[M] People of Pern

POSTED: Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:32 pm


We all know what happen after the 2nd Long Interval, but what happen after the 1st? What about when all Weyrs were still active?

With hundreds of Turns free of Thread, everything has changed. New systems have been integrated with old, the Weyrs adjust to a life "free" of Thread. The Holds have prospered and spread, and Crafts have advanced, no longer hindered by the need to survive but to grow. Pern is not that of Dragons flying under Thread ridden skies. Of people stuck to a life of surviving each Fall during a Pass...Or is it? There is no Lessa to do the impossible. Or a faithful F'lar to keep to the old ways knowing Thread will return.

There is only the People of Pern. What is your story?


People of Pern is an AU Dragonriders of Pern RP. Where the events of the past during Landing happen, but not as you remember them. Now in the present the events of the 1st Long Interval unravel. Thread has not fallen for generations, yet the 5th Pass is almost upon us! Pern has changed because of this lull, will things continue or will things change? What we also have to offer:

-: No sexuality or gender based Impression :- Due to the events of the past, our present Pern is not limited to Dragons picking one due to sexuality or gender. No, our Dragons choose those who are right for them, and nothing more. (LGBTQ+ friendly!)

-: Friendly Community :- We are a friendly community, both to those wise in the ways of Pern or those new to it. Have a question? Why not drop by our Cbox and have a grand time just chatting away!

-: Custom Impressions :- The Staff prides itself on customizing every Dragonet to the Candidate. This baby should fit your Candidate, and thus is made around just them! No pre-made baby, each is carefully created.

-: Open Opportunities :- There is always opportunities no matter the Rider or the average Pernese. If you have something interesting to bring to the table, please feel free to drop the Staff a note and we can see about getting others to jump in!

-: Current Events :- High Reaches has been true to their word, and now Benden is sending two of their own as Representatives, “Winds of Fate“. Will the many questions on everyone’s mind be answered? Or will they find not is all as it seems? What has High Reaches been doing or the last two decades in isolation?

** We are open for High Reaches transfers of Half Wing (15 pairs) have a look here for details! **

With all the political on goings, life still continues on. Both Golden Myrrth and Copper Sarinth have risen to mate. Their Open Flights were a huge success! With two Queens awaiting to clutch the atmosphere within the Weyr is one of joy and excitement. Two successful Queen flights, two chances that maybe one with produce a golden egg!

** Gold Myrrth's Hatching is scheduled for September & Copper Sarinth's Hatching is scheduled for October **