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POSTED: Thu May 01, 2014 12:11 am

'Souls OOC Interest Forums

Since the introduction of the Healthy Living forum, we thought it might be cool to open up a way for 'Soulsters to form their own forums for discussion, etc.. A lot of us share similar interests, and it's cool to have spaces dedicated to discussion on these interests!


  • OOC Interest Forums can be either open to all (e.g., guests can view), or open to registered 'Souls users (e.g., no guests can view). "Private" forums or "invitation only" forums cannot be created.
  • OOC Interest Forums don't "belong" to any one 'Soulster. Even if it was your idea, it's a community-driven thing. We absolutely encourage you to step up and be proactive in organizing a forum, if you're interested in its operation and keeping it going! However, we can't grant any individuals mod powers, "ownership", etc. of groups as again, they are a community endeavor.
  • OOC Interest Forums can be organized around a specific interest (Pokemon!) or a general topic of discussion (school and education!).
  • OOC Interest Forums that discuss illegal materials (e.g., a forum dedicated to sharing software torrents) are not welcome.
  • OOC Interest Forums cannot be violent or hateful. Forums that promote inequality (e.g., a racist's forum) are definitely not welcome.
  • OOC Interest Forums must be Out of Character in nature. You cannot form an Inferni or Vinátta forum.

Forming an OOC Interest Forums

  • Post up your idea in the OOC Garbage forum.
  • Let members reply and respond!
  • If at least 15 members reply with interest and desire to participate, someone (you or someone else who's interested in the forum) can request an OOC forum.

Disbandment of an OOC Interest Forum

  • After a month of no activity, an OOC Interest Forum may be disbanded.
  • After a prolonged period of very little activity (e.g., only 2-4 posts a week), an OOC Interest Forum may be disbanded.
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