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m- I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:20 am

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Word Count: 373 durp durp

In Character

Cotl had traveled to the abandoned city more and more these days. It was strange, but he had been meeting others since he had made their frequent trips and had even gotten some business from it. It was refreshing to see some new faces, no matter how much the old man didn't want to admit it. He had come across some beautiful women lately, and while it made him restless, he also welcomed it. He needed something to distract him, and a woman would be the right medicine for such a thing. The male went out today to perhaps meet another female that he could maybe have his way with, or at least to do some tattoo work on someone.

He had ventured the south blocks of Halifax, a place where he often did not visit. There was no reason he never ventured the southern blocks but perhaps it had something to do with the smell of the place. He was not much of a fan of the smell of fish (his diet reflected so) and the closer he got to the ocean the more he could smell the fish and it made him sick to his stomach sometimes. Today, he felt as if he could handle the smell, so he wandered the south blocks, his steed moving over the broken city's cracked pavement with ease as they made their way around the smelly ocean area. Maschine huffed lightly and Cotl twitched when he felt the horse's loud huff. He also cleared his throat before he pet Maschine's neck and then dismounted him. Cotl had been riding Maschine for the majority of the day now and he figured that the horse would like a rest so he went to a pole and tied Maschine's reigns to it before he looked around. What was there to do?

He adjusted his backpack on his back as he looked around and he huffed as well. He guessed that one of these buildings would have something but then his eyes fell onto a strange structure. He wondered what it was, so he wandered over to it and touched the wood with a careful hand. It seemed to be in good condition still.

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Re: I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:44 pm

377 words.Derp da derp posting spreeeeeee between classes wheeeeee~~
Table by Sammiie!

Ever since Izual had discovered that his brother was, in fact, not dead and very much alive, he had stayed near to the city where he had been found. They had gone their separate ways, of course, but the loner had indeed been feeling lonely so he had stuck around the city. Izual’s interactions with fellow canines had been mostly brief and painfully boring. Left with nothing to guide him, Izual needed to kill something. He just knew he had to.

The southern part of the city had been fairly inviting. The evening before he traded an old skin he had saved in his bag for a ton of food and knowledge of where various hideouts in the city were. None of them were relevant to him except for the tanning factory that had been discussed. Apparently it was in complete shambles, but it was worth a look around just in case there were any spare materials lying around.

The pumpkin coyote walked with a slow pace, as he didn’t feel the need to rush and his paws, as much as he would never admit it, were killing them. His right foot bothered him particularly badly. He was pretty sure there was a rock in the wound that had scabbed up, but he didn’t know. He knew he needed someone to look at it, and soon.

A similar figure to himself up ahead got his attention. A dark horse was tied up near him, and Izual cursed himself for not thinking of stealing it sooner before his scent was exposed. That could alleviate quite a lot of his pain. The tannish man seemed to be investigating a wooden object, and it also piqued his attention. Instead of announcing himself, Izual hobbled over to where the stranger was standing, finally stopping across from him. Izual wouldn’t normally have been so unprotected, but he didn’t sense the man as a threat. He could be, and in which case, he would make sure to beat the daylights out of this guy. But until that happened, Izual was in the mood for some conversation.

“Do you have any idea of what it is?” Izual asked innocently, shifting his weight between his hips as he investigated it.

Re: m- I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:05 pm

Word Count: 360 durp durp

In Character

Cotl's sharp bi-colored eyes looked to an old rope that was loose on the side of the tall structure. He looked at it and followed it up to the pulley and then down to the blade that it held on to. He thought about what this could be. The smell of old blood came from it, and he could only think that it was some sort of contraption made for death. Cotl grabbed the rope and before he heard Maschine nicker in his direction and a male had made himself known by coming to the other side of him. Cotl's ears fell back lightly as his eyes snapped from the wooden contraption to the male in front of him. The other offered an innocent question, but Cotl simply stared at him for a moment, a deep frown on his face. Cotl noted that the male was of coyote blood and while he calmed himself to where he would not harm the other, Cotl didn't like the look of this guy. He seemed like trouble.

Or maybe he should embrace this fact.
Cotl finally opened his mouth when the word for the contraption finally dawned to him. He had read about these structures but hadn't known really what they looked like. His frown turned to it's polar opposite, and the only one of two expressions Cotl's face seemed to know to to twist to. Ein Guillotine. growled the male as he looked at the male, his tongue slithering from his mouth as he hissed the two words. The deranged smile stayed there on his face as he looked back to the rope. He pulled at it and the heavy blade barely budged at first so he had to pull at it again. He huffed as it ended up getting stuck. Cotl didn't realize that it needed two people to pull the blade up because of the way the hoist worked. He looked back to the other male. He twitched his neck and his tail flicked in an annoyed manner. Ist dhere rope-NYYYEHHT- on das side? asked the German to the pumpkin coyote.

Re: m- I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:09 am

0 points. Ugh I am SO SORRY for the delay. My semester has finally calmed down until finals so now I’ll be able to reply at a normal rate / would you wanna spree sometime, like a Monday night or something??
SEXY TABLE thanks to Sammiie ;3

Izual had no idea how to react to this male. He was obviously foreign, obviously was as deranged if not more messed up than he was, and it didn’t help that Izual couldn’t really understand his accent. The tan male sounded like he knew what the contraption was, but Izual wasn’t quite sure. Then, he definitely knew what the basic idea was because he started pulling the tattered rope on the side next to him. Izual could see that he was struggling, and in a rare moment of kindness Izual decided to grab the rope on his side once the strange male said something about it.

It seemed to be caught on something, or maybe it was years of disuse, but the contraption FINALLY budged after Izual gave a particularly hard pull to free his side. Now, they were free to move the rusty, dirty metal piece that clearly had been used to kill things.

