who'd spent a long while chiding him for taking things that weren't a necessity. In fact, by the time they had returned to the den, another squabble had broken out and Caspar had stormed off, leaving Dan to satisfy himself by gnawing on the leg bone.

Re: i'll follow you until the daylight

Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:30 am

She was happy that her father was trying again, despite whatever had happened to drive him away but now it was her mother that was acting weird. The presence of a new sister had sparked something between them and it left Zelda believing more than anything that the question that had been pondered with her uncle Malfoy had been answered. Puppies really did come from no where, as if they were ordered and then delivered without notice at the hardest of times to pull two parents together. She would have thought that having a new pup would make her mother happy only in the end, her mother hadn't seemed very happy with the delivery.

Their father watched them more often while their mother fed their new sister and occasionally, they, Zelda and Zansa, spent time with Posey instead since it only made sense that someone be with them while their parents were busy trying to ready a new life to the wonders that were of the world.

Then there were times like now.. She had spent the better part of the morning hunting earnestly through the streets, hiding behind old hunks of metal and rotted wood for birds, mice, and rats, sometimes other creatures that got in the way. That was how she had bagged at least two squirrels and some hairy creature who had managed to scratch at her maw, leaving behind three solid bloody marks that had stopped bleeding, leaving behind a hard presence at the side of her face.. dried blood, it seemed.

Hunting had become something of a pleasant, happy morning habit of hers since her aunt Saga had promised that she would be okay with Zelda bringing to her the kills she made within the streets of the small town and with news that she had a new mouth to feed, she imagined that her cousin's kills wouldn't be enough to satisfy the hunger.

She was on the way to Saga's home when she spotted Daniel out of the corner of her eye. With all her kills caught in her mouth by their tails, she approached quietly with the silent tip-tap of her paws against the hard earth. It wasn't till she had gotten as close as she could with the meat in her mouth and the sharp click of her nails on old, broken pavement that she set her spoils on the ground, clearing her throat to alarm Daniel to her presence if he wasn't already aware of it. "Want to share or are you just gonna hog all of that to yourself?"

Re: i'll follow you until the daylight

Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:41 am

Word Count → 000 :: ooc

His tail stiffed and his doggish ears perked up as his cousin's voice awoke him from his reverie. Teeth still gripping the tough, dried meat, teal eyes found her soft golden form and with a shake of his shaggy head, he tore his mouthful away from the rest of his prize. Daniel watched her appraisingly as he chewed, his dark brows knitted togethering in thought.

'I mean...' he began with the air of someone who was in great debate their own mind. 'I was gonna share this with Cas, but he's gone off sulking. Then I was gonna eat it myself.' Giving the dried meat one last glare of consideration, he swallowed his mouthful and kicked the joint over to his cousin. 'But I guess we can share.'

With a great thud, he lowered himself to the ground unceremoniously, like a teen diving onto their bed with great abandon. A pale hind leg scratched the spot behind his half-cocked ears eagerly, wiry strands of his tan coat loosening and floating away.

'What new with you then?' Daniel asked with only a faint hint of interest.

Re: i'll follow you until the daylight

Thu Oct 03, 2019 11:20 pm

She hadn't meant to sound so demanding when she approached or to seem as if she wanted to steal his own spoils. It was just the way it had come out and instead of focusing on that, she found herself pleased that he was even offering to share, rather than grumbling and keeping it to himself. As the meat is kicked her way, bounding off the ground and being coated in dirt in the process, she bends down, hook like claws grasping hold of the joint with reckless abandon while she leans down to tug off her own healthy chunk of food, her throat full of tiny, small growls until it's torn free and she's free to chew at it loudly where she stands. She settles down on her haunches, baring those cinnamon colored eyes upon her cousin as he scratches himself.

She's still chewing when his question graces their conversation. "I'm spending time with Aunt Saga, Uncle Malfoy and dad lately. They're all teaching me how to hunt and getting me ready to shift soon. It's been.... tough." She acts nonchalantly about the whole thing, though it's easy to see that her mind's been on the question of her survival in the world as an adult. She knows already that she'll be fine, though the fear is still ever present. She nods at the small pile of dead meat a few feet away that she left when she approached before pushing the meat shared between them back in his direction. Perhaps she's not as hungry as she thought she was.

"Dad started acting normal again, or at least he's trying, and we got a new sister," she blathers, not quite going into detail as if he's been there this whole time. Her head turns so that her eyes can find him again before she looks around. "You wanna hang out? I've got nothing better to do."
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