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Hello! Hello! Welcome to the shop of many jazzy things! This is Jazzy's Comic Book Shop. In case it isn't already obvious, I offer to you, fabulous people of 'Souls, comics! Here you can buy Comic Strips of your very own characters and their happenings, to read and reminisce or use as you see fit!

I am very much new to the business of owning a shop, but I aim to do my best to serve you well, along with doing what I love, which is drawing comics!

What I Currently Offer:


Comic Strips -- £5 ($8) -- [1] [2] [3] [4] -- My main item, a Comic strip is a 600x800px Comic page. To request for a Comic strip, I also need a lot of information regarding what you want included in the Comic. Here is a little Template to fill out:

-Thread of interest: (The thread you want me to turn into Comic).

-Moment of interest: (I can't fit a whole thread onto one Comic page, so unless you're planning on buying multiple pages, I will need the details of the specific point you want me to draw out).

-Characters involved: (Name all characters involved).

-References for Characters: (In extreme cases I can work without a reference, but unless you want the page to take me a really long time, I'd appreciate at least a vague idea of what the characters look like, i.e colours and hair)

-Location: (A rather important point I require. Although it may be found in the thread, I would like to know as much as I can about the location. So just tell me where it takes place, i.e in a forest, next to a stream, etc. Images as reference are also gratefully appreciated ^^)

Any extra information, even if you think it's not important, please don't hesitate to include it. The more info I have to go on, the easier the drawing becomes and therefore the sooner you'll get it :)

The price given is the standard price for a single Comic strip. However, it may vary depending on the difficulty of the piece. The standard is a piece including two characters, the more characters involved, the more complex the Comic Strip will become, and so I may cost extra for additional characters.

Also, not all Comic Strips will look alike. If I think the IC situation calls for a Full-body, or close up of a character, I may include them. So, if the finishing piece happens to show an image of your character that you'd like isolating for use as a reference or Avatar, just let me know, and I'll isolate the single picture for free :)


Plushies: -- £3 ($5) -- [1] -- An old Jazzy drawing that are easy to do, and can take me as less as half an hour to complete, (on a good day). All I need is the character you want me to Plushie-fy, and any details you wish for me to include.


Avatars: To come later! (Maybe)


Because they take so long to make, I cannot accept more than ONE Comic strip request at a time. However, depending on what time I have, I may open up additional slots. Plushies however, I can accept many requests for. And concerning trades, I can accept a trade for Plushies, and perhaps even an Avatar if that what you really want. But unfortunately I cannot accept trades for a Comic Strip.

And that's it! I thank you for reading, and hope to be doing business soon! As time goes buy, I'll be updating and perhaps adding more to the shop, so keep an eye out for more! :D

Table Template by ninette

It's also fair to note that I won't be able to do everything, I will sure as heck try my hardest, but I am limited by my skills.

My preferred communication is through PM, although I won't shy away from replies to this thread either! Regarding Comic Strips, once I receive a request, I will draw out a line version of the request, (no colour) and check it by with you. After that, I'll finish the piece and offer up payment, then it's yours! ^^
Payments made in PayPal Only please.

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