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[M] we still are made of greed

Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:35 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

I wasn't entirely sure where they're going in Halifax; I seem to remember someone trying to set up a club type thing? iono! [430]

The tight coil of anticipation in his gut was hidden successfully by the customary half smile on his lips, the lazy lift of one half of his mouth as if he couldn't quite be bothered to give it his full effort. Things with Lena were settled now it seemed, the pair working harmoniously once more and he supposed he enjoyed not arguing with the female. Deep down though, he was waiting for something to happen, something to go wrong. He'd had his eye on the contrasting female Tasha since he'd saved her from the cougar and often found himself following her scent briefly before he turned away. Did he really want the aggravation it would cause? Occasionally he thought he didn't, but increasingly he was finding that he didn't care that much. It was in an attempt to get away from the packlands and trouble that he'd gone to Skoll, the golden male he'd found an affinity with a little while ago. Although Tem wasn't often one to reach out to create some kind of bond, he thought perhaps he could with Skoll.

The golden mans friend was a bit of an enigma to Temeraire. When he'd first suggested coming out to Halifax, finding some alcohol and maybe something to score at the end of the night, the male had seemed unconvinced that it was a good idea. He didn't know, or particularly care, what had happened to the male to make him a spoil sport, but the dog had jumped in, cajoling and taunting until Skoll had agreed to come along. For that, Temeraire thought Belmonte (as the dog was named) was on his side but the journey out had been fraught with dirty looks. The shadowy male didn't let it get to him; he had little desire to befriend the dog and didn't really care what the other thought of him. So far, he'd done nothing to the male and therefore any prejudice wasn't something he'd personally deserved.

Twilight settled over the lands as the trio approached Halifax. He'd heard of an old warehouse type place that wolves often gathered and it was that way he headed. "I heard about this place, some call it a club, that we might find some alcohol and sweet company." He grinned, although he couldn't quite tell if Skoll was into it as much as the dog was. Tipping white-rimmed ears forward, he caught the faint sound of music and chatter, blue eyes lighting up as he realised there was definitely something going on out here, they just had to find it.

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Re: [M] we still are made of greed

Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:01 pm


There was some humorous irony on setting off on a quasi-spiritual journey, in hopes of redeeming himself and forgetting his past sins -- and then seeking "booze and bitches" upon coming home again. Skoll didn't feel like laughing.

Aww, ease up, Monsieur Curlytail, Belmonte barked for the umpteenth time with a slap to the ass that might have been a bit invasive to anyone else. Said tail swept quickly to to the side to smack the mutt, as the prince shot him a look that was sharp enough to make Belmonte ease off him a bit. He might have been obnoxious and immoral to a fault, with plenty of questionable glances given Temeraire as if he could barely stand the other's presence, but he seemed to value the friendship he had with Skoll just enough to not be an asshole all the time. They'd traveled together long enough to build some semblance of friendship.

Such a bonding exercise was something that Skoll had wanted with Temeraire, but not this. As much as he liked the dark Stormbringer, he was extremely unfamiliar in this element. He'd be more comfortable beating the other boy up to make up for last time, or talking about other things, but this concept of alcohol and women and a "club" was beyond him.

Aren't you supposed to bash heads in with a club, not drink in one? Skoll asked, just to be sour.

Belmonte rolled his pale eyes, and then looked across at Temeraire. You hear something, Wolf Boy? he asked, his tone only gently teasing even if he'd spoken far more vehemently of wolves on his journeys with the prince. He fell silent a moment later then smiled, boldly, and walked ahead of them toward a large old building -- a warehouse of sorts -- before gesturing back to them. I believe this is the place, then, he said with a questioning but fleeting glance to the black male.

The party of three entered the building to find it quiet, but for an old musician playing a quiet song, a female Luperci singing with a soft southern twang along with it. The scent of alcohol hit Skoll's nose immediately, and he turned to see the bar set up in one corner of the building. There were a few other canines here and there, mostly loners seeking a place to drink or socialize, and while it looked very empty there were more canines here than Skoll had ever seen in a non-pack setting. He found himself looking to Temeraire for direction.

