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Yeah, I'm hollow

Sun Sep 29, 2019 3:39 pm

The rolling chorus of rustling leaves lulled Ceridwen from her sleep, the subtle movement of a deep stretch from from ear tip to tip toes shifted her sheets with the same timbre as the waving maple branches just outside her front door. She languished beneath the covers for just a moment, luxuriating in the warmth that her body had generated and the covers remained. A tentative touch of her tongue to her dark nose drew away the chill, serving as a reminder of how easy it would be to burrow down and leave the remainder of the day to pass her by. As the sense of sleep shed off her skin, however, so too did her desire to laze about, and she soon found herself tip toeing across the dirt floor of her abode.

It did not take her long to cross from one end of the single room den to the next; built with simple materials, predominantly sod, her home was more of a den than anything else, where she slept and occasionally hoarded things. The warm morning light filtered through cracks in the thin, wooden front door, the scent of herbs and decaying foliage wafting in with each gust of wind. Without much effort, she pushed the door open, stepping out into the back garden that was innocuously fringed with large stones to declare to the world that trespassers were unwelcome.

The little sod hut was built up against the back wall of a dilapidated cabin that had fared surprisingly well in the decades of neglect it had endured. She had reluctantly intended to move into it, finding comfort in the fact that the structure was a short jog away from the hustle and bustle of Charmingtown and her peers, but not so far that they would not pop in from time to time to trade for the goods that she procured. The only problem was that she was not a particularly handy luperci. Her green thumb and penchant for making pretty trinkets was of no help when it came to restoring the ancient human structure.

With a deep and audible sigh, she trudged to the front of the building, ducking under the sagging roof of the porch and stopping at the door, feeling lost. A smattering of bones littered the entry, in what Ceridwen thought was chic decor, but in reality made it look like several owls had moved in the night before, only to trash the place while she slept. Her hopelessness was highlighted only by her unenthusiastic shuffling of random debris, moving it from the inside to the outside, and ultimately making no forward progress on creating an inviting atmosphere.

Re: Yeah, I'm hollow

Sun Sep 29, 2019 4:27 pm

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

OOC: 250+ wc

Lyssa made her way over for her weekly visit to Ceridwen's home. Shortly after the formation of the pack she had made a home of a small hut on the outskirts of town. There, the golden woman had been helping her set up her new garden. It had been a shame that they lost their work because of the stampede, but at least now the garden was much closer to where Lyssa lived. Now the garden had been fairly well set up, but Ceridwen's home had been all but left unattended.

On her walk over she spotted some beautiful flowers growing strongly in the cool fall weather. These would make a beautiful bouquet! Perhaps these would brighten up her home. She picked a bunch of Asher and paired them with Goldenrod; The thin purple petals of the Asher made a good contrast with the bright yellow bulbs of the Goldenrod. Once she had gathered a large bushel of the flowers, she tied it together with a bit of extra twine she had on her. Lyssa admired her work before continuing her way.

"Cerdiwen!" she called out as she approached her home, "I have brought you a gift to brighten up your house! Then we can get started on the garden work." She knew the woman didn't care much for chatter and niceties, but would rather get straight to work. Still, a break to freshen up her home shouldn't be too much trouble. Lyssa went to the back of the home towards the garden to show her the bouquet she made.

Re: Yeah, I'm hollow

Mon Sep 30, 2019 12:22 pm

Ceridwen had half a mind to abandon the task of tidying when she noticed Lyssa strolling down the path, in her arms a bouquet of brightly coloured flowers that stubbornly clung to their petals despite the rapidly cooling weather. She seized the bundle up greedily, admiring the striking contrast between the gold and violet petals that stood out against the verdant petals and stems. Her packmate had barely crossed the threshold by the time Ceridwen strode over, tipping her head as she regarded the coyote with deep suspicion. "What's that?" She queried, reaching for the bundle even before an explanation was given.

Her cheeks warmed beneath her fur as she took the gift, taking a moment to admire the arrangement both in sight and smell. She wasn't used to receiving gifts without occasion, and certainly without reciprocation; it showed in the way she stood there awkwardly, lingering wordlessly, looking from the flowers to the smaller luperci and back again. "Thanks." She said, not without sincerity, but in a way that indicated that she was obviously uncomfortable, and very much awkward. Nonetheless, her wagging tail was a clear sign that she was pleased. Turning, she purposefully marched a few steps forward with the full intention of putting them in the cabin, before she remembered that she didn't really have anywhere to put them. The inside was dusty and cluttered, with broken furniture making it difficult to navigate.

Groaning inwardly, she stopped in her tracks, realizing that she was trying to move ahead without a plan. Slowly, she turned, and tried to explain what she wanted in a roundabout way. "The garden doesn't need much work, but maybe today you can help me with the house." She fingered the flowers absently, unable to make eye contact for this particular request, vague as it was.


Re: Yeah, I'm hollow

Wed Oct 02, 2019 11:01 am

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

OOC: 250+ wc

A small smile formed on the gardener's lips as she took the flowers from Lyssa. She was happy to see that her friend enjoyed the flowers so much, even if she didn't know how to express it. The masked woman turned around to walk into her house when she stopped to examine the inside. Perhaps she didn't have a place to put the flowers? Lyssa cocked her head to the side as she waited.

After a moment, Ceridwen asked instead if they could work on the house. A wide smile formed across the golden woman's face. "Of course!" she replied, taking a step towards the house. Lyssa was never one to turn down any help that was asked of her. The garden was looking beautiful in bloom anyways, so letting it grow for one more day wouldn't do any harm.

