[CONTEST] Spring Spree 2020

POSTED: Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:42 pm

Spring Spree 2020

In light of the current events and how heavy it has weighed on us all, a brilliant idea came to us about how we could use something to lift our spirits and promote some interactive community togetherness in order to distract everyone from everything going on in our lives right now. So the Spring Spree was born!

We wanted this to be an event where we could all come together as a community, to reintroduce some positivity and enjoyment into our lives. It is meant to be a breath of relief and a creative distraction that we as a community may need right now.

How this works

This player sponsored contest will last the entire month of April, from the April 1st 12:01 AM to April 30th 11:59 PM EST. All posts made after April 30th 11:59 PM EST will not count for contest, however the submission of your posts are due by May 6th 11:59 PM EST. This will give those that need it a little extra time to compile their posts and turn them in after the month is through.

Not only will you have the joy of posting your heart out for the Spring Spree, but our resident Soulster Artists have donated not one, but two tiers of prizes for all of those feeling a little competitive! There will be prizes for the highest word count AND prizes for the highest post count!

However, since this contest was made for enjoyment and not hard grueling labor, we've included an additional prize for the Soulsters that may not have the time due to their essential jobs, or the competitive nature! A Participation Award of an icon made specifically for this contest has been made! If you are able to meet the minimal guidelines set of 4,000 words and 12 posts for the month of April, you will achieve our Spring Spree Participation Award icon. A delicate branch of Sakura blossoms resting in an ink pot can be yours!

***Currently: Only those that have met the minimum requirements for the Participation Award but have not won tiered prizes will be eligible for the Icon. If we receive enough donations, then we will be able to unlock the Participation Award Icon for all of our contestants!

Where can I sign up?

1. Can you thread with yourself/write read-only posts? Is Lasky allowed?

You can thread with yourself, and write read-only posts, but it shouldn't make up the majority of your posts. As for LASKY threads, this is an active character contest only.
Lasky does not count towards Spring Spree.

2. Why are Time Zones so confusing?

Sorry! Time zones confuse everyone it seems like! If you do not live in EST (Eastern Standard Time, North America), you can use the provided converter to convert your time zone. Or refer to this clock which gives the current time in EST.

3. Are we allowed to write up posts beforehand and then post within the time period?

No. That would be considered cheating. Pre-planning plots, threads and other ways to reach your goal is allowed for Spring Spree though.

4. How is this different from SoSuWriMo

This contest is meant to be a distraction from the crazy things going on in the world. We have Word Count Prizes along with Post Count Prizes. We highly encourage you all to try and maintain quality while still aiming for quantity. This is meant for fun and friendly competition.

5. Are Thread prompts and Generators allowed?

Some packs have monthly thread prompts along with the SoulsRPG provided thread prompt generator. If you get stuck, please feel free to use these resources. This is not necessarily a rule, more like a helpful hint.

6. What happens when there is a tie?

If there are any ties within the contest, there will be a virtual coin toss. Best of three decides who ever wins.

7. What happens if you qualify for a prize in both tiers?

You can only win one prize (not counting the participation award). This prize is determined by what number is higher.

Word Count Prizes

  • 1st Place: 20 USD to paypal OR A clean colored fullbody by Corie
  • 2nd Place: An Avatar by Nat
  • 3rd Place: An Avatar by Nina
  • 4th Place: A Chibi by Nina
  • 5th Place: A Sketchy Colored Fullbody by Dark
  • 6th Place: A Chibi by Corie

Post Count Prizes

  • 1st Place: 20 USD to paypal OR A flat colored fullbody by Dark
  • 2nd Place: An Avatar by Corie
  • 3rd Place: An Avatar by Gen
  • 4th Place: A Chibi by Nina
  • 5th Place: A Sketchy Colored Fullbody by Nina
  • 6th Place: A Chibi by Corie

Participation Award

Participation Award Designed by Corie and Dark (Depicted here --->)
All participants who reach a minimum of 4,000 words AND 12 posts throughout the month of April, but do not place for a prize will receive a permanent icon provided by the contest admin.

How can I help?

Anyone who is willing to help out is more than welcome to, be it artwork or funds. If you want to donate funds when it comes to purchasing the Spring Spree Participation Award Icon, the donation link is below. For Artists wanting to donate a piece of art, please feel free to DM Randi95#7915 on Discord or if you prefer sending a PM through SoulsRPG please send it to Alena

If an Artist donates a piece of art, we are deeply appreciative but please keep in mind that not all art can be used. We may end up with too many prizes and not enough contestants. If we have more than enough players, each donated piece of art will be taken into consideration to be added to the prize tier list. Donated Art will not be added if we can not keep the numbers even for each prize tier.

As more contestants join, we will be able to add more prizes to the tiers that are already there, a kind of 'unlocking prizes' per contestant that signs up. Prizes will have to be even across the two tiers, so if someone donates a sketch headshot, we will need another sketch headshot for the other tier, but you are welcome to donate more than one prize to keep the tiers even.

If we are able to receive enough funds through donations, we will be able to unlock the Spring Spree Participation Award Icon to everyone that has joined the contest and met the minimum standards, including those that have won prizes!


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Note: Player-run, unofficial contests and events are permitted by, but not guaranteed by, the administration. This means that staff is not involved at all, does not provide official support, does not contribute to contest management or prize pools, and that all aspects of the event are the responsibility of the player(s) involved. As such, participation, including donations for prize funding, is each player's own discretion.
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