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Re: [M] we still are made of greed

Sun Jun 23, 2013 7:33 am

sorry chicky, was dealing with work and another job interview! [453]

Despite the animosity Tem felt from Belmonte, he couldn't deny that he'd been instrumental in getting the golden prince to accompany them out there. Truthfully, if he'd been more familiar with the dog, he'd have told Skoll to stay behind and they'd have more booze to themselves. But an ingrained need for acceptance by the golden male had him insisting that Skoll accompany them and Belmonte's continued ribbing provided pressure that the male clearly couldn't avoid. "You never know Skoll, you might actually have a good time." He offered, lips curling briefly up his mouth. Skoll's almost sour words caused a deep snort of amusement from the dark boy, a shake of his head given before Belmonte picked up on his perked ears. Wolf Boy was not a nickname he wished to be stuck with, but he refrained from allowing any teeth to show as he grinned. "Its not my problem if you're both deaf." He shot back, uncaring how the dog took it. His own grin was firmly in place as the warehouse came into view.

Unfortunately, entering the warehouse was a completely different story. While he'd heard the sounds of music and snatches of conversation, the gaping emptiness of the building washed over him in disappointment. It wasn't that there was nobody in here; the handful of wolves in the building clearly said that this place wasn't abandoned. Glancing over at the two males with him, an easy-going shrug lifted his shoulders. "Guess we'll be the life of the party then..." He offered before a breath was taken and his posture changed. More dominant, his shoulders back and chest lifted, tail a little more erect. He looked like he commanded the space now as he stepped forward towards the bar. The only issue they had was paying for the alcohol. Approaching the male who seemed to be in charge of whatever alcohol they had, he fixed the male with a blue-eyed stare. "What do you take in payment?"

The male considered for a moment, seeming to suck on his teeth as if to consider what he'd want from the three males who'd come in. "Unbroken bottles'll get ya a bottle in return." The male behind the bar didn't seem to interested in mentioning that other forms of trade were accepted; he didn't like the cocky swagger the boys held. "Well then boys, looks like we've got some gathering to do before we can enjoy this gentlemans alcohol." It wasn't what he would have preferred, but Tem knew better than to demand the drink before the trade was made; if it was in return he wouldn't trust three drunken males to find unbroken bottles that could be used in such a state.

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Re: [M] we still are made of greed

Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:54 pm


Skoll didn't mind the lack of a crowd, even if that might mean less chances to "score" if that was what the other males were intent on doing. He'd be just content to listen to the music, a rare treat, and converse with some of the loners to learn their stories, if they had any. It was clear that both Temeraire and Belmonte had expected something different. Teme's remark made Skoll frown, green eyes flicking to the emptiness of the warehouse and wondering just what life they could provide, while Belmonte flashed a wicked grin in the wolf's direction in rare agreement. He swaggered behind Temeraire as they reached the counter of the bar, but Skoll trailed behind without the princely flaunting he usually offered.

Stupidly, the young man had forgotten about payment -- but he supposed that it would be useless to offer to give the bartender anything after he was drunk off his ass and his goods at home were quite a ways away. He might have suggested that they go back to the Kingdom and grab some booze of their own from there, but that would only waste time.

It seemed that the trade was a bottle for a bottle, and Temeraire turned to them. Belmonte snorted and eyed the man at the bar before turning and waltzing back out of the building. You can find plenty of shit like that around cities. If they weren't so close to your pack, though, he added more quietly, snorting at the two others, I might've taken the place hostage.

Skoll laughed at the stupid remark. Because I'm sure no one's tried that before. I'm sure all of the workers and patrons would have a thing to say to that. He shrugged. If it isn't hard to find bottles in the city, then lead the way, he offered.

His tone was a bit more brusque than he might have used with the dog, but it was tolerated in this case. Belmonte only smiled at him, brows lifting in acknowledgment of Skoll's heightened mood and spirit, and jogged off down a street. Let's split up, he said. I don't want to butt heads with you ladies over who found what in a cabinet. Meet back up at the warehouse with what we've got, yeah?

Skoll didn't even have time to agree as Belmonte ran off, but he did look at Temeraire. Want to search together? he asked, feeling like a child asking for accompaniment -- but also recognizing that there probably wouldn't be another chance for them to hang out alone once Belmonte came back with his goods.

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