Lyssa moved past her friend to move closer into the house. But as she looked inside, she realized why Ceridwen was uncertain about where to put her gift; The house looked as if it had never been cleaned or worked on since she moved it. Broken furniture lay about, dust and cobwebs covered most surfaces, and various plants had begun to reclaim the structure. A small giggle happened to fall from her lips as she looked at the mess within. "Oh ma chérie. I am not terribly surprised that you care for your plants more than your home. Here, let's start by clearing out all the things that are unusable." And with that, Lyssa marched into the small home and started to grab broken furniture.

Re: Yeah, I'm hollow

Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:48 pm

The reason for why Ceridwen rarely hosted company was quickly revealed when Lyssa stepped into the derelict home. Cringing, she followed after the coyote, sheepishly standing in the doorway while her companion took in the sight. True enough, she had spent most of the summer toiling away in the garden, finding some reason or another to neglect the abode, which was so low on her to-do list that she had even found the time to set up a den outside of it. She bristled at Lyssa's affectionate words, nearly crushing the stems of the beautiful flowers she held, but managed to grit her teeth and remain silent. It would not be to her benefit to try and start a fight with someone who only meant well.

Stepping into the dark home, she stared into the vague middle distance, feeling overwhelmed by all the dust and rotting furniture, and the general state of things. "Good thinking." She commended the canine's plans, moving herself to the side so that she was not in the way. "I'll just braid these into a wreath, and then I can hang it up on the front door." The announcement was more like dark muttering to herself, though she might have tried to make an effort to raise her voice for Lyssa's benefit. It was nearly drowned out by the sound of furniture scraping against the floor, and other assorted objects being tossed out the door.

"Is it really all unusable?" She asked, briefly looking up in alarm as several objects were carried out of the premises without a second thought. There might have been luperci more clever than she who might be able to salvage material from the scraps they threw out, but Ceridwen could not think of any uses herself. The best she could manage was to twist her gift of flowers into a sturdy wreath, the frame made with a few slender, young branches that could be easily bent to fit her needs. "We're doing great, everything looks much nicer already!" She praised, despite having not helped with clearing away the debris herself.


Re: Yeah, I'm hollow

Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:11 pm

Outside the dawn is breaking, But inside in the dark I'm aching to be free

OOC: 250+ wc

The woman worked away on her flower wreath, watching Lyssa's progress from the corner of her eye. Lyssa didn't mind; She was just glad she had found a good use for her gift. The work was hard, but it brought a good sweat to her fur. "Well, I sure do not know how to fix these things, and I feel like you might not either. Maybe see if Robbie can fix any of this, or just have him make some new stuff." She said over her shoulder as she tossed a rotted chair out into the yard.

Once the big items were clear, the golden woman stood in the doorway covered in sweat and dirt. Wiping her forehead, she looked over at Ceridwen who was smiling gently at her work. In her hands she held a beautifully twisted wreath, the flowers arranged into a perfect pattern."You had made those flowers even more beautiful! I didn't think it could be possible! Quick, quick, hang it up!" She said excitedly, clapping her hands together. She stood by with bright eyes as she waited for her friend to hang up the beautiful wreath. Ceridwen certainly had a way of turning simple items into something wonderful.

After that, her eyes fell back into the room. It already looked a thousand times better with all the junk removed, however, there was quite a lot more work left to be done. "Well my friend, what shall we do next?" Maybe they could sweep up the floor, or clean the windows? There were so many options.

Re: Yeah, I'm hollow

Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:25 pm

Ceridwen's tail swayed in response while a serene smile sailed over her lips. "These flowers could elevate anything I made them into." It had truly been a quality bouquet, each flower picked with care and admiration, though she rarely missed an opportunity to praise her own skills. As she gazed upon her work, rose woman could not help but covet the supple petals, to bring them to a form where they would shine brightest. Their luminance drew from Lyssa excited cooing, urging her to set it up post-hate. Sheepishly oblidging, Ceridwen brought the wreath outside, and after gently setting it down on the sagging porch, began to rummage through the debris. Within a few minutes she had found a rusty, slightly bent nail, and a stone, and was well on her way to affixing the wreath onto the front door. When she was done, she stepped back, and admired her handiwork. Only after that, would she allow herself to ponder on what had been done to her once cluttered abode.

The realization sunk in slowly, casting a dark shadow over her slumped shoulders and creased forehead. "Are you sure I need to get rid of all that?" She shot a fugitive glance over a pile of what could only be described as junk by anyone rational and sensible. As a magpie gathered trinkets, so too did Ceridwen, who struggled not to take issue with the house being emptied. The best she could manage was to pout moodily, worriedly considering all the ways she might be able to fill it up again. Despite the petulance in her tone, she willingly turned away from the trash, returning her focus to the room and forgetting about her short-lived agony.

"Still so much we need to do!" She said, in a way that suggested Lyssa's duty of labour was not over just yet. Putting her hands on her wide hips, she formulated a plan in her head. "That fireplace will have to be cleared out. Why don't you start on that, while I gather up the cobwebs and start sweeping." Her words trailed off as she ambled away, gently closing the window of opportunity for her companion to protest, much less discuss the plan. "Now where did I put that broom..." She mused airily, just loud enough to be heard, as she wandered outside, leaving in her wake a sinking suspicion that it would be some time before anyone saw her back in the house.

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