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and all that I am

Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:04 pm

  1. grown for a minute. (Jul 29) with Halo @ The Forest of Nod

    Wraith wants to go on an adventure and meets Halo. Halo is super mean and scares the bajeebers out of Wraith and makes her go back to her parents. :c

  2. sometimes i wish for falling, wish for the release (Aug 4) with Sage @ D'Neville Mansion and River Acheron

    Wraith gets to have her adventure! Finally, she sneaks out and finds her way into the Greenhouse. She eats a pot leaf, but spits it out because it's gross. She meets Sage and parrots a lot of what Hybrid, Talitha, and Halo had told her about wolves. Eventually, Sage leads her outside and teaches her how to swim!

  3. all the other kids (Aug 20) with Chapel @ Hade's Beach

    Wraith makes sand wolves and attacks them! Chapel pops up and helps her build the wolves to destroy them. The two chat for a bit before Chapel has to leave for her grown-up duties.

  4. That's when I told you that 'I love you now' (Sep) with Valkyrie @ Grimwell Caverns

    Wraith and Valkyrie bond! <3 Val calls for her siblings and Wraith pops up. Valkyrie suggests Wraith visit her mother in Anathema, but having been abandoned by her once already, Wraith fears a second rejection, so she isn't too thrilled at the idea.

  5. The Final Showdown (Sep) with Chapel, Lucilla, Nathaniel, Hybrid, Alma, and Kesho

    Chapel brings Wraith, Lucilla, and Nathaniel to the beach to play. Her real intentions are to kill them. Alma, Kesho, and Hybrid intercept Chapel before she can succeed and Alma summons Ezekiel. Kesho and Hybrid kill Alma, but Kesho dies in the process.

  6. Sorry just doesn't count (Nov) with Aeron @ The Forest of Nod

    Aeron returns to Inferni to check up on her children. Wraith is bitter and upset that her mother left her, but at first, doesn't want to tell her that. Aeron suggests that Wraith live in Anathema with her and Wraith panics, thinking that Aeron will steal her from her home. Aeron consoles her and offers her a gift, which calms Wraith down. Wraith asks why her mother left in the first place if she loved her children so much.

  7. still the days stay the same (Dec) with Inferni @ the D'Neville Mansion

    Ezekiel calls a clan meeting. He announces that Sage has left Inferni and is no longer welcome in the clan. He also details relations with Salsola and AniWaya.

  8. trying to make it right again. (Jan) with Valkyrie @ Bass River

    Wraith and Valkyrie talk about what Valkyrie could do now that she's ranked as a Tirones. She also hopes to ask Valkyrie about what happened to their father.

  9. another round, on the house (Jan) with Carrion and Aemon @ D'Neville Mansion

    Wraith finds a coyote in his optime form sitting on the roof of the mansion. Naturally, she inquires as to what he is doing. She is joined by another coyote and they are invited up on the roof to share a drink. When Wraith is contemplating how she can get onto the roof, she begins to shift. She then crawls over and joins her new friends.

  10. i like your outfit mr polarbear (Jan) with Omni, Ithiel, and Symera @ Drifter Bay

    Wraith joins in a hunting party with Ithiel and Symera. They pursue and fell a cervidae.

  11. Dawn's Debauchery (Jan) with Symera @ Riparian Moors

    Wraith hunts for rabbits with Symera.

  12. vaporous (Feb) with Vesper @ Grotto dei Avernus

    Wraith does some 'patrolling' and heads to the mansion in search of a hunting party. Instead, she finds Vesper in the hotsprings and decides to join her.

  13. the only world they left us (Feb) with Myrika @ Folly Lake

    Wraith joins Myrika to go hunting with the youth of Inferni.

  14. OOC assumption: Valkyrie tells Wraith what happened to Hybrid
  15. monax (Feb) with Ezekiel @ Forest of Nod

    Wraith tracks Ezekiel with the intention of talking to him about her future in Inferni.

  16. the conditions from which they spring (Mar) with Inferni @ the D'Neville Mansion

    Ezekiel calls a meeting.

  17. sleeping in the sand (Apr) with Ithiel @ the D'Neville Mansion

    Ithiel teaches Wraith and Col how to shoot a bow. Col is decidedly petulant, so Ithiel and Wraith make fun of him. Wraith is somewhat successful at stringing her bow, but struggles to actually hit a target. The verdit: more practice is needed!

  18. The wrath of women (May) with Zana, Emanuelle, and Valkyrie @ Boreas Camp Base, Quartz Shoreline

    Wraith joins in the attack to sack the Boreas camp.

  19. You can't have peace without a war (May) with Sparrow @ the Garden of Eden

    Wraith practices her archery, but looses her only arrow. Sparrow helps her look for it and they chat a bit.

  20. street's like a jungle (June) with Valkyrie and Aeron @ The Dampwoods

    Wraith and Valkyrie go to Anathema to visit Aeron. When their mother arrives, she is accompanied by a young coyote.

  21. with trembling eyes (Jun) with Mido @ Halcyon Mountain

    Wraith wanders out to Halycon Mountain for some thinking time. There, she meets Mido, and inquires as to why he's wearing leaves on his legs. He informs her that they're pants, but Wraith still thinks that they're stupid, so she is mean to him.

  22. a podium built on generations bleeding (Jun) with Inferni @ D'Neville Mansion

    Myrika calls a meeting. She informs the clan that Ezekiel has left and Myrika is the new leader of Inferni, with Vesper still serving as the sub-leader.

