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The 'Souls Shape Superstars

Healthy Living Support Group

POSTED: Wed Jun 13, 2018 12:02 am

Hey guys! So, I've been told this existed before but petered out. That's ok! We can start a new one and if it peters out, well, we tried and it will probably be fun for a while!

Recently... very recently... I have been focusing on eating right and exercising in order to get into better shape. I've been really out of shape since having my son 4 years ago, so there's no reason to be this bad any longer. I want to get into better shape to feel stronger and be able to play with my son, and have an active lifestyle with him!

I know a lot of people from time to time have expressed similar interests, so I thought we could organize a Souls healthy lifestyle support group and hopefully motivate one another to taking steps to feeling healthier, and being happier.

I'm also considering hosting games to help with motivation. They would be healthy challenges - for example, for two weeks, or a month, what have you, the objective is to walk 30 min a day. You do this each day you can and post in the respective area (either a thread, probably here, or Discord). This will be based on the honor system, and while I'm hoping to use an app like Charity Miles it will not be required. At the end of the challenge, you will get a raffle entry for each day/task completed, and the prizes will be things like icons, titles, avatars, etc paid for by me.

This won't be weight-loss focused, but health focused, so you will never be asked to talk about your weight. However, if you want to, you can. Challenges will be things like going out for walks, keeping a journal or diary, drinking water, eating fruit and veg, or even just getting outside for a while.

I'm doing this because I want more friends to do this with. I'm always more successful when I have friends and family doing it along with me, and maybe you feel the same way. Or, maybe you've been wanting to get started but just haven't had the motivation yet.

If you want to join, feel free to post here and/or hop into this Discord channel!
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