A Contempory Fantasy Equine RPG

POSTED: Sun Oct 06, 2019 3:37 pm

War... tyranny... famine...
Novus has seen enough violence to last the rest of the year. Now, with the books closing on another bloody chapter, Novus has seen three new Sovereigns rise to take the crowns. The world is changing, and her people must learn to change with it, or be left in the past. The land is rich with magic, and tides are turning.

Are you ready to change with it?

Reasons to join?

▶ Auditions CURRENTLY open in three different Courts! Dawn, Day, and Dusk!

▶ THREE new and gorgeous layouts to choose from!

▶ DIY magic system.

▶ Chance to create and participate in utterly unique stories.

▶ Few activity requirements. no word count.

▶ Unlimited characters and freedom to design.

▶ Constant room for growth and development.

▶ The best dang community ever (if we say so ourselves!)