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POSTED: Fri Nov 15, 2019 12:10 pm

Yvonne was more than willing to teach him how to use the tools. He left before she could say so, to go kill something she could teach him to skin. Shaking her head lightly she looked around and found some rocks and started knapping out the tools. It would not take her long to make an awl, knife, and scraper. They may not be anything fancy, but they would be functional. As she hit the rocks together she started to hum lightly, an old song her mother had once sung to her. Yvonne herself never really sang, not liking the sound of her own voice in such ranges that needed to be reached. Humming was safe and calmed her at times.

Right now she was just humming to keep her mind from being too active as she worked. She still wanted to work on her blanket, but she knew that these tools would be useful to the young man who was so excited to learn. So she hummed to focus on the tools, and not worry about the blanket too much. The blanket, after all, was not something she was making for someone else, it was just for her and Dalia and she could take her time on it. The tools would be used almost right away, so they should be done right away, especially since they were pretty easy to make anyways.

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