“Now what do we do?” Izual asked innocently, but he, too, could smell the blood on the machine. Now they just needed something to slice.

Re: m- I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Fri Nov 29, 2013 4:50 pm

OOC: feel free to make the NPC that they will be unjustly executing. I pointed out that it was female, but for Cotl to really like hurt them she would have to also be full wolf. WC:313

Cotl did not know this man, and the action that the male had done had made the male somewhat trust him, though he still was cautious because of the paranoid part of him that told him that the male might just try to put him in the guillotine if he was not careful. Sharp, bi-colored eyes stared at the male when they had both finally pulled the blade to the top of the wooden contraption. Cotl tied it at the bottom and motioned for the male to do the same and then he looked back at the male and huffed lightly before he twitched his neck to the right and then looked back at him once more. The other male looked to him as well, and asked the age old question. It was the exact question that Cotl wanted to hear though, and he let a sadistic smile plaster itself on his lips.

Ve behead someone. Ve go hunting-FICK- growled the German with the same smile still staying strong on his features. He growled again before he looked around. Mein name ist Cotl Ulrich, by die vay. he let the male know his name, since apparently they were going to be spending some time together today. Cotl then lifted his nose to the air to see if he could scent someone, and luckily, there was another in the area that they could possibly punish for no reason. All Cotl knew was that he wanted to see the Guillotine in action, and he was going to do whatever he could in his power to make sure that he would be able to use it.

Kommt vith mich the Infernian told the loner and he started to walk in the direction in which he could smell a fair maiden. How fair would she be to them? Enough for her to live.....or die?

Re: m- I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Fri Dec 06, 2013 5:12 pm

(000)sorry for the wait D: also didn’t want to powerplay cotl grabbing her so I kinda just assumed that he would grab her at any point while Izzy was talking. also, don't mind my lame GoT reference thrown in there, thought it was appropriate haha

As soon as the man stated their sinister purpose, the pumpkin king released a dark laugh that filled his entire body and echoed his hollow being. Izual was immediately filled with morbid glee, and nodded feverishly. “Izual Massacre,” the coyote said in response to Cotl’s name. He could image that they would get along quite well today.

Now, the game was stalking. Cotl led the way, and it wasn’t long before Izual himself smelt their quarry. She was somewhere nearby, and seemed like she had been squatting there for some time. Izual started running, his excitement for a kill filling his being. The smell grew stronger with each approaching pawstep, until it seemed to be in every molecule of air. Izual immediately stopped, crouched low to the ground, and observed from a distance.

She was four-legged, and definitely a wolf because of her dark, almost black coat; that would make the kill easier. Izual gave his friend a knowing smile. “I distract her, you grab her?” he said with a whisper. He didn’t even wait for his new friend’s response. He knew he would be into it.

Izual stepped out of the bushes that they were hiding behind, though not much stealth was necessary because of the late hour. “What’s a little lady like yourself doing out here all alone? It’s not safe,” he said with a menacing tinge. The female looked at him angrily, ears twitching. Izual just laughed and stepped ever closer, close enough to smell her fear. It was coming out of her in waves. She just stood her ground, silent, watching the pumpkin man with her soon to be dead chocolate eyes.

“The night is dark and full of terrors,” Izual said with a manic grin. He was close enough to her now that she started snarling, backing up slowly. She didn’t even know just how cornered she was.

Image credited to Martin Barraud ~ Textures credited to Sirius-sdz & Ethenyl! Table by Sammiie!

Re: m- I pulled off your wings, and I laughed

Tue Dec 31, 2013 6:22 pm

OOC: Whoops. Sorry for the stupid wait on this WC:523

Sharp eyes watched the male as he finally spoke his name. Massacre was a familiar last name, for there was that male...Hybrid. Cotl had heard of the passing of the old warrior some time ago now, but Cotl became curious of the lineage of the male in front of him because of the fact that he did know the Massacre name. The laugh that bellowed from the mouth of the male was sinister, and Cotl would have joined the male if only things were actually..that funny. Sure, they were pretty funny, but Cotl saved his laughter for the moment that he could use the old murdering tool. The moment he would see the head roll from the body, and the blood gush from the bloodied stump that the head was taken from. That would be the part where the sadist clown would finally turn that frown into a grin, and let the world hear his awful laughter. The two then would depart from their source of fun in search for a prey to make the machine work.

Cotl was left slightly behind by the younger male, for the other started to run, while Cotl ended up increasing his pace to a brisk jog. They finally came upon the camp of the woman, but made sure to stay hidden from her view. Cotl looked to the male as he seemed to take charge of Cotl's little hunt and told him that he would distract while Cotl should grab her. Cotl nodded his head silently before watching the male go off and approach the female who was much younger than both of the males. She should have been with her parents still, or at least in a pack but she wasn't, and that would be her downfall. The two coyotes could easily make her submit to them because of this. The male watched the other from the bushes where his sharp eyes glared out, and if you got into the right light and angle, one could catch the reflection of his bi-colored eyes.

The young orange eyed woman that they had found was unaware of him though, rather, her eyes were on the handsome pumpkin coyote who whispered at her. Those words echoed into the rust colored ears of the coydog, and once the last word, "Terrors" came from his mouth, the elder coydog launched himself forward and came up behind the woman, his clawed hands reaching out and grabbing the woman violently, and he then used his weight to push her to the ground, and with a loud yelp, she did go down. He let a stream of giggles pass his lips, a horrible laugh that did not quite fit him, nor was it a pleasant sound at all. Grabs -NYEHT- hind. he spoke to the male as he slammed his elbow into the top of the female's head, causing her to be knocked unconscious. Once she became limp, he stood and looked at the other male. He then nodded his head and grabbed the female by the collar that she wore around her neck. Was she owned?

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