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The Alicia Diaries

Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:45 am

2:30pm-3:00am: Suffer through work and lack of staff. Get bitched at by a customer for a) not answering the phone b) making him late to work because he decided to order a pizza when he only had ten minutes to spare to get to work...but it is our fault for making him late. c) customers angry because it is three minutes to close and they want us to deliver them food and we are no longer taking deliveries because our driver already has four hanging...

3:30am: Fiance is passed out on couch waiting for me to get home..when I usually get home at 2am. Edward (my FEMALE german shepherd..its a cowboy beebop reference) really wants my attention but I have to pee! Fiance wakes and talks to me about how he fixed the washer as I ready the shower to wash the stink of pizza off me. I act interested, but I really am distracted by my need to be clean. He passes out on the bed.

4:00am: His snoring is heard loudly as I get out of the shower and realize I don't have a towel..I scurry nearly doing the splits to grab a fresh towel from the dryer...soon I notice the hedge pig in hot pursuit of me. I must avoid him as he loves to take chunks out of toes...soon I notice he is distracted by the water I am leaving on the floor...I am safe for now!

4:10am: I realize I need my glasses to see the computer monitor...and I want a bra. Passing through the living room to round the corner to the bathroom I realize there is something on the floor that looks like dog poo. I flip on multiple lights trying to find the living room is puke. With a sigh I scurry around to find paper towels and the C02 cleaner.

4:25am: After cleaning the dog bile I am quickly reminded how lazy my fiance is...he filled the trash can and didn't take it out and now I have more trash only to fill the already full trash can. I am bitter. I refuse to take the trash out because I'm quite comfortable in my bra only attire...the trash will just have to wait..

Re: The Alicia Diaries

Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:45 pm

Can I just say...I hate that so wrong?

It isn't the ceremony, or the atmosphere, or the loveness its all the other junk that I hate. People are suppose to be happy, everyone makes weddings out to be this happy cheery thing...but they're not. They are stressful and stupid and idiotic...right now I could rip my step-mom apart and not give two sh!ts to the wind. However, she is helping get this process along..and seems to have taken my 'i hate weddings' a lot harsher than I intended....whatever, apparently me vocalizing how I feel is just meant to be taken personally..

Re: The Alicia Diaries

Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:46 pm

I hate weddings too! My boyfriend and I aren't even engaged yet and I'm trying to think of every excuse in the book to just elope and skip the whole wedding process.
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