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"Ye haven't ever seen snow? Well then, yer in for quite a surprise." The shepherd dog had to hide a smile and wondered how he would react to the cold substance. He saw it before and after his illness and found it fun for several minutes until it melted and froze his hands and feet, but to see the dark and earthy landscape blanketed by an untarnished white was quite the sight to see. He found it interesting, but one of the new individuals from the south thought the world was ending and acted accordingly. He wondered where Phoenix would fit on that spectrum.

Shifting his thoughts from Phoenix's possible reaction to the world losing its color, Wally made a shrug. "If that's the case, I'll stop by. Hopefully ye all don't have enough scythes to run me out if I miss the signs." He was easily speaking from experience, and was still unsure how such a large group could amass so many scythes. With the knowledge of where it was located, he can be extra careful this time around, as he wouldn't want to screw up this opportunity, especially with a possible friend in their ranks. "Just vouch for me if I trespass. Me nose was never good with those kind of things."

His mind was made up to check out Mistfell. If he didn't like it, he would only be there for the winter. He would probably travel up there towards the tail end of the year, but now he wanted to return to the bag. It was almost done, and that thought was starting to nag at him. Besides, he had no plans to travel with Phoenix. He was sure his pace would be too slow for someone with a horse, and he was rather uncomfortable with the idea of riding one. Maybe it was him being unable to have his feet on the ground or just the anxiety from not riding one before, but Wally's legs still worked fine, and he didn't know how Tohopka felt with carrying the dog.
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"Yeah, I hear it's cold n' white n' that's about all I know." Phoenix wondered if he could even handle the weather come winter time around these parts. Sure, his pelt was thick, but it wasn't nearly as coarse and impenetrable as some of the coats of other luperci in the area; they were built for the cold, whereas he thrived in the hot Arizona sun. Sedona, at least, probably had the whole winter thing down at this point, so he could rely on his flesh and blood to give him some pointers and help him through it. His jeans probably weren't going to cut it. Maybe he needed to get his hands on some sort of jacket or cloak?

A trip to Amherst or some other seedy city was in order, then.

He laughed. "Scythes? Not that I know of," he reassured him, waving a hand to dismiss that sort of thought. "I gotcha covered. Borders should be pretty obvious, but I think even if y'did cross 'em, they'd be more understanding than some other packs." Bias was leading his words, clearly, but he knew the Vale was sure to let him in just as easily as they had let in the cowboy. Although, he had his fairly high-ranking sister to speak to Saga on his behalf, whereas Wally would only have the word of her brother.

It would all work out. Probably.

The natural close to their conversation was on the horizon, now, as the traveler finished stitching up his satchel. "Weeeeeeeeell, guess that about covers it, Mister Wally," Nick said as he stretched his arms above his head, lifting himself with his toes. His arms careened back to his sides with an explosive sigh, and he gave Tohopka a hearty pat on his neck. "Ready t'head back, antsy pants?" The stallion, though he didn't understand his rider's high speech, seemed to know what that meant, and he snorted with a toss of his head.

Phoenix climbed back into the saddle easily and adjusted himself, taking the reins into his calloused hands. "Don't be a stranger, now," he called down, a bit too loudly, to his new friend, and he flashed him a winsome smile. "We're just yonder, don't be shy. Hope t'see ya soon, partner."

He clicked his tongue and squeezed his legs inward on the horse, and before he could hear Wally's reply, they were off, hooves beating thunderously into the sand and out of sight.
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