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POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:42 pm

So in the wacky world of UK, specifically my school, this week had been made 'No put-down week'! This means that all of the students have been given little slips of paper, to write on and send messages to people. Compliments, to be specific, and they're a lovely thing to share. So, in spirit of that... I give you:

Compliment Central!

It's always nice to get praise, to be told things by others that make you feel good about yourself! So here's the place where you can send some nice messages to your 'Souls friends.

People I'd like to pick out are:

Melissa/Stormie: You two rock at all the lovely plots and helpful information you give out to members of Casa! I've had a year of complete joy being a part of the group, and I hope to continue this, with the help of you lovely people!
Nat: Your art rocks, and we all know and appreciate it.
Anyone with a recently dropped thread with me: Thank you! You've know idea how much it freaked me out to think how much hate I might get for dropping all those threads, but you were so kind and lovely <3
X-Tian: I'm forever sorry for dropping Leaf, he was a lovely guy, and I will forever feel guilty for it. But the way you were so nice around the matter makes me feel a little better, so thank you for being so forgiving.
Raze: Thank you also for not hating me for dropping one of your characters, and for listening to my reasons! Xxx

'Souls people: You all are amazing, whoever you are. This site has kept Jazzy happy and content for a whole year! I never thought I'd last this long, especially when I'm constantly doubting myself, scaring myself out of commitments. But you've all been brilliant, amazing and loving, and I love you all back for it. We all deserve to be here, and 'Souls is the best community I'm proud to be a part of <3 <3

Anyone you'd like to pick out? Or would you like to compliment all of 'Souls? Post it here!
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POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:20 pm

I can totally jump on this. I hate taking compliments, I don't even let my boyfriend compliment me, but I like to dole out the assurances and nice things. though my anxiety doesn't really let me say all that I want to a lot of the time. I think this is going to allow me to say what I really want to. Jazzy, you rock for this thread!

Honey: You are sat right next to me, on the sofa right now, watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and waiting for the ice cream to thaw a little. You are the best friend a girl could ask for. We are perfect weirdo's together and I love you for it. You have never once shunned me for my weirdness and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. You are awesome and I love you. <3

Miyu: You are amazing. AMAZING! I adore you and I have never met you. You are talented in so many ways, you do so much, take on so much responsibility and give so much to other people. I admire you. I'm slightly jealous too. I wish I could be as gentle and kind as you (I also wish I could have two beautiful doggies like yours).

Kitty: Damn Girl! You're crazy and awesome and talented. I never thought I'd be friends with someone who can go so crazy over random things like me. You are hilariously funny, brutally honest and a true friend. I am so tempted to just come and find you so we can meet in real life (When my car is fixed, of course).

Raze: You. Just you. You are sweet, and kind and funny. You too take on so much responsibility and give so much. You deserve every kindness that can ever be afforded a person. I just wanna snuggle you, you're too cute.


Nine: You rock. Thank you for taking on Lochlan and being one of the best damn roleplayers I have ever known. You exceeded all my expectations and for that I am glad. Carry on being awesome, you lovely, charming, wonderful person.

This may be added to later.


POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:01 pm

I love this thread idea :o Some of this I've already said, but that doesn't make it any less true, and I'm I'll update this with more as the week goes on!

You are just such a lovely person, in every way. You always put up with my rambly rambles, broken train of thought, and the fact that I'm am probably the slowest poster on the site at the moment...

(and my keeping you up sooo late some nights, and my bad puns that aren't even really puns to begin with, and my crazy typos)

You deal with a lot, but always manage so well - you're the best.
and so pod too

Seeing how well you manage New Dawn and being a great artist is just wonderful, and I really appreciated your help from before; please, never change!

