Welcome to the Valley


POSTED: Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:00 am

Sparkling Creek Valley is a semi-realistic animal/human rpg with a focus on canines. We are open to creativity, with as few rules as possible to give members the freedom to play their characters as they like, with focus on character interaction and storytelling rather than competition for points or power. We offer numerous boards to give characters a richer, more detailed universe to play in, and are very flexible and open to taking new suggestions and ideas from our members.

Whether you enjoy extravagant, drama-filled plots or quieter, every day interactions with your characters, Sparkling Creek Valley caters to both, and everything in between. We're waiting to hear your story.

Basic Guidelines
- Play as a wide range of animal species (primarily canine, equine, & human).
- Semi-Realistic ('human in horse/wolf/ect body' style gameplay).
- All levels/styles of rpers welcome.
- No powers/elements/magic.

Sparkling Creek Valley