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Something familiar with something new

Sat Sep 21, 2019 10:30 pm

Taking a deep breath, Yvonne adjusted the hides in her hold. There was an awl and the pointed tool that would help her pull the small strips of leather she had nearby through the holes she would make with the awl. The pointed tool was new and unfamiliar to her, but she had done her best to make one. It was supposed to make the task of joining the two pieces of leather together as one easier. Picking up the awl she started making the holes, making sure they were spaced apart enough that they would not chance to tear into a larger hole. Focusing on her task she didn't really notice anything around her.

That didn't mean she wasn't aware of the fact that Barton was resting nearby, keeping an eye on her surroundings. Or that Tora was playing close enough for her to hear his huffs of excitement and his sniffing of curiosity. It just meant she wouldn't notice if someone approached her unless Barton gave a cry of warning. Moving the hide a little she picked up the new tool and managed to get the thin strip of leather through the needle and then the needle through the hole she had made. The leather pulled through and she perked her ears up happily. Already it was a lot easier than what she normally did. Smiling she carefully started to stitch the two hides together, making sure to pay attention to the length of the thinner leather as she worked.

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Re: Something familiar with something new

Sun Sep 22, 2019 4:50 pm

Flash of Light, Crash of Sound.
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Alec wandered in his 2-legged form for a change, carrying the gifts that Ezra had given him proved to be difficult when one was devoid of the luxury of opposable thumbs when a slight movement caught the corner of his eyes. A blonde female was punching holes in a piece of hide. Fascinated, the dark male stopped to watch, maybe this was something he could help with; it seemed interesting enough.

Engrossed in the work this female was doing, the male set a few absentminded steps forward when he got startled by a cry of alarm. A bird that he previously hadn’t noticed had alerted everyone of his presence. I’m sorry! The nervous young wolf yelled out. It just looked really interesting what you were doing, I’m Alec by the way. I’m new here, hi! The youngster didn’t realize he had been rambling and was surprised when he had to catch his breath after talking.

He cautiously stepped towards the female when he noticed a pup playing nearby. And who are you? he asked while slowing down his pace even more and lowering himself slightly to give the little one a chance to get accustomed to his scent.

Re: Something familiar with something new

Sun Sep 22, 2019 5:43 pm

Yvonne turned at Barton's cry and blinked at the stranger. It was a male, new to the pack, and his name was Alec. Had he said her task looked interesting? Smiling Yvonne wagged her tail lightly "Hail, I don't mind some company. I am Yvonne, and that is my son Tora." Tora gave a huff in greeting and sniffed at Alec with a happy wag of his tail. The blonde wolf-dog adjusted the hides again and spread them on her lap to check her work so far. She wasn't the best at getting an even stitch, but at least it looked like the two parts would stay as one.

"So Alec, how do you like the pack so far?" she herself quite enjoyed it here in the Vale. It was interesting since before she...well before joining the Court she had been just fine with being alone and surviving on her own. Now she had friends and family here. Help if she needed it, and she wasn't alone anymore. It was nice. It was something she hoped would last for a long time, if not for her sake then her son's. She did not want him to ever be alone like she had been.

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Re: Something familiar with something new

Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:29 am

Flash of Light, Crash of Sound.
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The female didn’t seem to mind his company. If anything, she seemed happy about his presence, which did a great deal to calm Alec’s nerves. Yvonne and Tora. He repeated the names to commit them to memory. He’d heard a lot of names recently and was terrified of forgetting someone’s name or getting it wrong. And an interested, sky-blue eye followed the hides and tried to understand what was being done to them and why, and what it was being turned into.

To be completely honest with you, I’m having trouble adjusting. He answered to the blonde female's question, for a moment he pondered how much he should share but decided that it might be better to overshare than to undershare. A wry smile spread across his lips, and his tail slumped down slightly. I don’t have many skills, so honestly, I’m feeling like I’m not doing anything. He tried to hide his feelings, but a deep sadness was still visible in his eyes, the young male was clearly troubled by his perceived uselessness.

He then looked over at Tora, and some of the sadness lifted from his eyes, the melancholy remained but there was something else, a peace that could only be brought out by the innocence of youth.

Re: Something familiar with something new

Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:22 pm

Yvonne listened and nodded "That makes sense...and you can always learn skills! Many here are willing to pass on you say...what they know?" she huffed for a moment "They are willing to teach da!" Her tail wagged and she examined her work again "I know Dalia is willing to teach others the bow, I am willing to teach how to skin and prepare hide. The male called Malfoy is willing to teach sword fighting, his mate is willing to teach carving...and there are many others da." Moving she pulled her leather thread through more holes, making sure to make it as neat as she could.

Tora meanwhile was sniffing at Alec happily, the younger males tail wagging as he took in the scent of the new person. Yvonne let her son do what he wanted for now, as long as he didn't cause trouble. "Of course, if you don't want to learn anything, I do not think it would be a big deal? This pack is very nice and I doubt they would make you leave if you did nothing." She started to hum lightly as she worked, a smile on her maw. Tora perked his ears and looked to his mother and gave his version of a yip.