Even though I've been posting so awfully slow to our thread, I really, really hope you don't think it's because I don't want to! You're writing style is beautiful, I could honestly sit and read it all day, and I'm glad that you've put up with my slow posts (and I'm really enjoying writing Aoves semi-flirting like a schoolgirl with your wonderful Ciellen) :D

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POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:30 pm

Pablo: You are the worst at taking compliments, but I'll take this chance to tell you how beautiful, smart, and funny, and adorable you are. Seriously, I've never met someone that I've liked so much in a short amount of time, and even before we used to webcam and skype, I always liked you. I always felt the need to be there for you, and to be your support when you needed it, and I want to let you know that, yes, I WILL ALWAYS be there for you. Whether you like it or not, I will be there for you to lean on when you are wary, and I hope you know that. You are one of the most beautiful women that I have had the pleasure to see, and honestly, your smile fucking gets me. It's like you shooting an arrow at my face every-time I see you smile, and it's an arrow that I willingly take. You don't deserve half the shit you are dealt with in life, and GODAMNIT WHY CAN'T I JUST STEAL YOU AND LET YOU LIVE IN MY BED? UGH. I agree with Ninette, you are lovely, and you are the best. Don't ever let anyone tell you that you aren't because they must be blind, deaf, and dumb not to see how beautiful and intelligent and awesome you are. Seriously. I can't even describe how serious I am about all of this. No bullshit coming from this bullshitter! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I love you, chick, and I'm serious about that.

Eve: You're so cool and i wish i talked to you more (one day this will change to where you probably will tire of me and my shenanigans) but I'm super glad that you joined Anathema with Vepar and I love saying in my head "Vepar the Zepar" because it's funny to me. hehehe, I look forward to continue RPing with each other and hopefully we'll be able to make some nice juicy plots! :D

Miyu: First of all, teach me how to make pretties like you make pretties because J is totally jealous. Second of all, ugh, you are so awesome at helping me muse on the wiki. YOU ARE THE REASON J IS ADDICTED TO THE WIKI, BUT THAT'S OKAY, because you are AWESOME. <3 I can see us getting into a lot of trouble on the know, because of our AWESOMENESS. <3 You also are super nice and I like being able to stay up til 4am talking to you about randomness. It's too awesome, and sometimes, I stay up just to talk to you ;.;

Nat: One of my best friends on the board, you've always been there and you always find a way to make me laugh or smile when i'm having a bad day. Nat is an awesome possum and her art gets better and better by the day! Nat, don't ever leave, pleaseeeee? If you ever do, then you have to unlock me from the souls dungeon and we must ride off into the sunset with Lillith and Panda and Venom.


Chris: You deserve more credit than you give yourself and others give you, including myself. I wanted to thank you for putting up with me when i decide to bitch and moan about shit that you obviously don't care about or have opposing views on. I also wanted to thank you for returning to Souls and giving it so many chances, because a lot of people would have just quit if they did not fit in right away. It takes time and i think you are starting to realize this. You are an awesome friend, even though you do disappear on me sometimes, I realize how pressure can make you not want to communicate with anyone, and I understand that. Try not to let your parents hurt you so much though, and live your life dude, you deserve to have friends and a life outside the computer. Don't let anyone ever tell you any different because I will deck bitches in the face.
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POSTED: Tue Nov 19, 2013 9:28 pm

Okay you guys.
I'm going to try and write this without crying because you guys already have me shaken up, I am so stupid emotional about this sort of stuff. ;u;

Lemme just start off with ilu all and 'Souls as an entire community has helped me improved my writing, art, social skills and the sense of feeling like I can actually belong to something, sharing common interests and ideas with so many kind people.

ninette: I think you know. Anything I want to say you know because it's just THAT easy to talk to you. I have opened up more to you than I have most people I've known for years in school.
When I first met you, I was actually intimidated by your writing. It's so amazing, and you never give yourself any credit. >:C Seriously, I was SO nervous when I read your post on the first thread we had together, I had debated replying at all, or simply backing out because I was never going to met your abilities and it was not only embarrassing, but deserving of a partner other than myself. And your tables? :I You can't stay so modest forever, recognize those tables are pure sex man.
Seriously, it's wonderful to know that I can actually talk to somebody without feeling judged or that I'm bothering them. That's a pretty big thing for me.
Also you're hilarious and beautiful and super awesome, and maybe some day we can meet up and rule the world. :D

