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for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:09 am

(283) All Welcome! Charmingtown, location vague.

Gnawing on an already well-chewed knucklebone, Calhoun flopped in the dust of the road and wagged his tail contentedly. He'd been told it was a treat for being such a good boy, but his parents probably had other intentions for the gift: namely, a means of distraction to keep him complacent for his babysitter.

Seated on a nearby porch, his eyes half-shut and hands hidden in his large sleeves, Resurrection watched his charge with a faint smile.

The preacher was frail and sickly, which might have made him a poor babysitter for rowdier children, but Calhoun heeded the man's every quiet word. Perhaps it was because he sensed something different about Resurrection and understood at some level that the man couldn't chase him down if he ran away – but that might have been given Calhoun's little brain too much credit, especially because it was distracted by the floods of dopamine from a good chew.

Res coughed into his sleeve, and Calhoun picked up his head, oversized ears swiveling toward the preacher, but Res waved off his concern and settled back, narrow muzzle pointed toward the thin grey clouds overhead.

The boy watched him thoughtfully for several moments, then picked up the pig knuckle and brought it over to his babysitter with a wag of his tail.

Do you want a turn?

Resurrection blinked then smiled. I'm okay, child, but I appreciate the offer. He turned his head to cough a little into his sleeve again, then quoted, He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor.

Yes, that's why I'm sharin' with you, Mister de le Poer!

The preacher laughed.

Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:18 pm


Hope you don't mind me joining!


Raven awoke early that morning, although that had not differed much from any other morning, but the mornings were noticeably a lot chillier than she had expected. Well, she had expected it, but neither of the siblings had been quite prepared for the actual cold. They had only heard about it, and while Wyoming got cold, the cold here felt different from the dampness in the air at all times. It was a good thing they had traded some of their animals off for some good furs that would keep them both warm during the winters if this was just a taste for what was to come.

Yet, with the sun now high up in the sky, the cool temperatures were a little more bearable and therefore she did not need to keep her cloak so tightly around her. The pair strode along side by side down the road through Charmingtown, hoping to grab a drink at the Ugly Coyote where they spent most of their free time trying to figure out their plans to contribute to the town and hopefully, well eventually, get their own place instead of crashing at the Inn. They would need something soon, as their animals would require more space, but that could wait.

Raven's ears pricked forward as the sound of others talking caught her attention, Rembrandt elbowed her and motioned for her to follow him as he wanted to introduce himself to everyone within Del Cenere. It wasn't a bad idea, but Raven had not been much for socializing on the best of the days.

"Hey there champ, what's yer name?" he asked, eyeing the small coyote puppy with a friendly smile. Raven nodded to the male that must have been caring for the younger pup that was gnawing away happily on a bone. Rembrandt crouched down beside him but kept some distance so he did not feel like his prize would be threatened. "Looks like a mighty fine catch. Did you hunt this one all by yourself?" he grinned, as Raven tried to appear more friendly behind him.


"Raven speaks." "Rembrandt speaks."

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Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Sun Dec 01, 2019 11:30 am

Footfalls snagged his attention with a forward-sweep of oversized ears, and Calhoun craned his neck to look up at the pair of strangers, his tongue still lolling from his mouth to wash covetously over the well-gnawed knucklebone. The instinct to distrust unknown adults made his ears pin uncertainly for a moment, but once the first — the male — spoke warmly, Calhoun’s tail stirred in the dust. He was rather too dumb and friendly to be afraid of newcomers.

“My name’s Calhoun!” the puppy replied, in a high voice that didn’t quite match his rotundity. He stood, still wagging his tail and wiggling his body over his chew toy, though the question made his brow furrow. “Nope.” He didn’t think to lie or invent a story about how he might have felled a wild hog. “My mama gave me it because I’m good.” He paused. “Do you wanna turn at chewin’?” he offered, lowering his head to nudge the bone and roll it toward the man.

Behind him, wine-red eyes narrow with contented mirth, hands withdrawn into his long sleeves and narrow shoulders hunched, Resurrection nodded back at the newcomers. “You joined not long ago, correct?” he asked. “Welcome.” Another might have stood and offered a handshake or other more formal greeting, but the thin coyote only sat, a faint smile on his face.

“Oh, this is Mister de le Poer,” said Calhoun. “He’s a preacherman.”

His head cocked as he regarded the two. “What’s yours name?”

Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:28 am


Calhoun is adorbs! <3


The pup's large, oversized ears almonst swung around faster to the sound of their approach than his head did making an adorable look that Raven could not deny was the reason that mother's did not drown their children at birth. Everything was disproportionate and oversized in some areas while the rest of their bodies fought to keep up with the growth rate of everything else. A rare smile traced her lips as Rembrandt dropped down and the pup seemed to relax in his presence instantly after looking a little unsure of the two strangers.

"Calhoun! That's a very nice name," Rembrandt nodded. "My name's Rembrandt and this here is my sister Raven," he said, waving his hand in her direction when introducing her. He hid his muzzle with the backside of his hand to whisper under his breath to the pup a "secret" that would only be between them and leaned in a little closer. "She's a li'l grumpy, but don't mind her, she's 'armless," he drawled quietly before pulling back to admire the bone that was pushed before him by the small child.

"You must be a very good boy if your maw gave you this!" he said, picking up the slobbered on bone and pretending to admire it from a few angles before handing it back to the boy. "I don't think I have been a good enough boy to enjoy a treat such as that. Thank you very much though," he grinned, his attention fully on the small pup as Raven's head turned towards the pup's minder. Her golden gaze fell upon the much smaller male as she sized him up and he spoke, welcoming them.

"Yes, we recently joined, thank you," she nodded, before moving to sit herself nearby, but keeping enough space so not to cross too many personal boundary. "There seems to be quite a few healthy children around for it being so close to winter," she eyed, this was promising as it meant the pack was overall healthy.


"Raven speaks." "Rembrandt speaks."

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Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Mon Jan 06, 2020 6:12 pm

"the reason that mothers did not drown their children at birth" LMAO <3

278 words

Thank ya, sir! Calhoun replied when his name was complimented, his chest puffing out only to compress in a giggle as the man whispered his secret. My sister Rafaela's a li'l grumpy too, he muttered back, then glanced with bright, curious eyes at Raven – intrigued by her if for no reason other than her name was a noun he recognized. She was overall dark-colored like a raven, so it made sense.

He wagged his tail in the dust as Rembrandt studied the knucklebone, then accepted it back into his jaws, where he gnawed it noisily. It slid partially out of his mouth, caught at the edge of his teeth, as he squinted toward Rembrandt and his admission. Well, ya just gotta try harder, he advised solemnly. Being a good boy was within everyone's reach, he believed, even if it was hard sometimes to mind when you were just too excited. Everybody deserved a healthy number of chances, though.

Resurrection smiled at the child's remarks, glancing at the dark coydog out of the corner of his eye. It is remarkable for such a young pack, he agreed. They are greatly cared for. Children are a heritage from the Lord.

S'at scripture? Calhoun asked around his chew-bone, recognizing the cadence of the preacher's voice.

It is.

The child bobbed his head in self-satisfaction then flopped back onto his stomach to gnaw properly. He licked around his mouth before something occured to him, and his tail wagged as he peered back up at Rembrandt.

Where'd y'all come from?

Resurrection clicked his tongue softly.

Calhoun widened his eyes. Was that rude?

Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:01 am


xD Poor Raven doesn't have a motherly bone in her body. Btw, I could read your Calhoun posts alllllll day, he's so cuttteeee. T_T


Overall, their experience in Del Cenere had been a positive one to say the least. There were many pack members, more of them healthy than not, and even the ones that looked like they may not be able to defend themselves appeared to have their uses such as the man that sat beside her. Each cog in the machine worked to make the overall pack better. Healthy pups were a good indication that although young, the pack as a whole had a chance at surviving and therefore both her and Rembrandt could possibly stick around for some time, or so she figured at this point.

Rembrandt's soft gaze turned from Raven's face back to the boy as he whispered back that his sister was a little grumpy too and he could not help but grin a the remark. Raven rolled her eyes when the boy looked away at Rem, but could not help hiding the grin that threatened to pull at her cheeks. The young boy's gaze turned back to her as if studying her for a moment, intrigued at their differences or something, she was not sure what exactly went through a child's head. His eyes were bright, expressive, and she could see the beginnings of intelligence in those eyes. He had the potential to grow up to be something spectacular yet. Maybe it was a good idea for her to start taking an interest in the youth here and perhaps one or two of them could be shaped up to be fine adults with the proper direction.

"Yes, I have been taking my duties to be a good-boy quite seriously since I came here. I hope maybe you could show me the ropes?" Rem grinned at the child again, thoroughly enjoying their more serious conversation - well, as serious as a conversation he would get into with someone so small. At least one of them was good with the youth, it was strange to think about how different the two siblings were, but that went for most siblings. Same circumstances, same environment, and still completely, wildly different personalities and interests. Nature versus nurture was not a foreign concept to her, but the broader ideas were beyond the woman's grasp as she did not dabble in the sociological aspects of their species.

