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POSTED: Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:13 pm

OH! I can haz last slot plz?

Character Name: Milos Parhelion
OOC Name: Mandi
Contact: PM or DM on Discord
Art type: Optime chibi
Description: Wiki (Appearance | Clothing)
Add-ons: Button-up shirt and khaki shorts (see above); Sela the goat.
Other: <3

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POSTED: Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:59 pm

Gentle reminder that slots are only really secured once the filled form has been posted ;3
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POSTED: Fri Jan 05, 2018 2:26 pm

OOPS. That was my bad. I was waiting to make sure there was even a slot left. :> Updated! <3

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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 5:58 pm

Uuuh my meds got pricier this year so yeeey, more commissions!

5 slots open
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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:05 pm

Character Name: Tyris Kurosoul
OOC Name: Shawchert
Contact: Discord!!
Art type:Optime Chub
Description: Macho-man, doesn't enjoy outwardly expressing negative emotions such as sadness and will become quite embarrassed if someone catches him acting out on these feelings. He likes feeling like people can depend on him and look to him for guidance and comfort, but does not like having to lean on anyone else. He is outgoing, dominant, party guy. For a post, well nothing so exuberantly happy, but nothing sulky? Maybe him working on a piece of leather or something while sitting on the ground? ... isKurosoul
Add-ons:Frithr necklace( They are in the shape of Vinatta's pack symbol- a miniature Thor’s hammer polished smooth. His example pictures has him wearing it :) ). He has a Silver hoop in his left ear. Probably down near where a normal earring goes. He's totally nude otherwise
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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:17 pm

I would like one! Gonna DM you real fast! Power is back on and I am off work so filling out my form <3

Character Name: Zuri Acidic-Trombetta
OOC Name: Salena
Contact: I prefer you DM me since it seems to work easiest for both of us, but I can do PM too.
Art type: Normal Full Body + add ons.
Description: Seeing as Zuri is one of the characters I actually filled out a wiki for, a lot of the information you are looking for can be found there: Here. And then here is the link to her imgur gallery: Here.
Add-ons: Zuri's accessories are really already shown, being that rose and extra pieces in her hair. The other accessory she wears is that necklace. I think there's a link to the actual image of it on her wiki, or just use the one on the Alaine art for reference (Just checked. The image is on the wiki under accessories part). As for clothing, I am kind of leaning towards The lace part of this outfit, but if that is too much then the dress on the left. Zuri wears white stuff. Zuri's weapon of choice is a polearm. I am kind of looking for something like the glaive or like this. A polearm that has a point, but another piece off it so the gap cam be used to kinda catch incoming weapons? If that makes sense? Decorated too. She's from Mortimer as well so you get the idea there lol. Ok.. last add on I promise, Zuri's two bats. Alexandros and Darion. There's more information on them on Zuri's wiki page.
Other: Zuri's art is slightly inconsistent.. but the basic gist of it is that she is an albino, so really easy design this time around lol. Love you Nina. Thank you so much for working with me due to the power outage <3
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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:27 pm

Can I has a slot?
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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:32 pm

Character Name: Sergio Vega
OOC Name: Andy
Contact: Discord (you have it) or PM! Either work
Art type: Optime Chibi
Description: His reference of lupus form is on his wiki, including colors and markings. Sergio has a lip scar on the upper left side that shows a bit of his gum & tooth. In his Optime form, he has thick curly hair. It is cropped short (just long enough that it can be styled and slicked back) and often unruly/hat hair, as referenced in his current avatars. Here is a good reference of his facial structure. His head is boxy and he has a big nose and "sharp" cheekbones. Pose wise, I would love for him to either being in a boxing fight stance or similar to this or this. Body wise; thick muscle, big arms and hands, big-boned/tanky.
Add-ons: His black beanie (referenced in his avatars/wiki), his owl pendant, piercings and a pair of dark baggy pants would be perfect! For the animal to go with his chibi, I would love for a barn owl (a la his companion, Blanco).
Other: Thank you! Please lemme know if you need any other details.
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POSTED: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:58 pm

Can i nab that last slot? I'm editing my form in now

Character Name: Griffith Trombetta
OOC Name: Jmonster
Contact: Discord, you got me there already.
Art type: Full body with clothing and weapon add on's please
Description: Drago's brother, so i would like it to basically match his recent commission you did. Griffith is overly cocky and a really big jackass. He is pretty androgynous looking, leaning on the female side aside from having longer "goatee" like hair on his chin. He also has feathering on his feet, elbows, chest, and ears. His wiki has a more in-depth description of him. fur reference, hair ref, Character wiki.
Add-ons: Dress thing, the bottom is a skirt so like yeah, scythe
Other: Much love! <3

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