  23. i am fueled by filth fury (Jul) with Machidael @ Colchester Quarter

    Wraith finds Machidael breaking bottles. She offers to help, but they quickly get into an argument when Wraith can't understand Machidael's accent. They almost get into a fight and Wraith leaves after they come to a swearing standstill.

  24. time finally caught up with me (Sep) with Alyssum @ Ethereal Eclipse

    Wraith wanders near Casa di Cavalieri territory hoping to find someone who will tell her about the pack.

  25. the raven king (part II) (Sep) with Nathaniel @ Hallow's Ruin

    Wraith and Nathaniel go hunting.

  26. so tense under false pretense (Sep) with Dusk @ Sal Palus

    Wraith greets Dusk, who is inquiring to join Inferni.

  27. all out of love. (part II) (Oct) with Pride @ Forest of Nod

    Wraith chases after Pride after her siblings are mean to her.

  28. dark soil, dark earth (Oct) with Io @ AniWaya

    Wraith decides to visit another pack to see what it's like.

  29. Coming Home (Nov) with Terra, Ananse, Loki, and Helotes @ Inferni

    Terra and her puppies come to Inferni to join.

  30. Investigations (Nov) with Terra @ the Great Village

    Wraith and Terra find a wolf stuck in a trap on the borders of Inferni territory.

  31. Sister Dear (Nov) with Pride @ the borders

    Pride calls for Wraith.

  32. sparring in the snow (Dec) with Dusk @ D'Neville Mansion

    Dusk teaches Wraith how to spar in the snow.

  33. Multiplatform Paradise (Jan) with Rémy @ Archery Stands

    Wraith practices her archery.

  34. Brother of mine (Jan) with Nathaniel @ Grimwell Caverns

    Wraith finds Nathaniel hoping to learn more about fighting. She slips and is offended when Nathaniel tries to show mercy. This sparks an argument and Nathaniel reveals that he is not her brother by blood.

  35. Family doesn't end with blood (Jan) with Vesper @ Inferni

    Wraith leaves Nathaniel angry and confused and confronts Vesper, who tries to help.

  36. leaving, to the north (Jan) with Mido @ Halcyon Mountain

    Wraith smashes her way through the snow and finds Mido. They try to hunt, but can't find anything on the inhospitable mountain. Still upset over her argument with Nathaniel and Vesper, Wraith needs to expel some energy. She and Mido have sex.

  37. too far north (Feb) with Fayne @ Halcyon Mountain

    Wraith finds some seals on Aelcrest Shore and tries to go hunting. She finds some walruses and obsesses over them. A member of New Dawn tries to shoo her away, but Wraith doesn't clue in that New Dawn is a pack until she pisses off the border guard.

  38. you see me, I see you (Mar) with TaeKyung @ Salsola

    Wraith heads south in search of water, but finds Salsolan borders instead.

  39. inescapable (Mar) @ Salsola

    Wraith shifts into her optime form and re-opens her wounds from her fight with TaeKyung.

  40. on foot. (Mar) with Salvia and Myrika @ Inferni borders

    Salvia returns Wraith to Inferni.

  41. odd look. (Mar) with Nathaniel @ Inferni borders

    Nathaniel finds Wraith shortly after she returns to Inferni. Nathaniel is worried that Wraith was still upset at him over his heritage, but Wraith is just exasperated with her silly brother.

  42. Out of place in your own home. (Mar) with Kadar @ D'Neville Mansion

    Wraith finds a staff and tries to practice with it.

  43. obviously here to join (Apr) with Wynter and Basilio @ the borders

    Wynter tries to join Inferni.

  44. run boy run, this world is not made for you (May) with Lowry @ Shattered Coast/ Halifax

    Wraith heads south to find out more about Casa di Cavalieri.

  45. Quick! Suck the poison out! (May) with Kára @ Drifter Bay
  46. just to survive. (May) @ Shattered Coast

    Wraith breaks down.

  47. slow change may pull us apart (Jun) with Rémy @ Sticks and Stones
  48. Dear Sister (Jun) with Kentaro
  49. you did what now? (Jul) with Nathaniel @ Inferni
  50. Hard knock life (Jul) with Riot @ Spear Headlands
  51. Enough to feel contagious (Aug) with Mido @ the Dampwoods
  52. sag mir ich bin nicht alleine (Aug) with Dieter @ Inferni
  53. it's why we can't rely (Sep) with Belial @ The Dampwoods
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Re: and all that I am

Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:05 pm


402 + 608 = 1010

Word Counts 197
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Hunter: 01, 02, 03
Scholar: none yet!

Legionnaire Crowns 140
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Argentarius: Gained May 21, 2012 - Membership in Inferni for 1 year
Aurea: Gained May 21, 2013 - Membership in Inferni for 2 years
Limen: Forest of Nod, River Acheron, Hade's Beach, Grimwell Caverns, D'Neville Mansion, Bass River, Drifter Bay, Riparian Moors, Garden of Eden, Hallow's Ruins, Folly Lake, Sal Palus, Grotto dei Avernus
Accola: Anathema, AniWaya, Salsola
Flavus: Earned the Huntsman co-rank
Nex Nicis: Killing an enemy of the clan, either in battle or as a mercenary
Hyacintho: Earn the Immunes Level III.

IC Catacombs 80
10 - Win a fight
10 - Pack membership for 3 consecutive months
10 - Pack membership for 6 consecutive months
10 - Pack membership for 1 consecutive year
10 - Pack membership for 2 consecutive years
10 - Participate in a pack hunt
10 - Earn a co-rank
10 - Organize a Pack Thread

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