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POSTED: Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:45 pm

So right now I'm just doing this since I have nothing else to do. This is an interesting thing I had done with some of my buds a few weeks ago and brought it here. This is no contest, but you can write to impress. Don't write a full story, just leave it off. For those of you out there who and write a whole book with two hundred fifty pages don't just write a few ideas that come into mind. When ever you want to check up here just tell if you had a favorite or more and write a story if you want. You can even write a chapter like I did.
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[i]Comment:[/i] [i]This is a great idea thanks for doing this your so smart and funny and pretty I wish I were as cool as you CC
[b]Fave(s):[/b] Of course it's mine[/i].
[b]Title:[/b] The revenge of the broccoli.
Story goes here.

Comment: Hope you enjoy!
Title: Rei
Chapter 1
Really how hard could it be to make a basket from a corner. Not very. I watched at my team members squirreled over who's ball was who's. When they exchanged glances to me I didn't care. I had to leave soon anyway. I looked at my blue clock that finally ticked 2:00. The Mickey Mouse hands made me happy when ever I saw them. My grandfather had blessed me with this watch that was once his, and it brings joy to my heard. (It is unique with its leather straps, and bronze body.) I left the practice to the waves of my fellow players. I had a plane to catch.
I was off to Scotland, (the land of the kilts) to visit my jolly great uncle. My father loved his uncle like a dad since his father had been in a boat accident, (and died.) Anyways I was off to finish my studies there with him in that great land. As I arrived with my parents, (they offered to drive) we unloaded the truck-my mother unloaded several kisses to my cheeks, but my father offered a bear hug instead-I smiled my chipped tooth making an appearance, and jumped off to catch my plane. I walked quietly down the empty hall only my tenneshoesslapped the tiles below my feet.
I looked at the plane numbers as they flashed across the large screens. DFW airport to Iverness airport. I looked to terminal 7. They were already loading. I had all I needed, but still went through the all the questions. Finally I boarded the plane to see there was a television small, and foggy, but still a television. I put on the headphones while I waited-and dozed off for a while-when I finally feeling some turbulence I opened my eyes to find several Mexicans squabbling over what quesadilla is better-Thank you Sra.Gomez! Now I can watch Spanish reality Tv and understand it-I turned the dial on the chair in front of me changing the channel to something I could understand, and looked at the people who boarded with me. A man that made my heart flutter looked over to me, and shared a friendly smile causing me to wave.
When I returned to my programs I fell asleep once more. I dreamt of the things I might do there. Ride horses take care of animals.
"BabuHuh" I called as I woke up to something that didn't look like a plane. I was under a puffy dress, and in a forest. I looked at my wrist to see my watch was still there, and looked at my clothing as well. My shirt was now cotton, and my pants of a scratchy leather. My shoes. Well my shoes were the same worn out boots as always. I looked at my surrounding, and the dress that was atop of me, and scowled at the dreaded thing. I didn't know where I was, and as I looked I noticed my hair was down for once, and quickly to red the dress to make a band for my hair. Ugh what was I supposed to do. Then I heard the voices.

POSTED: Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:43 pm

Comment:wrote this in like 5th grade, found it in one of my note books of many ._____.(btw, wrote this in 5th grade XD)


There once was a rabbit, a cat, a dog, and a wolf.
The rabbit was wise, and knew a lot of things.
The dog was strong, and beat everyone he came across.
The wolf was sly, and was very sneaky.
The cat hid his talents, and napped by himself several feet away from the others.

The strange group of animals sat on the edge of a cliff.
Every once in a while one of them would look over the edge, down into the dark.
The rabbit sat away from the edge, his nose twitching.
"You Dog and Wolf, are going to get yourself killed!"
Dog puffed out his fluffy chest and exclaimed,
"I shall not die, I am Dog the strong! You shall die!"
And the dog that was strong ate the rabbit that was wise.

The wolf snickered menacingly as the dog ate up the rabbit.
Dog sniffed at the wolf from the carcass of Rabbit.
"What are you laughing about little wolf?"
Dog that is strong asked.
But it was to late,
with his back to wolf, Wolf that is sly snapped the Dog who is strong's neck.

Gloating in his victory, Wolf did not notice how close he was to the edge of the cliff.
Cat woke up and yawned, "YAWN!!! Hello Wolf that is Sly."
Wolf turned around to see the cat pounce at him and push him off the cliff.
Once he had hit the bottom, silence was all there was.
But the purring of the cat remained.
"You were all the fools"
It was clear that Wolf who was sly was slain by whom?
The Cat.

You see, the cat was wise, strong, sly....and a Cat.
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