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POSTED: Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:06 pm

In Reflection

In reflection I am flawed
Worn silver no scars
Until the gleam on pause
Do the real stars
Come sprawling repulsive
Fizzling shapes
So massive
They shake
Me in reflection

A crack splits the head
In two halves
That spreads
Good from bad
A tragic impulse
For a person
So simple
To do the first one
So fickle to master
When a sun
Crack and tear
In reflection

Paint a sea
From the perfect section
That is me
In reflection

Smudges to be hated
In their own image
The creature created
The amalgamate mirage
A doppelganger
Restless of the stuff
That marks a lone ranger
Against the rough
The last light line
Needed to purge the a-rhythm
Rickety string spine
And eye scatter prism

To thread the needle
And tie all the slick
A trick to land feeble
Atop the prick of a needle stick
A smidgen of clever creation
Coerced from the clay-stack
The soul at proper station
Pickets for its job back

War emerge
Pick between the brightest skies
Tsunami sides submerge
Of two opposite tides

Buck-shot of a ghostly butterfly
A monarch non-static so stark
Slug-shot from the lonely shutter flies
To find its erratic mark
And only tight focus can aim
To shatter the matter
Of what came
When I look without flatter
At the what-if hell
That hides in black-spot complexion
Of this second-rate hotel
Myself in reflection
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POSTED: Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:45 pm

To Where it is We Go

Has summer rain
Stops for heat
It falls again
To cool feet
Of tight-rope pains
On slag sleet

Is hidden abroad
Written in circles
So mysterious and odd
Pen’s ink fraud
In blink articles
Scribble slink
Smog that links
The sink clog

Has rainbow
Of Technicolor razor
A solitary glow
Of sharp flavor ribbon
Unwavering sprinkle snow
Something given
Something taken
Under arch
We're breakin’
Into four-leaf death march

Any in the biz will tell you they know
Arms linked pens inked
To where it is we go

Love is
It's a grind between
The likes of mind
And what's been
Strewn inside
The fibers of you
And I who find
Ways to spend
To describe
The hopeless
Complete and light
Like a frothy
Treat delight

Has notes descend
Like godsend
From surrogate hearts
That suspend
Most intimate parts
The cogs that rove
To butter the crud
Flutter down like a dove
It lands with silent thud
Follow the word-bend
Blend of gold-trim phlegm
Of the empty pen
Gripp’d of one whose
Never loved

But still fed a pill unknown
Hands clamped eyes stamped
To where it is we go
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POSTED: Sat May 05, 2018 9:30 am


Sometimes it's a scene of uproar
A tough war of want more
And a hardcore
Vie for

A bipole
Or die for
The same sore

It's traffic jam
A Bedlam
Jailed well
Wrapped up in hard gel
Of your brain cell

Catch Bedlam
Head slam
Just swell
Crapped up disaster wells
In closest hell

And you're sick
Of the ward
And bombard
Of empty shell

Sick of this schtick
So you wish
Penny up a well

But it's Bedlam
A head cram
Some flim flam
A madman
A sadman
A gladman
A trot through
The winding spool
Of time sands

A whole page
For the hole-plague
Of Phin Gage
Screamin “Bedlam”
In fits of rage
Then sage

Hey, it's Bedlam
A head cram
Some flim flam
A scary madman
A wary sadman
An edgy gladman
Stabbing the dredging straw man

A spot to
Ya want to
Kick it, the the can
As you walk through
Thickets of La la land
Dreamin flim flam
In your white bed
With your bright head
Screamin, “Bedlam,
Better scram”

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POSTED: Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:40 pm

Great Code

I can send this code
It makes the thought grow
Past lights over hills of snow
My thoughts erode
How are we supposed to know
How to decipher the signs or attempt a decode

My placeholder bares its teeth
Space filled the soundboard
Something to shake a leaf at
Bare with me
When I get bored
Trying to cut the cord
But keep in touch
I'm not asking for much
Just a little transparency

From dusk to dawn
What could possibly go wrong
Give me a sign
A signal
A nod of the head so simple
Tell me what cannot be said
In the song you send to god
To round back
To waiting ears of the pack
It's awful and astral
Perplexingly odd of a castle

It's clear
I'm the lamenter here
Try to shake a new leaf at me
And I'll hang you here like a wreath
A screwed newb with left feet
Please fear me

I'm the prim rose with bite
The glow of eyes
That roam the night
Who am I
Just another line of code
In nature's natural mode
How do I
Still breathe
When it's cold outside
My screen should freeze

I blink therefore I still am
And the glow fills my head like spam
I watch throats turn red
The faces swarm
The lamb smell makes me toasty warm
Maybe we should hunt in the lights some more

I'll just send the code
And we'll shiver and load
Past bytes over hills of snow
It's time to make blue screens glow
They'll crash with the worst flu they've ever known
all the toys, and the tools in the box.
all the noise, all the voices never stop.
Mistfell Vale
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Luperci Belle of the spookiest ball!
Dark Side of the Sun

POSTED: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:56 pm

WARNING: This thread contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Just some quick vent-y trash. Greek mythology and half-assed rhyming is good for that. Didn’t get through the whole myth, but maybe I’ll write a part 2 for that cause mood shift.


