In my heart, in this cold heart

POSTED: Sat Jan 27, 2018 1:45 pm

my turn
not my turn
Berry-flavoured clouds Jura + Shaamah not my turn
Rabbit stew, for two? Jura + Saga not my turn
Lately, I've been noticing a change in your walking Jura + Anri my turn
Step one Jura + Ragna not my turn
Well, it feels so far away Jura + Finlay
Disappear into the sun Jura + Sabrael
Under a swift sunrise Jura + Gilmore
That loneliness will be more lonely ere it will be less Jura + Posey
your heart's become fond of this Jura + Brandy
Born again Jura + Honrin
Sheep's pluck Jura + Saga
Where borders align Jura + Calia
Show Me The Sun Jura + Saga + Calia
Cooking up a storm Jura + Cecily
With silver bells, and cockle shells, Jura + Iorek

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