[M] Once Bitten RPG [JCINK]

Original Fantasy, 18+, 3-3-3

POSTED: Sat May 04, 2019 5:41 pm


Centuries ago, the magical and non-magical world lived as one. Species lived together, laws were created to help protect both the magical and non-magical so that they could live in harmony. However, over time, with the hostilities between the species and the decline of magic in the world, the magical beings turned away from the non-magical world as they felt they were just too different to live in one world peacefully. Soon, the legends of mermaids, dragons, and wizards became nothing more than myths and stories to the non-magical world.

The magical species are growing restless about having to remain in secret amongst the humans. Every day the tensions between one another and their constant chains beneath the Council grows. It’s not just the tension between the magical and non-magical that grows, but the tension between species as well. Those who have been oppressed for many centuries are beginning to find their own voices and speak out against those who have enslaved them.

An uprising is being whispered, the Council is feeling the pressure. How long before a war between species will inevitably happen or until the magic spills out into the rest of the world, alerting humans of its existence?

Only time will tell...