Carried Home - A Semi-Literate Warriors RP [LB]

POSTED: Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:03 pm

Art by forum user Sabs

Carried Home
A Warriors RP

The three clans - IvyClan, MistClan, and MothClan - live in tentative peace. The oldest cats in the clans remember the old days; before they were forced to move from their homes, and before Mothstar tore families apart by creating his own clan out of the disheartened of the original two. Though they are settled into their new territories now - IvyClan in the forest, MistClan in the meadows by the river, and MothClan in what remains - and new leaders have emerged, this past still affects them as much as their hopes for the future.

Deeper into the forest, the Tribe of Ancient Roots lurks. Recently discovered by the three clans, the two cultures are at odds with each other. The tribe - a traditional group that cling to the ways of the Ancient Ancestor - fear the influence of the clans on their way of life. The clans, on the other hand, fear the claws of the strange cats that have already made their dislike of them known through blood and pain.

In the town, kittypets and stray cats carry on with their daily routines, unaffected by the politics of the wild cats nearby. Should they stray too far, though, it would be all too easy to become entangled in the wars of these warriors.

Our community is small but dedicated, with character-driven plots that can be influenced by any member. Staff are active and members are friendly, meaning it is easy to get started and fit in. Any questions? Feel free to ask in the discord, c-box, or on the Help board (guest friendly)!

Carried Home has been running for over one year! We average approximately 20 different members online and posting every day.

+ Three clans
+ One tribe
+ Loners, rogues, and kittypets
+ Play StarClan, Dark Forest, and Tribe of Endless Hunting cats
+ Functioning currency system, bank, and shop
+ Story that is influenced by the members
+ Small, active community that is very friendly
+ Established, active forum that won't be going anywhere soon
+ Active discord available