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POSTED: Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:21 pm

NPCs: Wormwood & Xanthos (+###)

We can probably wrap this up with your post or my next one? :O

He shrugged into his shoulder, feigning modesty and playing down the topic. “Confident, or perhaps just overly grateful that his wife was on the mend.” Either way, the man had alluded to a place that had caught Argive’s attention more than the dismal draw of the allegiance-less Loner-life. The idea of a shadier group of Luperci meant that, if his past ever got out, he wouldn’t have to worry about uprooting his life and disappearing again. Murder—particularly a torturous one—seemed like quite a taboo in most group settings, no matter the reasoning for it.

The answer the young man gave on the inquiry about additional jars was a promising one. His wording could have made it easy to assume they would meet again, likely within the near future. If he hadn’t found much worth in Argive, Noir could have lied, or, been honest and simply declined altogether. Though, as things were, there was nothing truly to be gained with a second meeting with Noir—he had not alluded to having ties to the mysterious Kingdom or having any familiar ones with Sekhmet—it never hurt to know a familiar face in a new area. That, and jars were always valuable.

When Noir procured some of his meat and offered it out, Argive received it with a fox-like smile. “It would be a pleasure.” He put the newly-traded food into one of Xanthos’ saddle bags before shifting to where he had stashed the herbs and salves he had mentioned for barter. “Where would you care to meet for the jars?” Procuring the items they had agreed upon, he handed them over to Noir one by one. “I believe I have some charcoal left and some space on the back of this lovely map—” The word was dripping with sarcasm as he pulled the metalsmith’s map from before out from his belt bag. “—that still has some space left on it.”

With any luck, the young man would have better artistic and explanatory skills than the metalsmith.

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Sanguine, while growing more and more confident in holding his own when it came to trade deals, he was still fairly new compared to others in the kingdom. He didn't know the kinds of items that were well to bring along on trips such as these, and so making another trip to meet with an Outsider would end up being inevitable. Even so, this man had shown promise. He had been able to dance around the fact that he came from Salsola..

But this man was no fool. He had been able to pick up on some of the signs, and seemed to get the hint that there was at least something more going on than the young male was letting on. He could play the same game as anyone else in his home.

One eyebrow rose as Argive reached for his things, rolling out the map and offering a piece of charcoal to mark down on the map where they should meet up for the second time. This would be a true test of his skills. There was a clear message being sent from the stranger's voice, and if he was looking for Salsola, then this would be a good follow up, and test to see if he could be granted the information that would lead him to his new home.

The word for a former slave would not be enough for the Boss or the Erilaz.

Green gaze moved over the map, it's crude drawing laid out before him. Some things were easy to make out, but others... well not so much. Tapping the charcoal between his fingers, he soon set the tip around one spot in particular, "We'll meet up here. It's a common place for those around the area to gather. It's called Amherst. You should be able to find a place to settle down there until we meet again."

It was just close enough to Salsola, and would give him a viable reason for the grand Sehkmet to turn up out of no where.

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