J: I wouldn't even be here without you. Seriously. I was so ready to abandon 'Souls for good and would have never thought twice about it if it hadn't been for you. You urged me to get over my social anxiety and convinced me that no matter what, you had my back and would help me with whatever problems kept me down. I'm incredibly shy as you've noticed, but you help me to ease from that and become comfortable with meeting new people, and potential new friends.
And omg you're so adorable I can't stand it okay. :I
Besides that all, you have always been supportive of me and I can trust that you'll be there for me as long as I need you. And longer.
I wish we could talk more! Maybe when this semester is over, I'll be able to get online more often.
You're an amazing friend and I can't wait to see if we can meet one day. <3

Raze: You're seriously one of the coolest people ever. Even though we'd only really known each other through means of threading (nothing personal, I mean), when I was going through a rough time, you were there to offer help. You let me know that if I ever needed anybody to listen that you'd be there for me, and that was SO relieving by itself.
Also, your writing and characters... Phenomenal. I am and avid stalkers of your threads and ain't nothing stoppin' that. :I
You're definitely worth looking up to as not only a role player, but a person.
Du bist eine wunderbarer Frau. Danke schön.

To many others out there who I would love to meet and get to know better, but can't even gather up the courage to contact: I've shared this in private to members that I am particularly close with, but never thought of letting everybody else know. I don't want to come off as weak or overly-sensitive, but in doing so, by trying to act so nonchalant, I fear I have instead come off as rude or uncaring.
It's harder for me than most to even post in the OOC section, because I fear the OOC me would be a bother. I keep things strictly roleplay, in fear of accidentally annoying people, or seeming too strange that I make things uncomfortable.
I am so incredibly intimidated. With artist like Nat and Alaine and Kiri and Mel and all you other wonderful, wonderful artist (there are so many!), I feel inadequate. I want to comment telling you all about how beautiful your art is, but... I feel nervous even mentioning your names!
This goes for writers, as well! Graphic makers, pack leaders, as well as just some overall awesome people (like Sie, as anybody who admires MJK is the bee's knees in my book) that I appreciate silently because I don't want to be a bother.
You are all such a brilliant crowd, and I'm so glad to be a part of it, that I don't want to lose that. I'm trying to be less self-conscious, I honestly am, and I know I'm supported here. It's a difficult leap, but for such a close-knit community, it's something I'm willing to accomplish.
Thank you all for putting up with me this far. :)
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POSTED: Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:01 am

Honey: Thankyou for getting me to join 'Souls! :D And for Aschnerd <3 I love him. Proud to be a Viking yo.

X-tian: You're so nice to me xD I love AschDrin(Bran) threads, they shall be bff 4evaa.

Draiko: I dunno if you even read this section but wow, we've known eachother 2+ years now?! And it's always been fun chatting to you, even if you don't like small dogs ;P But really want I want to say is I always love our threads, you're an incredible writer and I'm always happy to thread with you :3

Kite: You always say hi and how are you on AIM and I appreciate that <3!

Miyu: You're just lovely. Nuff said.

Raze: You're amaaazing and so kind to let me have Abby (and to put up with me NPCing her) :) I hope you're ok.

Everyone else: I've probably been too intimidated/self-conscious to talk to you personally, but you all make this site great and there's such a huge variation in characters and I MUST GET TO KNOW YOU ALL ONE DAY :P

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POSTED: Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:46 am

Oh, me me me! I wanna do this too!

Sie: Glob girl, how do you do it? You've kept this place running for twelve years now! You've always been understanding and patient with all of us, especially troublesome me. I can't thank you enough, nor can I express just how happy I am to know you. :)

Nat: You're such a fantastic leader and you're like, a million times better than me with arts, but you still find the time to chat and do trades, which is awesmazing! You're super generous and a brilliant friend. :)

Haley: You're not really around on Souls anymore, but I met you here, so I'ma include you in this list of compliments. You're my best friend, girl. Someday, I'ma steal you away to Canada so we can be roomies forevers, and you can eat all the Maple Syrup pancakes (my specialty, by the way) you want, every day if it must be so! You're always around to talk to and you're an amazing singer and friend. Never stop being my younger-than-me-internet-mommy because girl, you're like the butter on my toast. ;D

Shannon: Yet another amazing person! I still remember back when I played Matteo, we started hanging out online and now, we're pretty awesome friends. :) Your manips are way better than mine and I still adore your characters- especially crusty Noah (;-; why'd he have to go away?). I was so excited when you agreed to let me play Krys and she's my main character now, so that's obviously a win situation right there! I love your writing style, too! You're awesome!

