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The Descent of Four

Sat Apr 27, 2019 10:01 am

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Many moons ago, the Clans were suddenly wiped out, leaving the forest unclaimed and untamed. Generations later, StarClan proved that they hadn't abandoned their descendants by tasking four young cats with restoring balance to the forest. Now it's up to Sproutstar, Shadestar, Blazestar, and Shiverstar to bolster warriors out of loners and Clanmates out of kittypets. Despite sharing the names of the Clans of old, it's a brave new world for these four cats and their budding Clans. Will they survive, thrive, or die trying?

- Newly established
- Origin of the Clans
- No specific word count
- Bi-monthly events
- Age-up guidelines for Clan cats
- NPC recognition in demographics
- Custom drawn avatars
Topic locked