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Re: Something familiar with something new

Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:28 pm

Flash of Light, Crash of Sound.
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A pair of bright blue eyes, the only thing betraying the wolfdog’s domestic heritage, followed the female’s movements closely. An occasional quick glance at the young one moving around his feet was the only lapse in his staring at the female’s fingers doing the work.

Whilst a part of his mind was trying to understand what was being made, and why things were done the way they were done, the rest was dedicated to holding the conversation. I’d love to learn things! The young male yelled out louder than he’d meant to and immediately regretted it when he remembered Tora had been close to him, he hoped he hadn’t scared the young one too bad, but was too excited to stop talking.

You really think people would teach me? You would really teach me? I’d love to learn. For the first time in a while, some hope had been restored, and in his excitement, he didn’t realize he wasn’t giving the female time to answer. When can we start? Please teach me! A loud gasp followed the barrage of questions. Alec then shifted slightly and glanced at the woman in front of him, his eyes big and bright with a new hope.

Re: Something familiar with something new

Sat Oct 05, 2019 9:44 pm

Yvonne couldn't help but laugh "Calm down, there is time" she finished her current line and tied a knot so her leather string would not slip back out. "I don't really have extra fresh hides to show you on right now. Tell you what, you bring me some kills and I will show you how to skin and make the hide smooth da? No birds now, something like a rabbit or a fox will do just fine." She got another of her leather strings and pulled it through her fingers to make sure she had cut it correctly. "Or I could just show you what kind of tools I normally use to get hides ready for use."

Tora looked to the new person with a slight tilt of his head as the other male got excited. Shaking his head he trotted over to Yvonne and sat by his mother. It was not that he was scared, it was just that he didn't really understand where the stranger's excitement came from. So staying close to his mother just seemed the right thing to do for the moment in any case. Barton gave a cry and clicked his beak, then took flight away from the wolves to go get food for himself.

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Re: Something familiar with something new

Sat Oct 12, 2019 7:47 am

Flash of Light, Crash of Sound.
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Alec’s tail was wagging uncontrollably at the prospect of learning something, especially something useful. He didn’t even notice the little one walking away from him as he took in the words the female was saying to him. All he had to do was bring her some kills and she’d teach him how to skin them, just like that? He knew she’d said there was no rush. But to him, there was a rush. He wanted to make himself as useful as he could, he wanted to learn everything.

In his youthful excitement, he hadn’t even noticed that Tora had wandered away from him, nor that the bird had flown off. Instead, he was staring intently at the blonde female’s hands. Please show me the tools. he was speaking so fast that his words were barely comprehensible. He was soaking in everything he could, but if he was honest to himself, he didn’t quite understand what she was doing or why she was doing it. He understood she was making something out of the hides of animals, but that was as far as he got. He had half a mind to just run off and hunt some rabbits, but he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to find this kind woman anymore.

What are we making? And what does that thing do? He said pointing at the tool in her hands. He opened his mouth again to ask more questions, but caught himself and instead waited for the female to answer, he didn’t want to scare her off after all and he was afraid that if he showed too much of himself, he might.

Re: Something familiar with something new

Sat Oct 12, 2019 4:25 pm

Yvonne chuckled and adjusted her project so it was somewhat flat on the ground before setting out the tools she was using on it. Then she got out her scrapping tool and set that down too. "All right so, this is the awl, it punches holes in the hide." she pointed to the tool and then showed him the holes she had already made. Then she pointed to the needle she had made "This just helps me pull my thin leather strips into the holes so that the two pieces I want together stay together." The blonde female didn't even know its name, but so far it was proving useful to her current task.

Then she pointed to the knife "I use this one to get what is left on the hide off after I skin the animal. To skin an animal I normally just use a normal knife but you have to cut a certain way as to not damage the skin." That was the basics at least, and she could really tell him more without an animal to actually show him how to cut it so that he could skin it. Looking to the curious male she grinned "That's all I can teach you without a kill, and I could also make you an extra set of tools if you want?"

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Re: Something familiar with something new

Thu Nov 14, 2019 3:29 pm

Flash of Light, Crash of Sound.
Form: | Date: | [225]
Intently, the dark-haired male stared at the tools, while the female explained what they did and demonstrated it, as much as was possible. With a look of intense concentration, he listened to her words and tried to remember all the foreign shapes. He'd known there were people who could make stuff out of the hides of animals, but he’d never seen it done before. And he was sincerely impressed by the skills that were shown in front of him. He didn’t quite understand the use of the things, but he figured that would show itself.

When she mentioned making him an extra set of tools his eyes lit up. I would love some tools, but I don’t know if I would know how to use them well, or at all. His insecurities started to take hold again. But then he reminded himself that if he didn’t try, he would never learn anything. I’ll go hunt something right now, I’ll find you! With those words the excited adolescent briskly walked off. He knew where to find some rabbits, maybe he could even bring something larger so this woman would really be able to teach him. He did not know what he was going to find, but he knew that he wouldn’t rest until he had found something.
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