The quick remarks made back and forth made Raven contemplate her own beliefs momentarily but was quickly snapped out of her thoughts before she could as Resurrection clicked his tongue at the boy for being rude. Raven shook her pointed nose back and forth and brushed the remark off, "It's okay, we don't have anythin' to hide."

"We come from a place far from here, many, many miles, and it took us weeks to travel here from where we are from. Our pack was called Spitfire Canyon, we were mostly a ranching community with lots of animals, there were a great many of us. Larger than this pack ever," she said, gesturing with her hands as she went to keep the child a little more interested than he probably would be. It was also probable he was looking for a much simpler answer. "We wanted to go north and see the world, and settle down somewhere new, so here we are," she ended, quickly wrapping up a very long journey in a nice little package that would be understandable to such a small child without all the drama and gore that really went along with it.

"You should come meet all our animals sometime. What d'ya say?" Rembrandt asked with a quirk of his brow, although it might not be an appropriate time right now, it would be great to have the small child around and show him the animals that him and his sister had brought with them.


"Raven speaks." "Rembrandt speaks."

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Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Thu Jan 16, 2020 7:46 pm

Briefly balancing the bone between his oversized forepaws, Calhoun nodded, then stuck his tongue out as he brewed over the request. I reckon they keep some rope in the barns, he replied, then lowered his ears and wagged his tail when Resurrection coughed laughter into his sleeve, uncertain what was funny but hoping to be in on the joke.

He fell into polite silence when the female, Raven, spoke up to tell him where the siblings were from. His eyes, a muddy turquoise on their way to his father's green, widened in awe as she described the miles- and weeks-long journey – a scale that he could not quite comprehend for his inexperience, but impressive nonetheless. Even days seemed impossibly long to the youth, let alone weeks! Her gestures served their purpose to keep him engaged, painting Spitfire Canyon as something almost mythical, as it would be for a young puppy who had never been far from home.

Larger? Really? He bounced up onto his feet, then wiggled with enthusiasm when Rembrandt tempted him. I say yes! He grinned and turned in an impromptu circle. How many animals ya got? I bet you got a hunnerd, he exclaimed.


D'aww, thanks! If you'd like, we can wrap this up and have something more recent (now that he can be semi-useful and learn things, hehe).

Re: for bread and wine i'll extoll the meek

Fri Jan 24, 2020 9:58 am


Yes! I'd love a new thread! <3


Raven could not help but be taken by surprise by the little coyote pup's joke that was not entirely meant to be a joke and laughed none-the-less. A true, belly laugh that was completely uncharacteristic of her and she gave her head a shake grinning at the small boy before her. Okay, maybe pups were not all that bad, especially once they started getting big enough to be able to carry conversations with at least. "You're pretty alright kid!" she grinned, when she finally gathered her senses enough and hoped he did not take her laughter the wrong way because she genuinely felt like he was growing on her.

Rembrandt grinned from ear to ear, "Well, guess that's where I will be going after this then! I need those ropes, clearly!" His tail thumped on the ground behind him as he remained seated when Raven began explaining how far they had gone. He could not help but watch Calhoun's face as he lit up at the idea of a much larger place, and how far they had traveled just to get here. The way he spoke just warmed the man's heart and he could not help but grin all the more as he explained they must have had a hunnerd animals between them. Well, a hundred was definitely close to what they had back in the canyon, but that would have been impossible to travel with. Although, at least they would not have starved by any means.

"Close. We got quite a few, but not a hundred," she grinned, tapping the side of her mouth as she thought for a moment. "We have to get going right now, but perhaps you can come by and visit us. I will show you all the animals we got! And maybe when you are a wee bit older, and you can shift, I can show you how to ride a horse?" she asked with a cock of her brow.

Rembrandt hopped up from his spot and nodded, happy to have any little feet romping around in their yard because he sure as hell was not going to get them from his sister any time soon. "Yes, definitely. It was very nice to meet you Calhoun," he nodded, before turning his gaze up to the man who had Calhoun as his charge currently. "Nice to meet ya too, Resurrection," he said, with another nod and a tip of his hat. Raven waved, extending the same pleasantries before the two of them walked off, following a trail back home.


"Raven speaks." "Rembrandt speaks."

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