A nymph so sweet and ocean bred
Felt sick with thoughts inside her head
Of fervent love too fierce to fight
Artemis, Artemis—
Her loyal cry

Her nymphs were just like well-trained dogs
Forever at her beck and call
Sat at her heels, prepared to do
What their huntress told them to

But Artemis shunned hungry girls
In showy skirts and eyes like pearls
At least the ones with gazes full
Of love unbridled — lust and all

Devoted now, Callisto swore
That she’d be good, unsoiled, pure
Her finest linen, untouched and clean
Trade her nature for esteem

But Gods and men cared not for those
Who’s beauty’s kept behind their robes
For none to touch, ‘cause surely when
A God demands, she must amend

She wailed and shrieked when Zeus reached out
His hands were grimy, foul like grout
I’m bound to her, I’m sure you know
My lady waits, my lord, I’ll go

But in the end, it’s love and trust
That ties us up in lies and lust
For if her lady asked the same
She’d bare herself, her heart, her name

Now Gods think they can take and take
They ruin humans with death and rape
And lies and pain they can’t quite grasp
And Zeus was not about to ask

So with the face she trusted most
He lured the nymph with praise and hope
And through her faith and lasting love
He broke her soul and burned it up
Cour des Miracles
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POSTED: Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:01 am

Google on March 19th

I share a birthday with Bruce Willis
Not that it matters
Unless he ups and Bruce Kills us
Mistfell Vale
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Luperci Belle of the spookiest ball!
Dark Side of the Sun

POSTED: Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:14 am

Existential Crisis

My eyes are screaming
My ears are bleeding
My heart is beating
And my faith is fleeting,

It seems
Days have passed without a change in thought
I am anguished
With the questions of self, right and wrong
What to choose

I don't know.

I hate not knowing
I wish God would just give me the answer,
My mind deteriorates
Waiting for it to wash over me
A relieving wave of wisdom
I'm afraid it will never come

Or if I missed it when it came.
Casa di Cavalieri
First Cadet (NPC)
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POSTED: Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:18 pm

Yellow Laces

Just laced my skates with yellow laces
I hate the way I'm torn so in places
I can't fake the fame a smile glow on faces
A heroic stand a famous man straight
From the clay and cases he's faceless I can't be the one; I do what I can on a basis
I cut my hand on my blade again
I am the sun raised from the grey gate
Away from the steaming sandscape
I race to the nile that's freezing
My legs have failed my heart
Seizing cold but I don't need this pacer
I'm gait-messed old in my paces
I can skate for miles
On the same ready start
With skates laden
Of yellow lace like lightning
Brightening to skate my way torn in places
Unafraid un-frightening, the bland the stark
I'll stray the brands and stay for the marks
That fray my stride full of pride and
Create a fake to make the keeper cry sharply
As I fleet and deke the sharks snively
A snake

Beware, I am a man with a life in my hand
If you relate
A pair of skates laced footwear in the dark
'Cuz once upon a spark,
A fanfare yellow snare was placed somewhere in my heart
gotta gotta be down because I want it all
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POSTED: Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:18 am

In the mind of someone living

I am not alive
I'm borrowed flesh and time
Not the meteor the earth
Hurdling toward birth

A shark in a box
It had its own thoughts
Splashes vapor waves
In the center of its brain

In the mind of one alive we never have the time
We can't imagine if life is such a gift
What would happen is this, the paper unwraps that's it

Not the sun the night
Losing life for light
Sherlock puffs his pipe
Spy where lunar bodies lie
I don't know how or why
It's so imperfect now to die

I'm not the house the door
Exit wound to the yard
Where all that space and time
Jumps jacks on my twine of mind
Nimble swerve and swift
Embrace the burn of the candlestick

Water's not the road the sign
Yelling to keep right
I don't know where or when
I'll be up going left again

I keep thinking when I die
I'll be famous I
Will have money and some fame
Don't forget my name
I need you to care
Breathe in my air
Tell me I'm the best
Let it fill your chest

Sharks in a box
We have our own thoughts
Splashes vapor waves
In the center of our brains

In the mind of one alive we never have the time
We can't imagine if life is such a gift
Gold dipped in shit
We can't imagine its shine as any bit lucrative

Forward never back
(Have a heart attack)
See its beady eyes
(What a nice surprise)
Suck in dollar bills
(With my worker gills)
It'll be a smash
(By that I mean a crash)
Fall into lust
(Collapsing into dust)
We all got our names
(We all rot the same)
Strut about the scene
(Just to be seen)
Then wind up on the floor
(Locked up in the morgue)

In the mind of one alive
It's hard to not survive
This is what’s in my head
I'll never be dead
(That is until I'm dead).
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