Vannah: ;-; We don't hang out nearly as often as we used to, but I still love yah! I still love chatting with you, because you always know what to say! I hope we can hang out and plot again soon, because I miss our threads together!

Shawchert: SHAWBUTT YOU BIG CUSHY TEDDY, YOU! I love you, girl! You're like the big sister I never knew! Whenever I had bad times irl, I knew I could talk to you about it. You always know how to make me feel better, even if that means just talking about the little ones! I'm so happy I met you! Thank you for being my friend! ♥

Jazzy: You were a genius to come up with this thread. For that, you get a special mention here too, even if I don't know you as well as I do the rest of the peeps above. ♥ From what I've known, you're an amazing person too, so keep being awesome, okay?

TO ALL YOU OTHER SOULS BUTTS: YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC! I've never stuck with an RP site for as long as I have with Souls, and you're all the reasons why! I've made so many friends with so many of you and even if some of us don't always get along, I'm still glad to have known you! I can't wait to see another year on Souls with you guys and I love meeting all the new-comers we've been getting lately. Keep being the amazing people that you are, and I'll keep trying to be pretty awesome myself. :) Nothing but love!
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POSTED: Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:39 pm

Raze- For putting up with Dieter's (and mine) relentless fangirling over Vesper <3

Haley- I love when you pop up with weird things to say to me <3
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POSTED: Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:18 pm

Been almost 2 years since I started this little compliment place, thought that an update was in order!

X-tian: You remain to be a lovely lovely person! I don't think I can count all of the help you've given me. But I will say that upon returning in June, I thought it might be a little tough, thinking everyone had either forgotten me or become fed up of seeing me jump from leaving to appearing again. But no, not a second after I posted a Joining thread, you sent me a welcome back message, that truly warmed my heart. So thanks for that, and thanks TO that, I was able to come back confident and determined to stay here as long as I can. Not to mention how happy I feel when getting to thread with yer characters ^^

Sunny: Similar reason to X-tian, I got an almost immediate welcome back message from you, and it really boosted my spirits. Thanks so much!

Myst: I feel like I would have broken 'Souls by now with my awful coding skills if it wasn't for your help. Not only are you a coding wizard, but I really enjoy threading with you ^^

Alley: All the gifts you made for Leo I've loved to the core, they're amazing, and thanks to those and our lovely thread, I was able to comfortably get used to my new character.

Stormie: You awesome, ok? I thank you and dear X-tian for all the help and patience when letting me adopt Tristan. I love the silver guy to bits, and it wouldn't have been that way without all your help. And adding Melissa to this, you two still make CdC so amazing, with all the plots and happening, I adored the pack before, and I still adore it now xD

Laura: You're the one entertaining me with chats until way past my bedtime yano ;) But more than that, thanks for simply being awesome. From supporting my arts, to my life rants, to all the IC plots and happenings that are just fabulous. All your posts are amazing to read, and I genuinely get really excited just to thread our awkward characters together xD I'd like to thank you for being so lovely and despite all you go through, continuing to be awesome and kind ^^

All those who replied to my arts: Thank you thank you thank you for all the lovely comments. Without them, I'd probably never have made more than a page out of my own doubting of my skill. So thanks a tonne for being so nice <3

All of 'Souls: Naturally gotta thank you all for being amazing. This site truly inspires me in how so many can gather together and get along so well, be so kind and make amazing threads every day.

Now help me bring this back guys! <3
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POSTED: Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:24 pm

Everyone at or a part of 'Souls: Keep up the good work, and keep being awesome. (i'm serious yo all are awesome ^^)

Everyone in the world: Everyone has a little good in them, in one way shape or form, awesomeness lies in wait, waiting for you to unleash your awesomeness upon the world. Everyone is awesome. And never forget it. :)
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